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By permission of Hearst Communication Inc. Periodicals postage paid at Plattsburgh, NY. Conditions of sale and supply: ESQUIRE shall not, without the written consent of the publishers rst given, be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise disposed ofby way of trade except at the full retailprice of4. Allcharacters in any ctional story are purely imaginary and no reference or allusion is intended to apply to any living person orpersons. We abide by the Editors Code of Practice and are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalism. If you think we have not met those standards and wish to make a complaint please contact complaints hearst. Lines are open weekdays 8am9.

Theres a choice party scene in which he is costumed as if he were trying out for an A-ha tribute group.

Stone and Gosling sing, they dance, they fall in love, and so did I. La La Land might have been ghastly: a self-satised love letter from the movie industry to itself, choked with sugary follow-yourheart bromides, clotted with aw-shucks sentiment.

Instead, the swooning romance is seasoned with bittersweet wit, and the con- It was a miserable Monday evening in October and Id just siderable charisma of both actors carries the whole thing along been caught in a violent downpour, the inevitable conclusion to with the brio of a Tin Pan Alley tune.

Plus, it looks gorgeous. Since breakfast Id been tired, I was spat back out into the rainy Soho night feeling sunnier hungover and heavy with cold. Now I was wet through and pissed thanI had in weeks. I skipped home through the puddles, whis- o; Eeyore in a sodden business suit and soggy socks.

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If the director of La La Land, Damien Cha- Standing alone on Dean Street, in Soho, sheltering from the zelle, had been in kissing distance, Id have snogged his little face deluge under the sagging awning of a cheerless pub, I couldnt o. Then Id have tried to contact Scarlett Johansson to make imagine that anything in particular would perk me up.

But I knew desperate apologies too late, too late. As luck would have it, this was exactly This issue wasnt conceived as a lm special.

Pdf esquire magazine

But once Id seen the thing I was about to do, which was to plonk my sorry, soaking, La La Land, I looked at the stu we already had on the blocks and bad-tempered self down in a subterranean screening room and sit thought, what the hell, lets put on a show.

So, weve ended upwith through a high-spirited Hollywood musical. It doesnt sound so bad, I know. Im spoilt, I know that, too. At that moment, such were my feel- Oscar winner, for The Theory of Everything. He was nominated ings of dread and despair, Im not sure Id have been in the mood again this year, for The Danish Girl. This month, he has his rst for anything at all.

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As Esquires Miranda Collinge discovered, Red- tic rubdown, using a towel she had only just removed from herself, mayne in person is every bit as charming as advertised. Yup, its I would have sadly shaken my head. Cover yourself up, girl, and a feelgood interview, and nothing wrong with that. Elsewhere, keep your mitts to yourself, Id have said to her.

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You know what these Hollywood sexpots are like. So in I went, genre in this case, Hollywood noir. Google Scholar 2. David M. At their worst, they created lurid visual formats and sensational texts dramatizing a Hemingway figure acting as the new hypermasculine, often misogynist, ideal male.

Google Scholar 3. Matthew Bruccoli, with Judith Baughman, ed.

Google Scholar 4. Google Scholar 5.

Google Scholar 6. Google Scholar 7. This material jarred against sophisticated pieces by recognized experts on literature, fashion, sports, and entertainment.

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In one example, among many, Henry F. Salinger, Norman Mailer, and Saul Bellow. Google Scholar 9. Gingrich insisted that Esquire always offer intelligent and literate writing from name contributors. Indeed, when Gingrich retired in , he had published in Esquire hundreds of renowned writers and thinkers, among them 16 Nobel Laureates. Google Scholar