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The symbolic language of chaos is the very foundation of El entenado by Juan José Saer. In its multiple meanings, the concept of chaos is incorporated into the . download el entenado juan jose saer pdf creator The narrator has just packed his heart with and of words that describe his burning desire to rub his message to. Juan José Saer, biografía. Saer, Juan José. E-mail Imprimir PDF En la editorial Folios publicó en México y Buenos Aires, la novela El entenado".

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Shelves: argentina , fiction , historical-novels What does it truly mean to be primitive, like those now mostly vanished peoples of the Americas whom we displaced? In the 16th century, an unnamed year-old cabin boy is saved by savages who attack a Spanish landing party and kill everyone but him. He is carried along by the Indians, who also carry with them the bodies of the Spanish who had fallen. When What does it truly mean to be primitive, like those now mostly vanished peoples of the Americas whom we displaced? When they arrive at a village in the interior, the bodies of the Spanish are butchered and eaten, while the narrator watches in horror. What follows is a strange orgy in which the Indians go at one another, irrespective of age or kinship. No one harms the narrator, who is treated rather indulgently for ten years.

The decline and fall of the lettered city. Cambridge, Mass. Estudios de literatura y cultura latinoamericanas [Impure criticism. Studies of Latin-American literature and culture].

Madrid and Frankfurt: Iberoamericana and Vervuert. Google Scholar Saer, J.

La literatura y los nuevos lenguajes [Literature and the new languages]. Buenos Aires: Ariel. El entenado [The witness]. Buenos Aires: Editorial Planeta. First published Google Scholar Zuidervaart, L.

Google Scholar Copyright information. In covering up the failure by returning to the same expressions and acts, in that very repetitive gesture, Sade showed unwillingly the defeat of the strategy. This is the radical difference between the authority of the Sadean libertines or the authority of the torturer, such as Caballo Leyva, and that of the writer.

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Like the Sadean libertine, the dictatorship looked for a per- fect enjoyment where the other could be touched, totally penetrated. Like the Sadean libertine, the violence of dictatorship needed to be repeated over and over, disavowing the impossibility of touching.

No solid world, no solid lesh, no solid meaningful body social or singular comes from this book.

The witness

In Nobody the most unmediated touch of torture, the ultimate, absolute touch of the sovereign encountered its paradoxical limits. There is an irreducible distance between bodies, a spacing that resists. When this resis- tance is eliminated and the absolute touch seems to triumph, it fails; absolute touch can only lead to death, to the elimination of itself and life. Nobody does not critique the dictatorship supported by the irmness of an opposed society or the toughness of a revolutionary subject.

Here, a few comparative comments with traditional or foundational texts might be illuminating. In Nobody there is no Fuente Ovejuna, that is, no collective, undivided people against authoritarian- ism. The democratic intervention of Nobody opposes the dictatorship while distancing itself from the revolu- tionary heroic populist reason. Repetition creates the minimal spacing needed for a life. Through repetition as spacing and temporalizing, Nobody denarrativizes the nation and its unity in times of political terror.

Juan José Saer

The ideal of unity is further contested in the erotic relationship between Gato and Elisa. The correlation between singular bodies and the body politics is broken.

The senses and enjoyment of their singular bodies do no match the sense and enjoyment of the body of community. They do not touch solid ground, and when a ground seems to be touched they do not communicate. As lovers they do not touch the limit, they defer it, as Nancy might say , They are nonetheless together because of this spacing.

NOTES 1. I have modiied the English translation by Helen Lane Saer a. Because the modiica- tions are minor but numerous, I have not marked them. All Spanish texts have been translated by author. See Saer a, 7, 13, 54, 73, 87, , , , ; a, 11, 17, 59, 78, 91, , , , The tactful touching of nothing through language is marked in the dissemination of the title Nadie nada nunca.

It can mean nobody, nothing, never but also, as Saer has suggested, nobody ever swims Martinez Richter , 13 See also Sarlo , 56 and Stern , 26 , Quintana , ; Monteleone , , Doncel , —93, See Premat , , 63, , , and Gramuglio , For the concept of new man see Guevara For an analysis of the relations between sovereignty, identity politics and torture in Latin America, see Erin Graff Zivin The word surgical comes from the Greek cheirourgia, meaning the work of a hand, done by the hand, done by touching Derrida a, See Saer a, 52; a, 56—57; a, ; a, — See Phillips , 62—63 ; Gray , ; Lever , ; Gallop For a self-critical appraisal on the feminist tones of Sade, see Jane Gallop , See Phillips , 63 ; Lever , ; Gray , — See also Barthes , —37 ; Blanchot , On the Soul.

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juan jose saer el entenado pdf

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Something outside them, perhaps the fame that preceded us or the legend behind it which had inspired the play, had convinced them beforehand that our performance would have a meaning and so, instantly and mechanically, they were enraptured. He died in Thanks for telling us about the problem. Born to Syrian immigrants in Serodino, a small town in the Santa Fe Province, he studied law and philosophy at the National University of the Littoral, where he taught History of Cinematography.

Sometimes I would deliberately garble the meaning of my own speeches and deliver absurd and empty perorations in the hope of getting some reaction from the audience.

All of this is related in a style that is neither surreal nor natural, and nothing in between either. The plot revolves around a cabin boy who is captured and who spends the next ten years living with a sar of man-eating Indians in South America in the 16th century, eel this vague and admittedly shocking description gives only an approximation of what Saer is doing in this work. El mundo, a los recuerdos, les proporciona una fecha y un espesor: Then he forgets Borges, becomes himself again, breathes new life into it and resumes.

Y como nada del presente tiene la virtud de ser recordado, solo le queda ser mensajero de una historia ya vivida. This is one of my favourite books. He developed lung cancer, and died in Paris inat age Sarr books in the series.

Trivia About El entenado. Paperback ojse, pages.