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The Economic Survey is the work of the dedicated staff of the Economic There are three objectives for India that are echoed through much of the Survey. First. Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram on 27 February presented the Economic Survey in the Lok Sabha of the Parliament. Economic Survey is prepared Ministry of Finance, Government of India. Have a look at Economic Survey summary. Print Friendly, PDF & Email.

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State of the Economy and Prospects PDF File Opens in a new window Economic Survey –13 reviews the developments in the Indian economy over the. STATISTICAL APPENDIX: ECONOMIC SURVEY PAGE. 3. Financial Assistance Sanctioned and Disbursed by All India Financial Institutions. Budget Highlights (Key Features) PDF File Opens in a new window An Introduction to the Economic Survey PDF File Opens in a new window.

Mind the gap: According to this economic survey of Delhi released by the government air and water pollution in the national capital show an alarming increase in recent years. It also revealed some other interesting facts on transport, housing and environment. The economic survey of Delhi which was tabled in the Assembly on Tuesday threw up some interesting facts with regard to the transport, housing, environment and education sectors in the state. However, the resultant rise in air pollution is something the government has failed to address adequately, the survey shows. According to the economic survey, pollution, depletion and degradation of resources did not get as much attention as compared to the issues of growth and development. Statistical abstract of Delhi.

From this it is evident that the principal problem was not excessive expenditure, but inadequate revenue, and that the main cause of this shortfall of revenue was the slowdown in the economy as a whole.

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How Chidambaram brought down the fiscal deficit How did Chidambaram manage to bring the fiscal deficit close to the Budget figure despite the above deviation from the Budget projections, amounting to nearly 1 per cent of GDP? He merely slashed the most important and developmental part of the Budget, namely Plan expenditure, by Rs 92, crore, or 0.


This amounted to a So steep was the reduction that, despite non-Plan expenditure overshooting the budgeted figure by 3. Spending on agriculture was cut by 9. Within social services, general education was cut by 8. The main burden of developmental expenditure, however, is not borne by the Centre, but by the states.

Government of Punjab, India

States are mainly responsible for spending on social services health, education, welfare, water supply and sanitation , agriculture, irrigation, and power.

During , the states were short-changed in two ways. But even further, the Centre slashed the non-Plan grants by Rs 6, crore 9.

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Thus states lost in all Rs 34, crore from what was promised in the Budget. Expanding social deficits It should be noted that in many of these sectors there are vast social deficits.

Economic survey of India

The proportion of children who are severely undernourished is also notable: 24 percent are severely stunted and 16 percent are severely underweight. Wasting is quite a serious problem in India, affecting 20 percent of children under five years of age…. Nationally, 34 percent of men age have a BMI below Anaemia is a major health problem for adults as well as children, affecting 55 percent of women and 24 percent of men.

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Unlike most countries, in India private-sector expenditure on health as a percentage of GDP is higher than public expenditure and was more than double in According to Census , only The Annual Survey of Education Report of records a decline in proportion of schools with at least one classroom per teacher more than half of all std II and std IV classes sit together with another class ; a decline in basic reading levels in , Nor can the handicapped escape their share of fiscal discipline.

After all, their numbers are sizeable: The Census figure of 2. At first glance, there would seem to be no way to cut the allocation for the welfare of the disabled: The Budget allocated a mere Rs crore to this head. Even taking the number of disabled as in the Census, this allocation would have amounted to less than Rs per disabled person. However, even this meagre sum could not escape the eagle eye of fiscal wizard Chidambaram.

The Rs crore was halved, to Rs crore, in the course of the year. It seems to be working.


Since the previous year was one of severe cuts in Plan spending, the ill-effects of that will linger in It would require additional spending in the coming year merely to compensate for the severe setback of the previous year. Instead, there is a cut in real terms, i.

Plan spending is budgeted to rise only 6. Within the overall Plan figure, the Central Plan is budgeted to rise 7. Within this, the allocation for Agriculture is to rise by just 6. Energy is to rise by just 0. Social Services are budgeted to rise by 9. However, even these spending levels may be cut. Published on February 27, This article is closed for comments. Please Email the Editor.

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Economic Survey 2012-13: Highlights

Farm income support, a silver bullet? Rythu Bandhu: However, still the contribution of primary sector i. Especially this be- comes more important in the context of more than majority of our population residing in rural areas; and their main source of activity is agriculture. Unfortunately, the agriculture sector since quite long time going through a difficult phase. In this context, this paper tries to decode the economy survey for the agriculture sector.

Keywords: Economic Survey; Agriculture; Farmers; Climate Change; Rural Areas Introduction: And the slowdown in the global prices of agricul- ture commodities not been good for our farmers.

Thus, the present article tries to decode the economy India is predominantly a rural country with The one sector Decoding Economic Survey: which is very important for rural employment and for the rural economy is agriculture. So, the growth The following below discussed some important fea- of agriculture is very critical not only for our over- tures of Indian agriculture: all economy but also the development of the coun- A Structural Change in Agriculture try.

However, the agriculture sector is passing through a difficult period, especially with back to According to economic survey, a structural change back droughts in and