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The book is excellent. It could be the best poker book ever written, and it has done a ton for my game. He is willing to personally autograph a. There are a lot of books about poker, particularly about the game that has become a .. There's an easy solution though: choose hands that have good postflop. Originally Posted by MezzaQ2U Im really shocked at how many of you are justifying this price. It is an amazing poker book filled with rich and.

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The general problem with poker books that teach exploitive strategy is that they are easily dated. The once ground-breaking tactics outlined in Doyle Brunson's. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Andrew "BalugaWhale" Seidman is a professional poker I am not a huge fan of poker books, so when a fellow reg suggested this book to me, it took me a couple months to actually plunk down the money. I thought I may have found that book with Andrew Seidman's Easy Game 3rd Edition, but alas, I stumbled upon yet another great poker book.

Air Ratios Shorthanded and Positional Protection Live Money Practically Optimal Since its first release and subsequent update , a lot has changed in the game. What I had thought was a comprehensive guide to all elements of poker now seems full of gaping holes. Students, both through private coaching and public forums, continually brought up questions both obvious and valid that are simply not covered in the first editions of the book.

Easy Game by Andrew Seidman

Practically Optimal The Diminishing Medium Value Category I will admit that my game is stuck in the past and outdated a hard truth to admit and accept. Like so many people, I miss the days in when I could sit down at a table, completely dominate it, and cash out several hundred dollars ahead. Unfortunately, the game has changed and become much tougher.

Players like Seidman have figured out the science of the game, and while poker will never be a game of complete information like chess, it is about as close to being solved as it can be.

Book poker easy game

With Easy Game 3rd Edition, I feel much more comfortable understanding equity, game dynamics, and several advanced theories. Not only did I discover a lot of new material in this book, but reading it revealed that I have a lot left to learn.

Poker is constantly evolving, and even though Seidman will bring you up to speed, he is quick to point out that you need to continue to learn and adapt to keep pace with an ever-changing game. Of course I say that as a first-time reader of Seidman. Even though I did not read the first two editions of the book, it seems to me that there is enough new material to warrant buying the third edition. That is not the case here because Seidman has shown care in crafting an updated and worthwhile book.

The one major disadvantage Seidman faces with his book is name recognition, specifically a lack thereof. I should note that Seidman is well-known in the poker community, playing online under the screen name "BalugaWhale" he plays on Pokerstars under "Bwhale28".

He also has a very loyal following in the poker forums. Zen and the Art of Poker by Larry W. Phillips Many poker players have proven over time how mental conditioning keep them in the zone when they are playing. A lot of the basic principles of Zen is applicable to poker.

Book poker easy game

This book is a substantive self-help tool for poker players who find it hard to control their emotions when they are on the table. It helps on how you can become not only a better poker player and a better person as well. The author, Gus Hansen, is a pretty reliable source for poker strategies as he has three World Poker Tour Championship under his belt. He is an unorthodox player who will take you through his thinking process in every tournament stage helping you get through the first hand to the final table.

The critically-acclaimed book is a must-have for any poker player looking to be successful in the live arena.

Easy Game by Andrew Seidman

Mike Caro, the author, is a well-known pioneer of poker strategy, writing about various poker strategies. In this book, Caro encourages players to look beyond the hand and focus on the body language of the opponent. This includes studying the posture, facial movements, and voice inflections among others. Some say that body language is not relevant today as it was in when the book was published but it is still a good read and worthy read particularly for newbie players who play at low stakes games.

Top 8: Poker Essays by Mason Malmuth Reading Poker Essays will not earn anyone any style points since the book has an extremely simple concept.

Top 10 Poker Books To Read To Become A Better Poker Player

It has made significant contributions to poker theory. It is the first book to include charting of starting hands and discussing the importance of gaining position. It is easy to read and does not give false advice as it has excellent poker strategies that many poker players swear by. This book changed all that.

His book, now regarded as the best-selling poker book, introduced various concepts that made poker become much harder to conquer. Since Harrington co-authored this book with Bill Robertie, a game theorist and a master chess player, one can expect a strategy-packed read.

The success of the book allowed for the release of two additional volumes of the book and an additional Harrington on Cash Games book. Only pages with 25 chapters, The Theory of Poker is a dictionary of strategies including the basic fundamentals of poker strategy. It might not be an entertaining read to many but who would want to read an entertainment book when they seriously want to be better in poker?

Easy Game Poker eBook (BalugaWhale)

In this book, serious poker players will be introduced to highly-debated poker concepts. Majority of poker players have included this book in their stash. In fact, almost all of successful poker players attribute their strategic skills to this title. Are you interested to read any of these poker books?