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Digit: April , magazine in English by Media - magazine. Read magazine by Media. Read on Web, iPhone, iPad, android and. Get all past issues in Digit Mega PDF pack! Cover price Rs. /- Prebook price Rs. /-. The past 15 years of content includes. Digit: Get sound technology advice on downloading products. Read in-depth reviews, features and watch videos on latest mobile phones, laptops, tablets, digital.

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You can usually search for torrents for the same or google it by adding the suffix pdf free download. You can also search for your fav mags here.. 1. Free PDF. Your favourite magazine on your favourite social network. When mainstream tech is not enough, come over to the geekier. Title: Digit January , Author: Media, Name: Digit January , kids of the early s would spend pocket money on a magazine.

Over three-quarters of a billion dollars was invested in the first three months of this year alone. Additionally, with the proliferation of untethered all-in-one VR devices from Google and Oculus are leading us to greater consumer awareness. Which brings us to another avenue — Artificial Intelligence. Research in artificial intelligence is unfolding new avenues in the continuously evolving relationship between human game developers and their algorithmicallyintelligent tools. AI will be able to provide creative support, where intelligent design tools help people to quickly generate layouts, characters, themes, environments and so on. This breakthrough open source AI toolkit enables machine learning developers and researchers to train agents in realistic, complex scenarios with decreased technical barriers than they could otherwise.

It was to a house that was totally unfurnished, and so I had to furnish it from scratch. One of the first things every modern house needs is obviously a refrigerator — we can do without beds and chairs, but we need a fridge. So I went on to Gumtree, went through hundreds of fridge ads and found one that seemed like a really good deal. I tried to call him back, his number was disconnected, and I found that I had been cheated. I tried looking up his number on TrueCaller and other such services Oh well.

Lesson learnt.

Digit Magazine

As I started using the classified site more to try and download all the other things you need in a house, I realised most people were cagey and distrusting, and everyone had stories of being cheated — sellers and downloaders both. Because you are a real person on Facebook, you behave better on it than you would on a site where your identity is anonymous. This makes Facebook perfect for classifieds. I was able to download the right GPU, within the right budget just by reading that one article.

From then onwards Ive never looked back or even thought of changing my technology navigator. Earlier, I used to download Digit right off the newsstand and would wait for it every month. With each new copy my face would light up with excitement. I read and reread each article just to get a better understanding.

Each article was fun to read and thanks to the simple and fluid language you used, even my father was able to enjoy it. Thanks to you, I was crowned as the geek in my school days and all my friends used to make their download decisions at least after consulting once with me; nothing felt better then. I would also like to thank you for helping me make the right career choice. I would have never been able to get here if I had never met you. Today, even after these 12 years, youre my only technology navigator and will be in the future as well!

Id like to thank Team Digit who go through all this hard work to bring out the best in everyone. Thats what makes you 1! The Best! You guys deserve a lot more than this! Wish you all the best in the coming year and the years after! Dinesh Gaikwad Youve just sent the team into a blushing tizzy with your praise. Robert good magazine and it covers the general tech world nicely.

One issue that I have with the magazine is that reviews are simply not up to the mark. Be it gaming or product reviews, you guys just dont cover enough information but the DVD and Fast Track make up for it. Many feel that you dont have any competitor but Im a subscriber of Chip and find it better than your mag just because of your review section.

Another issue is the placement of advertisements between your articles which really takes away interest. Ive started a tech-related page on Facebook called Tech Me Up, and would like to know what type of content would attract maximum members.

Can I post links to tech-related websites without their permission?

Magazine pdf digit

I also wanted to share Chip's reviews through my page. I wrote a review for Dishonored and will post it soon. I also want to review hardware but cant download it so please give me some suggestions on how to review hardware without downloading it. Shaurya Rawat Instead of us replying, well let the next letter do that. To each his own, and no you can never review or test a product without getting it You can link to anyone you want, but dont copy content and host it on your page or site.

Glad you loved our cover story last month. We are sure you will love this months cover story as well.

Nimish Kudos to this months cover page design magazines at Zinio, and its the only magazine application for the Playbook. Swadhin Sangram Swain Well as one of the cover stories said Windows 8 is indeed Microsofts silver bullet. In the current scenario its claimed to be the most modern OS with a UI thats been built ground up devoid of any skeuomorphism.

It deserved an F22 dont you think? We sell digital editions via Magzter currently. Robert Ive been reading Digit since the past six months. Ive got to say its a very team. This is the best cover page ever reader since November Those cover models on competing gadget magazines look ugly comparison. Regardless, I have two complaints: 1. Where is iOS ghter jet? Why has Windows got F22? I have one more request: please add Digit to Zinio.

There are many Indian 10 Digit February www. I just want to say that you guys are awesome. All the reviews are very useful and I can only see the awless quality that you produce month after month.

Your DVDs are also very useful.

Digit Magazine - July 2016.pdf

The devworx and World View sections are my favourites. When I turn over the last page of your magazine I feel like it shouldn't have ended. Theres no doubt that this is the best technology magazine.

What I do want in the magazine is for you to increase content in the Skoar! Thank you and best of luck. I hope you maintain these standards forever. And we did see trends that we expect will make their way into homes and pervade general society by the end of the year. A variety of new technologies were shown off at CES. From a ourish of 4K televisions and other forms of high-resolutions displays, to new ranges of mobile and tablet processors from all the big names.

We even sae new Android and PC gaming devices, as well as a few innovations in storage, touch and virtual reality technologies. The rst devices are expected to launch later this year, around the American summer. Razer Edge gaming tablet While it was not the online portable gaming device of this years CES, the Razer Edge certainly attracted a lot of eyeballs, being the perfect example of a mobile device touted to have the power of a full edged PC desktop. A bunch of controller accessories will also be available.

It will apparently offer a level of pure processing power never before seen in a mobile device, enabling heavy-duty multi-tasking without lag or disruption. It is also built to easily handle HD movie TOP 20 streaming with no dropped frames and razor-sharp picture quality. Designed for high-end smartphones and tablets, it uses ARMs big. The prototype development version shown off at CES was built of moulded plastic.

Currently at p HD resolution, exact specs have not been decided yet. Early impressions of the device have been very positive, and we hope to see consumer-ready versions ready sometime in the near future. Heres a look at the hottest gadgets from the worlds biggest electronics show a touchscreen.

On the demo Android-based unit, when the OS called for a keyboard, the buttons raise out of the screen almost instantly, offering a small amount of resistance, enough to survive an accidental touch. When Android no longer needs the keyboard, the buttons instantly melt back. CEO and founder, Craig Ciesla states that the touch buttons can be congured into any design, including gamepad congurations. The technology is expected to make its way to major manufacturers devices by the end of the year.

With its own version expected only in , multiple partners will be able to offer Steam Boxes in the meanwhile. Buzz Its rumoured that the new Playstation 4 from Sony will have biometrics and a touch screen integrated on the controller.

The company showcased many unique interface features for same time consuming comparatively lower battery power and it will house the Adreno GPU. The Snapdragon will run four Krait cores up to 2. Nvidia Tegra 4 The Tegra 4 is being touted as the rst commercial implementation of ARMs quad-core, cortex A15 architecture and shall be seen in smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

Codenamed Wayne before launch, it has 72 Nvidia GPU cores, delivering roughly six times the GPU horsepower seen on the Tegra 3; along with a quad-core processor and a fth low power core for minimising battery use in idle state as was seen in Tegra 3.

The four cores engine, which will deliver 2x the performance of the Z Huaweis 6. The device is powered by a 1.

Pdf digit magazine

It runs on Android 4. The device will be available in China in February in crystal black and pure white colours.

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The tablet boasts of a 7-inch display with a x pixel resolution. Nvidia Project Shield - Apart from unveiling the Tegra 4 at CES, Nvidia had some other its technology, such as an edge display, a foldable book-like tablet that turns into a phone, and more. While Youm technology will not be making it to consumer tech very soon, it is exciting to see the major brands taking such interest in the nextgeneration of interfaces.

Qualcomms New Snapdragon Generation Qualcomm announced a refresh for its line-up of Snapdragon systemon-chips, saying it would retire the S1, S2, S3 and S4 series of mobile chips, and release a new family of chips rechristened as - Snapdragon , Snapdragon , Snapdragon and Snapdragon The Snapdragon and will represent the high-performance chips whereas the Snapdragon and will be seen in low-end budget mobile devices.

Snapdragon will be running four Krait cores clock speeds going up to 1. It also supports HDR photography. These Bay Trail Atom processors should start shipping in devices from later this year. Capable of being arranged as a tablet, it also folds out into a game pad and ip screen. The nal form and feature set of the commercial version has yet to be decided. A part of the ecosystem required for crossdevice gaming is Nvidia Grid, also announced at the event. The Panasonic FZ-G1 pounds, so denitely not portable, yet can serve from room to room.

The AIO features the touch-optimized Aura interface that automatically comes up when you drop the screen to a horizontal position. The high resolution displays shown off by LG include a The Kingston HyperX Predator ash drive is housed in a zinc alloy casing that is highly shock-resistant.

Pebble Watch One of the most exciting accessories to come out CES , a gadget in its own right, was the Pebble watch. It features an e-paper backlit at night display and buttons that act as a control and notication interface for iPhone and Android devices, using Bluetooth for connectivity.

Digit - Wikipedia

It can also be used as a bike computer and pedometer. Battery ed that users can connect a Windows 8 computer in order to take advantage of Microsofts Windows 8 touchscreen capabilities.

ViewSonic also showed off a prototype inch 4K monitor, which is expected to hit store shelves by the end of the year. Untethered battery life is supposed to be two hours. It is exceptionally heavy, at 18 a resolution of x LG also showed off a 7-inch display with a x resolution, and a 5. The wow factor doesnt just stop at its mind-boggling storage capacity.

It is expected to hit store shelves by April. The touchscreen also includes USB ports for hooking up a keyboard and mouse. Under the hood, a Tegra 3 processor powers the device. The camera can be taken up to 50 feet deep under water and can withstand drops from heights of upto 6 feet.

The ruggedized body also serves to protect the TG-2 against the elements and freezing temperatures as low as Celsius wouldnt have any effect on the camera. We take a look at some of them Of Lumias, Ascends and Xperia Zs We bring you the latest news from Consumer Electronics Show, which surprisingly saw few smartphone launches.

Pdf digit magazine

Are phone-makers waiting for MWC? Further along these pages, you will nd our review of the Finnish manufacturers agship. The BlackBerry 10 leaks kept coming of course, and at the time of writing, we were still awaiting the BB10 OS and device launch on January 31 head on over to thinkdigit. Moving sideways, two new entrants have made their motives plain in the smartphone operating system battleeld Mozilla has announced developer models for its mobile Firefox OS, and Canonical has also declared similar intentions for powering mobile devices with Ubuntu from Samsung has also said it plans to release the rst Tizen phones this year.

Lumia and Lumia The Lumia , designed with a polycarbonate shell, comes with a 8. The rear camera features oating lens technology, for optical image stabilization OIS. Read our review for more details. The 9. It also has a smaller 1, mAh battery thats rated to deliver up to 14 hours of talktime, and hours of standby time. The Lumia was also showcased at the Lumia and launch event. Nokias Lumia is a 3. Nokia has also conveniently added a microSD card slot that supports up to 64GB of storage.

The budget device is due to hit shelves in February. It also sports a mAh battery. The device is expected to launch rst in China, in late-January. Under the hood is a 1. It isnt supermodel thin, at 0. At the time of writing, the device has already launched in China. Sony says that the earliest the phone will hit the markets globally is March The Xperia ZL will only hit select markets. The Xperia Z also has waterproof capabilities, up to a depth of 1 metre.

The Xperia Z has glass panels on the back and the front, along with plastic covers for all ports on the spines. The device is expected to launch rst in the Chinese market, in February. The D2 has Huaweis K3V2 1. It has a whopping Tt Bigwater Pro Thermaltake added the Bigwater Pro a new liquid cooler to their CPU cooler arsenal BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Replacing its Mobile Fusion brand, BlackBerry has launched its BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 which is now available for download for businesses Evolving digital frontiers Changes are constant and adaptation is the name of the game as the Internet grows in size and complexity part from regular updates from the usual players, weve had reason to celebrate, as the Internet turned 30 in January, beginning to mature into a more evolved entity.

It is still nding its feet under the frenetic mass of ever-burgeoning social media interaction however, whilst withstanding the onslaught of censorship policies and cyberattacks at the same time.

History notes that this change was not easy, as many operators resisted going from an already working system to something that was just a standard in text. With those humble beginnings, the Internet has grown into an entity that is now an integral part of everyones lives.