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Sacred Gold and Storm Silver designed for ease of gameplay. These are generation; after Pokémon have a sufficiently high amount of max HP,. instead of a. Pokemon HeartGold & Soul Silver Johto Prima Official Guide - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free Fire Red Detonado The Table of Contents puts all of the eGuide sections for Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver: Ofcial Pokemon Johto Guide & Johto Pokedex at your ngertips. This walkthrough will guide you through Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver - in terms of gameplay, there is a small differences between versions in that you.

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Abaixo seguem os nossos detonados para os principais jogos de Pokémon: Versão Online · Versão em PDF Detonado de Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver. Detonado HeartGold/SoulSilver. NEW BARK, O COMEÇO DA JORNADA. Detonado UltraSun/UltraMoon. A REGIÃO DE ALOLA Logo que iniciar o jogo.

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Goldenrod City Department Store drawings 2nd prize Saturday. Repeat Ball Good for catching Pokmon of a species youve caught before.

Goldenrod City Department Store drawings 2nd prize Tuesday. Dive Ball Good for catching Pokmon who live underwater. Found on Beautiful Beach and similar Pokwalker Routes. Luxury Ball Makes it easier for you to befriend the captured Pokmon. Goldenrod City Department Store drawings 2nd prize Sunday. Same as a regular Pok Ball. Given away as a bonus.

download 10 Pok Balls at one time. Level Ball The more your Pokmons level exceeds the targets level, the better it works. Good for catching Pokmon youve hooked on a shing rod.

Heavy Ball The heavier the Pokmon, the more effective it is. Love Ball Effective on Pokmon of the same species but opposite gender. Friend Ball Gives a big boost to your friendship with the captured Pokmon. Pokmon can learn various moves Pokmon can learn all kinds of moves, which are useful both in battle and on your adventure in general.

There are many different moves, each with its own unique effects. If you put some thought into developing move sets, your Pokmon will stand out as an individual. A Pokmon can learn up to four moves. Three fundamental kinds of moves Attack Moves These moves do damage by attacking the enemy. There are many variations on the basic attack move. Some moves also inict status conditions, while others let your Pokmon take the rst attack. Defense Moves When your opponent has you in a tight spot, defense moves are a good idea.

These moves can restore HP or cure status conditions. There are also defense moves that do everything from leeching an opponents HP to regenerating HP each turn.

Status Moves These moves strengthen the user or weaken an opponent. They can do anything from raising a Pokmons stats to inicting status conditions that gradually drain an opponents HP. Theres even a move that forces the other Trainer to swap out Pokmon. How to teach moves to Pokmon Level them up Pokmon can learn various moves at predetermined levels. Once they reach a certain level, they can learn the appropriate move. There are 92 different TMs, and each TM is only good for one use.

An HM can teach that move to an unlimited number of Pokmon. Have an expert teach them During your travels, youll meet people who can teach moves to Pokmon. There are several different moves that can be learned this way.

Pokmon have different Abilities Each Pokmon species has various Abilities. For instance, Mareep can have the Static Ability. Some Abilities effects take effect during battle, while other Abilities come in handy for catching wild Pokmon. Some Pokmon species have two possible Abilities, but any given Pokmon will only have one of the two. Examples of Abilities and their effects Pickup Picks up an item when entering battle.

The Pokmons level determines what items youre likely to nd p. Depending on the Pokmon, these qualities will affect how its stats increase. Before you start training a Pokmon, check its Nature and Characteristic so that you can make the most of its strongest stats. A Pokmons condition makes its Pok Ball behave differently When something unusual is going on with your Pokmon if its about to level up, for example, or maybe it has a status conditionit lets you know by its cry and the movement of its icon.

If its low on HP or suffering from a status condition, its cry will be much weaker than normal when you send it into battle. When youre in battle, youll see the Pokmons Pok Ball rocking back and forth in your party lineup. Pokmon and Trainers become friends Friendship is the bond of affection and trust that can grow between a Pokmon and its Trainer.

Keep a Pokmon happy and it will grow to like you, but a mistreated Pokmon will take a real dislike to you. How to raise your friendship with your Pokmon Go for a walk Putting a Pokmon at the head of your party and walking around will strengthen the friendship between you.

You can get the Soothe Bell in the National Park. Give it stat-boosting items If you give a Pokmon items that boost its base stats, such as Zinc and Protein, your friendship will go up a bit. Take it for a makeover at the Pokmon Salon Give your Pokmon a makeover in Goldenrod Tunnel to increase both its beauty and your friendship.

Take it for a Stroll in the Pokwalker You can raise your friendship with a Pokmon by taking it out for a Stroll in the Pokwalker. By using these moves in the eld, your Pokmon can open up areas you couldnt reach before.

Silver detonado pokemon pdf soul

But before you can use each hidden move in this way, youll need a certain number of Gym Badges. Cuts down thin trees that are blocking your path, opening up room for you to pass. How to get it: Given to you by the Charcoal Man in Ilex Forest. Whisks you through the air and back to any town youve already visited. Youll land in front of the towns Pokmon Center.

Given to you by Chucks wife in Cianwood City. Unleashes enormous strength, pushing aside stones that you normally couldnt budge. Given to you by a Hiker on Route Regular moves can also have uses in the eld Some regular moves will help you get around in the eld, much like hidden moves. For example, you can use Flash to light up pitch-black caves so you can see where youre goingsee page for other such moves. These types are a key factor in determining a battles outcome. Pokmon moves also have types Both Pokmon and their moves have types.

This Totodile is typical of most Pokmon. Although it belongs to the Water type, it learns moves from other types as well. Hit by Peck. Attacks with Bite. Turn the tables by targeting a foes weakness Types interact like a big game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. For instance, Water is strong against Fire, but weak against Grass. If the attacking Pokmons move type is strong against the defending Pokmons type, the move does twice the damage. Fire Good type compatibility means increased damage!

Attacks with a Fire-type move Bad type compatibility means reduced damage Attacks with a Fire-type move. Use types to increase attack damage Under the right conditions, your moves will do at least 1.

If you can keep dishing out that kind of damage, victory is sure to be within reach. There are several factors that determine increases in attack damage, but the three major ones are listed below. Damage ranges as indicated by battle messages Message Its super effective!

Its not very effective No message It doesnt affect A critical hit! Overall strength is the product of six stats Each Pokmons overall strength depends on individual statistics, such as Attack or Defense. Six different stats indicate a Pokmons prociency in different areas. To raise a strong Pokmon, youll need to understand how each stat works.

Speed The Pokmons attack speed. The higher the number, the more likely it is that the Pokmon will strike rst. Attack Winning Strategies The higher this stat is, the more damage the Pokmon does with physical moves. Stats also have an effect on the three kinds of moves Moves belong to one of three kindsphysical, special, or statusand theres an important connection between these move categories and a Pokmons stats.

For instance, a Pokmon with high Attack will do the most damage if it uses physical moves. The three kinds of moves Physical Moves that make direct contact with the opponent, such as Iron Tail and Slam, are considered physical moves. Special Special moves are ones like Surf and Flamethrower, which dont bring the user into direct contact with the foe.

Status Moves like the weatherchanging Rain Dance or moves that alter a users or foes stats are considered status moves. Use status conditions to gain an advantage Pokmon can be affected by status conditions, which are special conditions such as Sleep, Poison, or Paralysis. These conditions can immobilize a Pokmon or eat away at its HP.

Hit your foes with moves that inict status conditions, and youll turn the tide of battle. Conditions have amazing effects Try out status condition inflicting moves to see their effects for yourself. This condition does not wear off on its own. Effect Prevents foe from attacking, lets you strike first.

Burned Lowers Attack, and HP decreases each turn. Other conditions, similar to status conditions Winning Strategies Certain moves inict conditions that are similar to status conditions. These conditions can stack on top of status conditionsthat is, a foe with Paralysis can have Infatuation at the same time. Status conditions cannot stack with each other except for Confused Status conditions can stack with other conditions. Make good use of your Abilities Abilities are special qualities that all Pokmon possess, and each Pokmon species has its own special Abilities.

Some Abilities effects are used in the eld, but most Abilities are used to grant you an advantage in battle. Learn their effects and how to effectively combine them with moves. Examples of Abilities that are helpful in battle Intimidate When the user enters battle, the opponents Attack decreases by 1.

Pokmon with Intimidate: Stantler, Gyarados, and others. Levitate User takes no damage when hit by Ground-type moves. Pokmon with Levitate: Koffing, Mismagius, and others. Keen Eye Protects user from the effects of Accuracyreducing moves. Pokmon with Keen Eye: Hoothoot, Pidgey, and others. Build a strong team that covers its weak points Pokmon whose strengths and weaknesses cover for each other, allowing you to take on any Pokmon you encounter. Every Pokmon type has its weaknesses. If you ll your team with just one type of Pokmon, then it only takes one supereffective move type to put your entire party at risk.

Instead, try building a team with. Building a team around Chikorita! Chikorita is weak against Fire-type moves. Thats why you want Krabby, a Pokmon whos strong against Fire-type Pokmon. However, Krabby is weak against Electric types, so add Sandshrew for its advantage over Electric types. Water types that have the upper hand against Sandshrew are at a disadvantage against Chikorita.

Building a team around Cyndaquil! Since Cyndaquil is weak against Water-type attacks, put Mareep in your team. Mareep is weak against Ground-type moves, so use Poliwagit learns moves that are super effective against Ground types.

As for Poliwags vulnerability to Grass types, thats now conveniently covered by Cyndaquil. Strong Grass-type foes Strong Cyndaquil Fire. Give Pokmon items to hold Each Pokmon can hold a single item.

Some held items have an effect in battle, and you can make them a key part of your strategy. Building a team around Totodile! Totodile is weak against Grass-type moves. You can cover for that with Ponyta, which is strong against Grass-type Pokmon.

Then again, Ponyta is weak against Ground-type moves. So use Bellsprout, which is strong against Ground types. Totodiles Water-type moves will put out any Fire types that threaten Bellsprout.

Power up your team with Pokmon from story events Pokmon need to battle, earn Experience Points, and level up to become powerful. On the other hand, leveling up several Pokmon at once is time-consuming. An easy solution is to use Pokmon obtained from special events in the game.

Ho-Oh, Lugia, and the Lake of Rages red Gyarados all start off as high-level Pokmon, so you can use them to battle right away. Select one of the menu options simply by touching it. Once you learn what the different options are, what they do, and what information they contain, youll have no problem nding your way. Touch the icons to use them. Pokdex The Pokdex is a device that automatically records Pokmon data. Whenever you encounter a Pokmon in the eld or in a Trainer battle, its added to your tally of Pokmon seen.

Once you catch it, its added to your total of Pokmon obtained. In-game, the Pokdex is the same color for both. Pokdex screen Once you catch a Pokmon, its name, species, size, weight, footprint, and description are listed here. No Pokdex data Before you encounter a Pokmon species, theres nothing but a blank space reserved for it. All you can see is its Pokdex number.

When you see a Pokmon, the Pokdex records its name and appearance. If the Pokmon appears in the wild, its habitat is also displayed. Once you catch a Pokmon, the Pokdex records its type, size, weight, footprint, and description.

The Pokdex entry is now complete. Use Search to nd a particular Pokmons data As you record more Pokmon, it becomes increasingly timeconsuming to nd a particular one in the Pokdex. This is where the Order Lets you sort the Pokmon by number, name, weight, or height. Search function comes in handy, allowing you to locate a Pokmons data right away. Name Select the first letter of the Pokmons name to narrow down the list. Here youll see a Pokmons habitat range, its size relative to your hero, and its male and female forms.

Area Size Forms. If a Pokmon appears in the wild, this will show the areas where it appears. Tap the lower-left icons to check its habitat during the morning, day, and night. The top screen shows the Pokmons size relative to you. The lower screen shows its relative weight. Shows a Pokmons male and female forms. Check out how the female Wobbuffet has red lips, and the male does not! Just choose a Pokmon and then use the move.

Tap Switch and then tap where you want the Pokmon to go. There are three separate pages of info, each split between the top and lower screens. The Trainer Memo is on the top screen, with notes such as the Pokmons Nature and where it was encountered.

General information is on the lower screen.

Silver soul pdf pokemon detonado

The top screen shows the Pokmons stats and Ability, and the lower screen shows the moves it knows. The top screen shows the Pokmons Performance, which affects its Pokathlon potential. The lower screen shows any Ribbons its earned. Bag Your Bag is where you store the items you collect on your journey.

For your convenience, items are automatically sorted into one of eight pockets. Register frequently used items Youll probably nd it useful to register Key Items you use several times in a row, such as shing rods or the Bicycle. Once an item is registered, you can use it with just a press of the Y Button or by tapping the icon on the lower screen. Up to two items can be registered at a time to the lower screen. Organize your items for ease of use The more items you have, the more of a hassle it is to nd the one you want.

This is why you want to organize your Bag. For instance, if you open the Medicine Pocket and arrange your Potions, Super Potions, and Hyper Potions in order, you can easily nd them when you need them. There are lots of items that are an especially big help on your journey. Bicycle The Bicycle lets you travel even faster than the Running Shoes allow. It also raises your wild Pokmon encounter rate if you ride it through tall grass or caves, so use it when theres a Pokmon youre trying to catch.

Tap the radar on the lower screen. The screen turns yellow if theres an item nearby. Use it in lots of different places to track down all the items. Find hidden items Items are located in the areas that turn orange when you tap them. Given to you by a young man in a house in Ecruteak City. Using the Exp. Share, a Pokmon can get Experience Points without having to battle. Just put the Pokmon in your team and have it hold the Exp. It will receive half of the Experience Points your team earns through battling.

Use it to level up Pokmon that are still too weak to participate in battles. The Vs. Recorder lets you record link battles you have with your friends.

You can also record your Battle Frontier battles after you make it to the Hall of Fame. Earn Experience Points without battling Use it on low-level Pokmon you want to raise in a hurry. Record your battle memories A Battle Video creates a record of intense battles between you and your friends. To have the Apriblender added to your Apricorn Box, talk to the clerk at the Aprijuice stand in the plaza west of the Pokathlon Dome.

Store 99 of each Apricorn There are seven colors of Apricorn, and you can store up to 99 of each kind. Pokgear The Pokgear short for Pokmon Gear is a high-tech, multi-function tool. Its only used as a phone at rst, but you can use cards to add functions like a map and a radio. Master all the Pokgear functions so you can use it to its full potential.

As you battle Pokmon Trainers during your journey, their phone numbers will be saved on your Pokgear. This lets you call them any time you want, and sometimes theyll even call you! Meet and battle all kinds of people to expand your contacts.

Collect phone numbers on your travels Many Pokmon Trainers will ask you to exchange numbers after a match. You dont have to worry about losing track of your Berries. You can use the Berry Pots to check on them at any time after planting. Berries are useful to have, so if you nd some, plant them to grow some more. The four stages of Berry growth 1 The plant sprouts 2 The stalk develops 3 The plant blooms 4 Berries grow. Water your plants with the SquirtBottle For maximum yield, use the SquirtBottle to water your plants at each stage of growth.

Check the sprouts, water them before the soil dries out, and youll grow a bumper crop of Berries. Using Mulch will help you grow Berries at a pace that suits you. Collect Trainers numbers and you might get a rematch If you have Trainers phone numbers, theres a chance you could have a rematch.

When a Trainer calls you asking for a rematch, go talk to that Trainer in person. Trainers call you for other reasons as wellmaybe they want to give you an item, or maybe they just want to chat. Call lots of people You can also use the Pokgear to make calls and gather all kinds of information. When you call your mom, shell tell you how much money youve saved and give you the option to stop saving.

You can also call Professor Oak to have him rate your Pokdex. Its convenient to not have to talk to people in person, so try chatting with people you havent seen in a whileits fun!

Once its inserted into your Pokgear, you can use the Town Map function. This useful map displays your current location, information on towns and routes, and simple maps of each town.

Use it as a memo pad to jot down items you want to remember, or remind yourself of Pokmon youve spotted or items youve found. Erasing data To delete data, select a note and drag it to the trash. Touch a blank space to bring up the input screen.

Choose the word from alphabetical or themed lists. The radio has four channels, and a variety of programs play at different times on different days. Tune in to the station you like best and enjoy. Answer all five questions right to receive the Radio Card.

You can transform your Pokgear with one of six preset background skins. Change the skin at any time by opening the Pokgear and tapping the lower-left icon. Changing the skin alters the colors, design, and font. If you want a change of atmosphere, pick out a new skin to give your adventure a new mood and look.

M Mon. Pokmon Music Channel Schedule Time. A lively marching tune. Play this when youre walking in tall grass or caves to raise your wild Pokmon encounter rate.

Professor Oak and Mary are your hosts for this program. Professor Oak tells you about tall grass, bodies of water, and other spots in the Johto region where Pokmon can be found. A gentle, sleep-inducing melody. Play this when youre walking in tall grass or caves to lower your wild Pokmon encounter rate. Your Trainer Card has lots of information recorded on it, so give it a lookjust tap the icon labeled with your name to access it at any time.

Dont forget to check the back The back of your Trainer Card displays your signature, link battle stats, and more.

M A. M P. Variety Channel Schedule Mon. Hear information on the Pokmon Trainers youll meet throughout Johto: Bug Catchers, Twins, Hikers, Swimmers, and others. That Town, These People. A team of reporters go out exploring caves and ruins, and records what they encounter there. There are six episodes that will play as your adventure unfolds.

Learn about each Johto towns top three sights. From cartoons to soap operas, youll hear four different radio dramas here.

There are eight episodes of The Young Pokathlete Maximo, ve episodes of an on-the-road drama, ve episodes of a love story, and four episodes of a travelogue that covers Kanto and Johto. Earn enough points and you can trade them for a fabulous prize p.

Before you get the Blue Card, the program will be on the air, but it wont reveal any passwords. As you earn Badges, theyre displayed at the lower-right corner of the corresponding Gym Leader.

Raise your score You can raise the score on your Trainer Card by taking on various challenges during your adventure. The score indicates how much youve accomplished in the game. Raise your score so you can show it off to your friends. After youve entered the Hall of Fame, your Trainer Card is upgraded to a lovely shade of blue.

There are other ways to upgrade your Trainer Card, too. The card changes as you accomplish each one. Options The options menu lets you adjust game settings to suit your own preferences, making it easier to play. For instance, if the game text scrolls by too quickly, you can decrease the message speed.

If theres a gameplay feature you want to change, open the options menu by selecting the options icon and tweak it to your liking. When you defeat one Pokmon out of a team of several, youll be asked whether you want to switch your own Pokmon.

If you want to automatically stay with your current Pokmon, select SET to turn off the messages. Shift Pros After defeating a Pokmon, you can switch to one better suited to your next foe.

Communicate with the Easy Chat System Build sentences out of words and phrases The easy chat system lets you construct sentences by plugging in preset words and phrases.

Youll use it in a variety of situations, such as composing Mail for a Pokmon to hold or talking to certain townspeople. Find words by alphabetical mode In alphabetical mode, you can choose words by their first letter.

Pokmon Continues the list of all the Pokmon youve seen so far 2 Moves 2 youve entered the Hall of Fame Trainer Greetings Continues the list of Pokmon moves added after. The five phrase categories Green Yellow Standard phrases to describe your feelings at the start of battle Standard phrases to describe your feelings when you lose a battle Standard phrases to use in the Union Room, like when.

Standard phrases to describe your feelings when you win a battle Standard phrases used for greetings and simple questions. Write Mail to send to your friends You can send Mail to your trading buddies by handing Mail to a Pokmon and trading the Pokmon. Give a Pokmon Mail to hold, then trade it through the Union Room or the Global Terminal so your friend can read the message. Theyre sure to get a kick out of it. Enjoy easy chat in lots of places Writing Mail isnt your only chance to use the easy chat system.

Youll use it at several points during your adventure. Its a vital communication tool when youre in the Union Room, for instance. Give it a try and get things going!

He has lots of questions for you, so use the easy chat system to reply. Town Map notes To help you remember things, you can record notes for each town, city, and route on the Town Map. Once you select an icon, tap the blank space to choose a word. Union Room chat You also use easy chat to communicate with your friends in the Union Room. Make good use of it by striking up a lively conversation. As you earn more Gym Badges, the shop selection will expand. There are two employees behind the counter.

One cashier sells items common to all Pok Marts in the region, and the other sells items unique to that store location. You can also chat with other customers to pick up useful information. After earning one Gym Badge After earning three Gym Badges After earning five Gym Badges After earning seven Gym Badges After earning eight Gym Badges. Heals Sleep Heals Burned Instantly returns you to the entrance of caves, etc.

Save money with your moms help In these games, you have the option of having your mom save your money for you. As your savings grow, shell also download you Berries and items.

Its a good idea, so let her do this for you! You can always opt out over the phone Call or visit your mom at any time to stop your savings plan. As your money grows, your mom sends you items As your savings grow, your mom sends you Berries and items.

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When she calls you, you can pick up the items by talking to the deliveryman in the red hat at Pok Marts or the Goldenrod City Department Store. The deliveryman can hold up to ve items for you. Each Pokmon Center has three oors. On 1F is the main part of the Pokmon Center where you can heal your Pokmon. In the Pokmon Wireless Club, you can use wireless communications to battle and trade Pokmon p. For a variety of play experiences, like trading or sharing records with multiple friends at once, visit the Union Room.

And if youre curious about your Trainer Card, visit the receptionist in the far-left corner. Use the PC on the right of the reception desk to store, retrieve, or organize your Pokmon and their held items. The Pokmon Center sees lots of visitors, so you can pick up useful information by talking to the other people there.

By using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you can trade and battle Pokmon with distant friends from all over the world p. To use it, youll need to get a Pal Pad and trade Friend Codes with your friends. You dont need Friend Codes to play in the Wi-Fi Plaza, however, so you can jump right into the games there p.

Read on to learn about all the PC functions. Youll use Someones PC to deposit or withdraw your Pokmon and organize their held items. Use the stylus to operate the PC All the PC operationsswitching boxes, for instanceare easy to manage with the stylus.

You can also view the Pokmons information, label it, or set it free. If your party is full, however, the Pokmon transfer wont go through. You can also do things like move a stored Pokmon to another PC Box, or swap a stored Pokmon with one on your team. Move Items This is where you can organize your Pokmons held items. You can take an item from a stored Pokmon and transfer it directly to another Pokmon, or just return it to your Bag. Flip through the album every now and then to relive your adventures.

The PC with your name on it is used to store your Mail, customize your Ball Capsules, and review the photos youve taken so far. The Photo Album browser is a brand-new feature introduced in Pokmon. You can reread letters, delete them, even give them to Pokmon. Exchange Mail with your friends to see how many letters you can collect! Read the Mail youve received The Mail is stamped with the Pokmon that carried it, reminding you of the trade.

Ball Capsules Ball Capsules create a dazzling display when you send your Pokmon into battle. Collect lots of Seals and make a big impression with your Pokmon. Give it a try once you get some Seals. Photo Album Town Shops and Services As you travel, youll nd many different towns, cities, and routes where you can have your photo taken. You can view those photos in your Photo Album for a fond reminder of all those different places and Pokmon.

The lead Pokmon in your party is the one that accompanies you. With your Pokmon always at your side, your adventure is more real and vivid than ever before! To enjoy your adventure to its fullest, learn all there is to know about walking with your Pokmon. Learn the basics of walking your Pokmon When your Pokmon walks with you, your friendship increases and you can talk to it at any time. Here are some of the different things that can happen as you walk. What you can do when your Pokmon accompanies you Raise your friendship Just putting a Pokmon in your party gives your friendship a boost, but making it your lead Pokmon is even more effective.

Talk to your Pokmon When you turn to your Pokmon and talk to it, youll see a range of reactions. Pick up Accessories When a Pokmon walks through certain areas, theres a chance it will nd an Accessory page Talk to the Pokmon to get the item. When your Pokmon cant follow you Larger Pokmon cant follow you into caves or certain buildings. There are also times during the story when your Pokmon cant stay next to you.

Whenever you reach a spot where your Pokmon cant go, it automatically returns to its Pok Ball. The moods of your companion Pokmon The Pokmon walking beside you has its own moods, both good and bad.

When it does something it likes, its in a good moodbut if its something it hates to do? Bad mood! If its in a bad mood, it may react angrily or refuse to hand over an Accessory its picked up. To keep your Pokmon content, let it do things that it enjoys. What creates a good mood? What creates a bad mood? Different responses in different situations You can talk to your Pokmon companion at any time. Its response to you will depend on a wide variety of factors, including its Nature, gender, friendship level, current HP, even the rocks and trees around it!

Talk to it often to observe its responses. Fun with Pokmon responses You can change your Pokmons responses by simply moving to another spot. What are major factors affecting a Pokmons reaction?

There are ve kinds in all, but only two or three of them can be found pre-Hall of Fame. Try using other Pokmon. Step-by-step description of key events and what to do in order to complete all the events at that location. Use this in combination with the Recommended Route chart p. Johto Adventure Walkthrough Protected by copyright. This is where you will receive your rst Pokmon and begin your journey across Johto.

Professor Elms Pokmon Lab. Youll hear how exciting it is to go on an adventure and how awesome Pokmon are.

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The Mail even has a Marill stamp. At the start of the game, come down from the second oor and talk to your mom. She says that Professor Elm has been asking for you.

You can now use the menu to save the game and access your Bag and Trainer Card. If youre a boy, your friend is a girl If you choose the boy for your hero, the supporting role goes to Lyra, the girl.

But if you pick the girl, then the supporting role goes to Ethan, the boy. The professor is known worldwide as an eminent authority on Pokmon Evolution. Then he lets you choose a Pokmon from one of three Pok Balls. Choose with care! Professor Elm received a message from Mr.

Pokmon, who lives north of Cherrygrove City. It sounds like he needs something. Now that you have a Pokmon, Professor Elm asks you to go see what Mr. Pokmon wants. Go home and talk to your mom before heading off to Mr. Pokmons house. Shell give you the Pokgear, now back from being repaired. The Pokgear is a handy device that lets you call your stored contacts at any time. Youre going to need it on your long journey.

Head west through town until you reach Route Just before you get there, Professor Elm will dash out of his lab to make sure you have his number recorded on your Pokgear. With all your preparations complete, its time to follow Route 29 p. When you mention that youve battled the boy, the Policeman asks his nameso go ahead and say what it is.

Try this out with lots of different Pokmon. The Pokgear stores more info as time goes on The Pokgear does more than store important phone numbers.

You can also use it to store the numbers of regular Trainers you meet on your adventure. The more you travel, the more useful it becomes. Talk to your mom on your way out of the house and shell offer to create a savings account from part of your battle winnings. This is actually a great idea, because she can then download you some very rare Berries p. Heal your Pokmon at the lab Your Pokmon is sure to pick up some bumps and scrapes during your trip to Mr.

Remember, you can use the PC at the Pokmon Lab to heal it back up. The nearest Pokmon Gym is in Violet City, but rst youll have to get there. Youll need to take Route 29 p. The professor is surprised hes never seen anything like it in the Johto region.

In return for the amazing sight, he gives you an Everstone. Elms last Pokmon is carefully guarded Since one of Professor Elms Pokmon was stolen by the red-headed boy, the police are on heightened alert. His remaining Pokmon is now protected by a glass case. Now that you have eight Gym Badges, he gives you a Master Ball to commemorate the occasion.

This is the ultimate Pok Ball, capable of catching any Pokmon. You only get one, so use it wisely! Professor Elm says that the Kimono Girls came to the lab looking for you. He says that theyre waiting for you at the Ecruteak Dance Theater. Use Fly to zip over to Ecruteak City p. Check out some of the features unique to each game. But start up Pokmon SoulSilver Version, and the title screen shows Lugia swimming through the ocean depths.

Each game has a slightly different Pokmon selection. Some Pokmon are exclusive to one version or the other. Youll have to trade with friends to catch them all and complete your Pokdex. On a request from Professor Elm, you head for Mr. Pokmons house, which lies north of Cherrygrove City. Youll encounter wild Pokmon if you walk through the tall grass, so start battling and level up your Pokmon.

Grn Apricorn Tree Route Gather items as you go Youll sometimes see an item just lying there on the ground. Examine it and its yours. If you see something, dont hesitate to check it out. As you walk through the tall grass, youll rustle up Pidgey, Sentret, and other Pokmon. You dont have any Pok Balls at this point, so you cant catch them yet.

Just battle them to level up your Pokmon. Their levels are rather low, so defeating them shouldnt be a problem. Come back to the tree p. In the middle of Route 29, youll see a gate that leads north to Route Unfortunately, you cant get past the ledge just beyond the gate, so leave it for now and continue on your errand for Professor Elm.

To get to Mr. Pokmons house and complete your errand for Professor Elm, take Route 29 all the way west, continuing through Cherrygrove City until you reach Route Dont rush! Take time to battle Pokmon along Route 29 as you head west toward Cherrygrove City p. Talk to her to receive the TwistedSpoon. Once youve met all of her siblings, you can get the Shock Ribbon p.

This is the rst city you visit after leaving New Bark Town. Theres no Pokmon Gym here, so theres no Gym Leader to battle. But once you nish your errand for Professor Elm and prepare to head home, your rival issues you a challenge.

Route 30 to Violet City. Pok Mart far counter Air Mail As you enter the city, youll see an old man standing there. He also shows you the way to Route 30, telling you thats where Mr. Pokmons house is located. Walk a mile in my shoes When he gives you the Running Shoes, the Guide Gent claims theyre still warmfresh off his own feet!

Hes kidding, of course, but its still a mental image you just do not need. The Guide Gent gives you the Running Shoes in gratitude for your keeping him company. The Wi-Fi Club: Youll be able to check it out after you reach Violet City p.

Heal it at the Pokmon Center.

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The Centers other features arent open yet. But the people there have information that will come in useful during your adventure. Take this chance to sign your name or nickname on the back of your card using the stylus.

Then you can show off your signature to your friends in the Union Room p. Before you head north to Route 30, pick up supplies at the local Pok Mart. The Pok Mart stock expands as you earn more Gym Badges p. This one doesnt sell Pok Balls just yet, but you can load up on Potions. Ride the waves! One item you can get this way is the rare and valuable Mystic Waterbe sure to grab it. With the card loaded, your Pokgear has a map function that shows the entire Johto region and your current position.

Study the map whenever youve lost your way. You can record all kinds of info on the Town Map. Keep track of important info and goals by using the eight icons and the easy chat system to enter notes.

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See page 51 for more on the easy chat system. Once youve settled your business in town, head north on Route It wont be long before you spot Mr. Pokmons house on the far side of the route. Talk to Mr. Pokmon in order to fulll your promise to Professor Elm p. Read your rivals name Your rival announces that hes going to be the strongest Pokmon Trainer in the world, and then he leaves.

But hell hurry right back. He dropped his Trainer Card, and now hes flipping out because you picked up the card and saw his name. Before you continue east on Route 29, youll run into the red-headed boy you met at Professor Elms Pokmon Lab. First he taunts you, then he challenges you to a Pokmon battle.

Its on! Your rivals Pokmon depends on the starter Pokmon you selected. Hell use the one that targets your starters type weakness.

Totodile Lv. After winning the match with your rival, take Mr. As youll recall, New Bark Town is just east of Route 29 p. A steep hill ahead Surf west of town and youll find a hill that can be scaled using Rock Climb. Thats great, but you cant get up there just yet. Youll have to come back later, once youre able to use Rock Climb. Now there are two cashiers, selling a wider range of goods.

Savvy shopping tip: Route 30 is where youll nd the home of Mr. Pokmon, the fellow who contacted Professor Elm. Pokmon gives you a Mystery Egg to carry. Route 31 continues on to Violet City. Follow Route 30 north and youll come across a house.

Talk to the man inside and hell give you an Apricorn Box. Once you have it, you can pick Apricorns from Apricorn Trees. Even if you pass his house without stopping inside, you can still get the Apricorn Box. Gather Apricorns every day Each tree produces only one color of Apricorn. When you want a particular color of Apricorn, remember where its tree is and visit it every day. You can pick Apricorns from the tree right next to the mans home, so try it right away.

Pick that Apricorn as well. All Bird Wyvern Eggs, for example, feature the same speckle marks while all Herbivore Eggs feature long stripe with rounded edges.

Despite the pattern similarities, however, the colors can change depending on the kind of monster inside the egg. In addition to the colors, the name can have variations as well. Depending on where you find the egg, the Humble version can contain a Velocidrome while the Burning egg can contain a Yian Kut-Ku. You can also have two similarly named eggs that contain a different variant based on color. Monstie Eggs can be found at Egg Nests located inside Monster Dens that randomly pop up in the field.

Monster Den locations also reset when you enter a town or dungeon. Some monsters retreat to their dens after you beat them, allowing you nab their egg. Later on, you'll also get the recipe for making Paintballs.

The item can be used to make low-health hatchable monsters retreat if thrown three times before they faint, allowing you to find their dens. This strategy is great when combined with a Qurupeco, which allows you to call a monster in the field to battle. You can start hatching a Qurupeco once you reach Monsonne Plains near Gildegaran.

Initially, you can only command Rarity 1 Monsties like Aptonoth and Velocidrome. As you progress through the campaign and increase your Rider rank, however, you can command higher level Monsties.

Below is a list of all the Monsties you can acquire on the game. For the latter, I include paintball probabilities as well as other things you can do to raise your chances to trigger a retreat for a particular monster. I added methods to make some of them pop up but not all.

When in doubt, just clear your Quest Board and NPC requests as they come and all of these Monsties should show up as you get farther into the story or, in the case of some monsters, clear it. Defeat with Throwing Knife High. Paralysis Slight. Defeat with a Fire attack Slight. Defeat with an Ice attack Slight. Note: Starts appearing in the eastern and northwestern areas of Trese desert after you complete the Paupau beach Yian Garuga hunt via the quest board.

Defeat while trapped Slight. Defeat while enraged Slight. Basarios Subspecies Monster Habitat: Mt. Defeat while downed Slight. Defeat while inflicted with status effect Slight. Defeat within 5 turns Moderate. Defeat with 10 turns Slight.

Defeat while blinded Slight. Defeat while poisoned Slight. Defeat with a Fire Attack Slight. Defeat with a Water attack Slight. Defeat while suffering Sleep status Slight. Defeat with a Silver or Azure Rathalos Slight. The Diablos subquest should show up once you clear the third Felyne quiz, which is given by a cat in Albarax. Nargacuga Monster Habitat: Mt. Defeat while paralyzed Slight. Defeat with a Throwing Knife High.

Defeat with a Lagiacrus or White Lagiacrus Slight. Bring out a Rathalos regular, Azure or Silver during the battle Slight. The Dan subquest chain includes: No. Defeat with Hammer attack Slight. Note: Starts appearing after you clear the quest from a hunter at Geo-Fulkright requiring you to deliver 1 Dragonfell Berry which you should find in Dovan Volcano. This allows you to transfer genes from one Monstie to another, at the cost of releasing the monster that served as the gene source back into the wild.

By channeling the genes of a Yian Kut-Ku, for example, you can make a Lagombi learn the Fireball skill. Filling a straight line of slots with skills of the same color or pattern will also awaken secret skills.

Non-Elem Bingo: Speed Up when completing a line with non-elemental genes. Rite of Channeling is good for min-maxers or finding use for duplicate Monsties that are clogging up your stable.

It also encourages you to raid those random Monster Dens and catch more monsters due to the randomness of Monstie gene slots and traits. Later on, you can also acquire Beads, which are channeling gems that grants different skills such as attack boosts and resistances. You can also acquire different H. Crystals for creating channelling gems. For even more Monstie perfection, you can find stims for unlocking gene slots, which is especially ideal for competitive players who want to further fine tune their monsters post-game.

Expedition Parties Once you reach Albarax, you will have the option to start sending your Monsties to Expedition Parties. You basically pick 5 Monsties to send out per expedition, giving them the opportunity to gather items, as well as experience. You can even whether you want them to get fewer or more items, which shortens or lengthens the time they are away.

You can also instruct them to focus on gaining experience or concentrate on specific item types such as plants, mushrooms, ore, berries, fish, bugs, bones or treasure. These are important as downloading that stuff from the store will make you go broke in no time. The bulk of recipes are earned by completing certain Subquests.

Here are a few of the recipe books I have found so far. Includes recipes for Potion and Raw Meat Sushi. Acquired by going through the story. Contains the recipes for Paintball and Smoke Bomb. Mega Potions: A sickly sweet, honey-rich volume containing the recipe for Mega Potion. Requires delivering a Tropical Berry gathered from the plains or desert. Group Healing An introduction to healing items.

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Contains the recipe for Lifesoot. Essence Vitale: Keep fighting, never give up, and study this recipe for Vital Essence. Requires delivering 5 Ice Crystals. Warm and Healthy: Collected knowledge on keeping warm. Contains the recipe for Hot Mist. Requires delivering her 3 Sharktuna, which can be fished at Monsonne seashore past the ship.

Be Prepared! Requires slaying The Intruder in Trese Desert. Boom Boom Book: Handle with care. Requires delivering 3 Nitroshrooms. Requires slaying 6 Zamite. Poogies Oink! Little piggies and Monster Hunter are a long-standing match. In addition to being cute, Poogies also net you rewards for finding them. You can find it the first time you enter Mt. Pondry Caves. Gives you Herbs x5.

Rewards you with Rare Steak x5. Porky : Found in Darj Rock Baths. This Marshmallow lookalike is located at the western side of the hot spring perimeter. Gives Well-Done Steak x3. Peter : Found in Babda Rainforest. Go through the forest until you reach an area where the path splits into a V-shape.

Gives Lifepowder. Has a purple diaper with gold checkerboard pattern and gives Eyedrops x3. Schnumpfnut : This pig has a diaper with a blue paw print. Gives Blue Mushroom x Wears a red sash with a blue diaper. Gives you a Max Potion. You will need to have a Monstie with the Jump ability with you so you can use the stone platforms to leap and reach it.

Gives Burn Ointment x3. Deli : Found at the right side of the Gildegaran Port just past the fishing dude. Has Blue and yellow stripes.

Gives Hunter Donut x5. Smoothy : This little one with green stripes can be found at the eastern area cliff wall of Darj Snowfields near the Zamtrios boss fight location. Gives you Potion x3. It gives you Shroom and Larva x3. Pearl : The green-spotted Poogie can be found inside Wintertide Tunnel at the same area where you fight the Khezu boss. Gives you Electro Sac.

Pondry Cave entrance. Cross the water inside Proving Grounds and blue-and-red, tiger-striped Poogie will be on a patch of land to your right. Gives Ancient Potion. Shady : This not-so-slim Shady with green tiger stripes is at Wintertide Tunnel.

Keep venturing deep into the tunnel until you get to a room where there are four exits including the one you came in through plus a left, right and top exit. Check the foot of the middle ledge that is just across from the right exit or pathway. Gives you Herb x Hamm : This white pig with bluish gray zebra stripes can be found at Darj Snowfields. Head north toward the ice floes from Darj Cabins and use Zamtrios to swim to its location. Gives you Lifesoot x Miriam : This pig with the blue specks is hidden inside a spring on the upper left side of the Room of Trials.