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A manual for relating to the brain in a revolutionary new way, Super Brain shows you how to use your brain as a gateway for achieving health. Rudolph E. Tanzi and Deepak Chopra, Super Brain: Unleashing the Explosive Power While it would be nice to have a magic performance pill, your brain and . Super Brain: Unleashing the Explosive Power of Your Mind to Maximize Health, E. Tanzi, Deepak Chopra MD, Shishir Kurup, Random House Audio: Audible.

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The Path to Love. The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents. The Love Poems of Rumi. (edited by Deepak Chopra; translated by Deepak Chopra and Fereydoun Kia). Super Brain by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E Tanzi - Excerpt - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A manual for relating to. Editorial Reviews. Review. Q&A with Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi. Deepak Chopra Rudolph Tanzi. In this Q&A authors Deepak Chopra.

If the answer is your brain, then there may be drastic physical limitations on what you are able to achieve. Maybe your genes are holding you back, or toxic memories, or low selfesteem. Maybe you fall short because of limited expectations that have contracted your awareness, even though you dont see it happening. The facts of the case could easily tell both stories, of unlimited potential or physical limitation. Compared with the past, today science is amassing new facts with astonishing speed. We have entered a golden age of brain research.

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I like the way my mind thinks. Even though your brain doesnt come with an owners manual, you can use it to follow a path of growth, achievement, personal satisfaction, and new skills.

Without realizing it, you are capable of making a quantum leap in how you use your brain. Our nal destination is the enlightened brain, which goes beyond the four roles you play. Here lies transcendence. When you are able to be the silent witness, the brains activity doesnt enmesh you. Abiding in complete peace and silent awareness, you nd the truth about the eternal questions concerning God, the soul, and life after death. The reason we believe that this aspect of life is real is that when the mind wants to transcend, the brain is ready to follow.

A New Relationship When Albert Einstein died in at the age of seventy-six, there was tremendous curiosity about the most famous brain of the twentieth century. Assuming that something physical must have created such genius, an autopsy was performed on Einsteins brain. Defying expectations that big thoughts required a big brain, Einsteins brain actually weighed 10 percent less than the average brain. That era was just on the verge of exploring genes, and advanced theories about how new synaptic connections are formed lay decades in the future.

Both represent dramatic advances in knowledge. You cant see genes at work, but you can observe neurons growing new axons and dendrites, the threadlike extensions that allow one brain cell to connect with another.

Its now known that the brain can form new axons and dendrites up to the last years of life, which gives us tremendous hope for preventing senility, for example, and preserving our mental capacity indenitely. So astounding is the brains ability to make new connections that a fetus on the verge of being born is forming , new brain cells per minute, leading to millions of new synaptic connections per minute.

Yet in so saying, we are as nave as newspaper reporters waiting eagerly to tell the world that Einstein possessed a freakish brainwe still emphasize the physical. Not enough weight is given to how a person relates to the brain.

Brain pdf chopra super deepak

We feel that without a new relationship, the brain cannot be asked to do new, unexpected things. Consider discouraged children in school. Their behavior follows a sad pattern.

First the child attempts to keep up with other children. When these efforts fail, for whatever reason, discouragement sets in. The child stops trying as hard as the children who meet with success and encouragement.

The next phase is acting out, making disruptive noises or pranks to attract attention. Every child needs attention, even if it is negative.

The disruptions can be aggressive, but eventually the child realizes that nothing good is happening. Acting out leads to disapproval and punishment. So he enters the nal phase, which is sullen silence. He makes no more effort to keep up in class. Other children mark him as slow or stupid, an outsider. School has turned into a sti ing prison rather than an enriching place.

Its not hard to see how this cycle of behavior affects the brain.

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We now know that babies are born with 90 percent of their brains formed and millions of connections that are surplus. So the rst years of life are spent winnowing out the unused connections and growing the ones that will lead to new skills.

A discouraged child, we can surmise, aborts this process. Useful skills are not developed, and the parts of the brain that fall into disuse atrophy.

Discouragement is holistic, encompassing brain, psyche, emotions, behavior, and opportunities later in life. For any brain to operate well, it needs stimulation. But clearly stimulation is secondary to how the child feels, which is mental and psychological.

Brain pdf chopra super deepak

A discouraged child relates to his brain differently than an encouraged child, and their brains must respond differently, too. Super brain rests on the credo of connecting the mind and brain in a new way.

Super Brain by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E Tanzi - Excerpt

Its not the physical side that makes the crucial difference. Its a persons resolve, intention, patience, hope, and diligence. These are all a matter of how the mind relates to the brain, for better or worse. We can summarize the relationship in ten principles. The process always involves feedback loops.

These feedback loops are intelligent and adaptable. The dynamics of the brain go in and out of balance but always favor overall balance, known as homeostasis. We use our brains to evolve and develop, guided by our intentions. Self-reection pushes us forward into unknown territory. Many diverse areas of the brain are coordinated simultaneously. We have the capacity to monitor many levels of awareness, even though our focus is generally conned to one level i.

Brain deepak pdf super chopra

All qualities of the known world, such as sight, sound, texture, and taste, are created mysteriously by the interaction of mind and brain. Mind, not the brain, is the origin of consciousness. Only consciousness can understand consciousness. No mechanical explanation, working from facts about the brain, sufces. These are big ideas.

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We have a lot of explaining to do, but we wanted you to see the big ideas up front. If you lifted just two words from the rst sentencefeedback loopsyou could mesmerize a medical school class for a year.

The body is an immense feedback loop made up of trillions of tiny loops. Every cell talks to every other and listens to the answer it receives.

Thats the simple essence of feedback, a term taken from electronics. The thermostat in your living room senses the temperature and turns the furnace on if the room gets too cold.

As the temperature rises, the thermostat takes in that information and responds by turning the furnace off. Thats nothing fascinating, so far. But when you think a thought, your brain sends information to the heart, and if the message is one of excitement, fear, sexual arousal, or many other states, it can make the heart beat faster. The brain will send a countermessage telling the heart to slow down again, but if this feedback loop breaks down, the heart can keep racing like a car with no brakes.

Patients who take steroids are replacing the natural steroids made by the endocrine system.

The longer you take articial steroids, the more the natural ones ebb, and as a result the adrenal glands shrink. The adrenals are responsible for sending the message that slows down a racing heart. So if a patient stops taking a steroid drug all at once rather than tapering off, the body may be left with no brakes.

The adrenal gland hasnt had time to regrow. In that event, somebody could sneak up behind you, yell Boo! The result?

Pdf brain chopra deepak super

A heart attack. With such possibilities, suddenly feedback loops start to become fascinating. To make them mesmerizing, there are extraordinary ways to use the brains feedback. Any ordinary person hooked up to a biofeedback machine can quickly learn to control bodily mechanisms that usually run on automatic.

You can lower your blood pressure, for example, or change your heart rate. You can induce the alpha-wave state associated with meditation and artistic creativity.

Not that a biofeedback machine is necessary. Try the following exercise: Look at the palm of your hand. Feel it as you look. Now imagine that it is getting warmer. Keep looking and focus on it getting warmer; see the color becoming redder.

If you maintain focus on this intention, your palm will in fact grow warm and red. Tibetan Buddhist monks use this simple biofeedback loop an advanced meditation technique known as tumo to warm their entire bodies.

This technique is so effective that monks who use it can sit in freezing ice caves meditating overnight while wearing nothing more than their thin silk saffron robes. The same Buddhist monks reach states of compassion, for example, that depend on physical changes in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. That is very much a process of our mind, consciousness, and as you just read — the workings of the brain. I sat down with Chopra in an interview, high above the sensory overload of New York City.

Pleasantly focused without concern for the crazy media-filled day ahead of him, we chatted about our Super Brain. Here are some excerpts from my discussion with him, followed by a video with a few nuggets from the interview over at WorkLifeNation. Why write about the brain now? It makes sense. The key thing though, is that we are not our brains, we are the users of our brains. With neuroimaging there is now the ability to look at the functionability of the brain in a new way. What is the significance of this science in how it reflects how we can restructure our brains?

Neuroimaging has now allowed us to track every thought in your brain. We can see which neural networks are activated and we can also guess which neurochemicals are activated. For example, serotonin, dopamine, opiates, oxytocin, these are not only neurochemicals that enhance the experience of self-esteem and happiness, but they also modulate the activity of the immune system and fine-tune it. Meditation makes the entire nervous system go into a field of coherence.