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Courtesy of C3 Presents, we're giving away two pairs of tickets to catch this year's Decibel Magazine Tour — featuring Abbath, High on Fire. Download Decibel Magazine apk for Android. A Decade of Extreme Music Authority: America's premier heavy metal monthly. Title: Decibel Magazine November [. Page number ISSUU Downloader is a free to use tool for downloading any book or publication on ISSUU.

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UK underground champs Dead Beyond Buried are giving their new album, The Dark Era, and that's pretty cool, right? Everyone likes free stuff. That's a given. SALES CONTACT: James Lewis / / [email protected] . PDF files. Ads provided in native application files, such as InDesign. Title: Decibel Magazine Media Kit, Author: Red Flag Media, Name: Decibel Magazine Media Kit, PDF files, embed all fonts and turn off subsetting.

Your email address will not be published. Play fast or die! It is a rare heartfelt document of a special underground musical movement, a trip back to the formative years of my life. Dive in and enjoy the proper story of this passionate international scene. Yet soon this barbaric amalgam of hardcore punk and heavy metal came to perpetually define the musical threshold of extremity.

Even NPR has taken notice, touting us as forerunners in the rebirth of the flexi disc. Check out the library for yourself— almost every Flexi Series track to date is streaming on decibelmagazine.

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A few issues with the flexi included are available each month through select indie record stores—as well as the Decibel webstore—but the best way for readers to ensure that they get this highly collectible vinyl is to subscribe. Contact albert decibelmagazine. Among those now-unavailable gems except digitally! Distributed exclusively through Music Monitor Network retail locations and decibelmagazine.

Title: Decibel Magazine November 2011 [

In April , we launched the inaugural Decibel Magazine Tour. We followed that up with an equally successful sophomore installment in , headlined by Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death and Immolation, plus rotating regional openers Beyond Creation, Cretin and Magrudergrind. Check www. And get in touch now for tour sponsorship opportunities. Am I the only one willing to fight this fight?! Everything about it is genius: the gatefold cover, the chemistry, the vocals, the awesome drum sound.

Other albums you should do? But The Blue Garden first! I have never had more than a passing interest in Opeth, yet the article was an engaging read, and has me highly anticipating the new album.

Decibel Magazine's Top 100 Death Metal Records

Month after month, I am met with similar stories, which in turn are constantly expanding my metal horizons. Keep up the good work!

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Never let John Darnielle quit. A couple issues back, static was gluing the back cover to my last page. I momentarily thought South Pole Dispatch was done, and I lost my proverbial shit.

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Albums further down the line: Scott Kelly, Neurosis and Shrinebuilder. For more info and art, head over to chuckbb. MS runs down his non-Bill and Ted c.

Sergeant D who else? Have you seen him perform? I have. The first time I saw him perform, it was in Oakland, CA.

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My husband was driving a Jaguar and at the time these three men, big guys, told us we needed to pay them 20 dollars to watch our car.

When did he start playing guitar? He was in seventh or eighth grade. I never had to wonder where he was because he was always humming. I wish he played something that was a little bit more mainstream. And he is quite a nice guy. All rights reserved. That really opens doors to creative expression.

I do very few interviews, and have been known to abruptly hang up the phone or not reply to emails. I write for this magazine specifically because I believe percent in what Albert does, which is kick-ass, and unifies people who are into things that are a huge part of my life.

I mean, my wife is no fan. She is supportive beyond your wildest imagination, and likes the bands I play in. But the vocals? Not so much. She still rules, though.

Anyway, I will take a minute to explain the new Brutal Truth record and how it was recorded, then we will call it a day. The underdog winning one, and the rebels taking charge.

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These are the obvious signs of social unrest that hint at a pile-up. But is this really gonna be the game-changer? Sure, it makes for great entertainment with some nerd at a laptop creating the Casio soundtrack to annihilation.

Decibel Magazine's Top 100 Old-School Metal Albums of All Time

And, yeah, it feels safe from the comfort of your living room. But the game-changer lies quietly in the environmental—a precursor to the population fistfight. History reminds us of the great Pueblo and Mayan cultural collapse working hand in hand with these elements. High-populated areas like the Chaco Canyon or the lowlands of ancient Maya grew beyond their environments.

Magazine pdf decibel

Highly intelligent people built vast infrastructures of irrigation, architecture, and trade in remote and virtually uninhabitable places— they probably thought they were smarter than Mother Nature, too. Currently, cities like Phoenix and San Antonio are developing at the speed of light. Globally speaking, I think environmental shifts happened way before Al Gore thought about the three Rs and its catchy tune.

Sure, I believe it is smart to live a green lifestyle.