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Wh40k Codex Dark Angels ENG - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The other angels. MB. Warhammer 40, - Codex - MB Warhammer 40, - Codex - Heretic Astartes - Thousand MB Dark angels . Supreme Grand Master, Dark Angels,. Space Marine. Adeptus Astartes. Adeptus Mechanlcus. Death Wing, Ravenwing, lntenogaror Chaplain. Codex.

All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publishers. This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. British Cataloguing-in-Publication Data. A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library.

A few elements of the setting Bolters , Lasguns , Frag Grenades , Terminator Armour can be seen in a set of earlier wargaming rules called Laserburn produced by the now defunct company Tabletop Games written by Bryan Ansell. These rules were later expanded by both Ansell and Richard Halliwell both of whom ended up working for Games Workshop , although the rules were not a precursor to Rogue Trader.

Soon the Games Workshop hobby magazine, White Dwarf , started making army lists and devising strategies for people to use in these Rogue Trader games.

Codex dark pdf angels

New models were released by Games Workshop for the line and the many people who had always enjoyed Warhammer Fantasy were now thrilled at the idea of Warhammer 40, as a tabletop wargame, which was essentially a dark science fiction or more properly a dark science fantasy setting with many of the same tropes and elements as its dark fantasy counterpart. The release of this edition was marked by the production of a boxed starter set containing Ork and Space Marine models with dice and a rules book.

The animating idea behind this edition of the game was to provide more opportunities for players to participate in larger battles. Also special characters were introduced to replace the older concept of battlefield heroes the earlier edition only had three generic "heroic" profiles for each army: champion, minor and major hero.

New rules were also provided for the use of psychic powers which were essentially the equivalent of the magical system deployed in Warhammer Fantasy. True codexes as they later became known to fans of the game were still not available for these early editions, but the army lists and background information for Warhammer 40, printed in White Dwarf became far more deeply detailed.

Later in the edition's publication run, beginning in , Games Workshop introduced the first codices for each of the playable faction's armies, though they were far smaller and contained a great deal less fictional background information what fans refer to as "fluff" than the codices of later editions.

They howled in t-allied the reeling Imperium. The Dark Angels took a frustration, and across the galaxy psykers fell to their knees. As they pursued the rebels, the Legion space and a Warp storm emerged to engulf what remained diverted to nearby Caliban, which had been enshrouded by of Cali ban. For Lion El'Jonson, one under Luther were sucked from the broken surface into final act of treachery remained to be discovet-ed.

The remains of Cali ban, weakened by the bombardment, were ripped As the Dark Angels fleet moved into orbit, they were met by asunder, destroyed in a last apocalyptic explosion. Ships exploded, plummeting into the planet like monstrous comets. Although stunned by Only a single part of the planet survived tl1e vortex that the sudden attack, Jonson's supet-human reactions allowed pulled the rest of the crumbling debris into the Warp.

The betrayal Jonson unravelled shook him to his very monastery and a massive hunk of the planet's bedrock core. Over the decades Luther had brooded, nurturing a still remained, held together and floating alone in the seed of jealousy.

His hatred had spread, poisoning those empty vacuum of space. The Dark Angels flew down to the under his command and several generations of new recruits.

At the heart of all-consuming hatred of the new Imperium. Like Horus, the empty wasteland they found Luther, bloody, cringing Luthet- had been corrupted; his pride had been all the and gibbering, but they wet-e unable to extract anything opening the Dark Gods needed to make him their own. They had fought across the galaxy, Luthet- repeated the same words over and over again: the but had arrived too late to aid their Emperor. Still, they Primat-ch had been carried away by the Watchers in the had tlwught the Dark Powers on the run, only to find their Dark and one day he would return to forgive Luther own homeworld, their own brethren, corrupted and turned for the terrible sins he had committed.

Of the mighty against them. Even as the horrors of the situation sunk in, Primarch, Lion El'Jonson, there was no sign. Jonson formulated a battle plan. It began with the massed guns of the fleet disabling Caliban's defence laser batteries and driving the rebel Dark Angels into the shelter of their force field-protected foru-ess monasteries.

Although the Primarch possessed immense Dumth. After a jJersonal insult, Russ swore he would cut power, the two opponents were equally matched, for Luther's Durath 's head off and demanded that the Dark Angels stand abilities were enhanced by vast forces gifted to him by the down. Jonson, who had sjJent days laying meticulous plans, Dark Gods. What followed was a fight of titanic proportions.

The Dark Angels swept As tl1e two adversaries traded blows, shock waves shook tl1e into the citadel, andJonson killed Durath. Caught flatfooted, monastery, causing chunks of masonry to crash dOWll around Russ' sole contribution to the fight was to howl in jntstmtion. Jonson rose to his the planet, reducing the otl1er monasteries to miles-wide feet and struck back.

Each Primarch the planet's crust. Caliban's surface began to crack under was matched in sujJerhuman stnmgth and sjJeed - if Russ was the bombardment, and the fury of the Dat-k Angels blinded slightly stronge1; thenJonson was mmginally quiclm: Each knew them to the devastation the were wreaking.

Alread weakened by the long both men had taken each other's measwre. Jonson, howeve1; was fight, Luther staggered, leaving silent; he was slow to anger and slow to forgive, and he saw an his rage, Lion El'Jonson could not bring himself to slay his Ru.

As Rttss laughed,Jonsonstruck fOJ-met- friend. As he hesitated, Luther unleashed a furious him unconsciow. The prone fonn of Rttss was canied from the psychic attack that knocked Jonson to hi knees and left him fortress by his men, and nowJonson, in tum, amsidered honouT mortally wounded. As the dying Ptimarch su-uggled to stand, satisfied. When Russ awoke, the Dark Angels were gone, leaving a veil was lifted from Luther's eyes and he realised the full him to swear that he would have vengeance forJonson s low extent of his deeds.

His was a u-iple betrayal: of his friend, of blow. Thus began a feud that still endures, for to this day, when the Dark Angels, and of the Emperor.

Wh40k Codex Dark Angels 2017 ENG

The truth shattered his SjJace Wolves and Dark Angels meet, a champion from each sanity and he slumped down beside the ailing Jonson, issuing Chapter is called upon to refight that ancient duel. On Terra, the Emperor's silenced body was sustained only by the life-giving machineries of the Golden Throne.

Codex dark pdf angels

The newly envisioned realm of Mankind was now govemed in the Emperor's name by the High Lords of Terra. Their f'rrst orders were to seek out the hidden roots of the rebellion, to search for collaborators, and to follow up on the retreat of the Traitor Legions that had joined the treacherous Warmaster. All record and memory of the Traitor Legions was expunged Inquiries found the Dark Angels battered, grief-stricken and from the Imperial archives and their homeworlds and bases bereft of reinforcements, but there was little time for any of operations were attacked.

All across the Imperium, a succour, for war called. Across the galaxy, traitor strongholds tangled web of suspicion hung over everything, misdoubts remained and many rebellious planets had yet to be shown that were only made worse as further investigations the error of their judgement, but most ominous of all was revealed yet deeper corruption. Thus began the Age of the rise of the xenos threat. So much of the Imperium's the Imperium, an era steeped in paranoia, recriminations strength was siphoned off in the civil war, and countless and vengeance.

Mter all, if Horus- the right hand of the planets found themselves at the mercy of a new wave of Emperor- could turn traitor, who might be next? Leaving only those necessary to oversee the work being done on the Rock, the Dark Angels split their It was in this new age of fear and doubt that the remaining remaining fleet in an attempt to answer the many distress Dark Angels assembled to pay tribute to their lost Primarch.

Internalising their grief, the Dark Angels pulled together, their Masters forming a plan of action. On Seption Prime, Dark the service of the Imperium. Angels Terminator companies arrived just in time to provide They decided the true story of treachery behind the their forces before the plague planet was destroyed by a rearguard action, allowing the Ultramarines to extract destruction of Caliban must remain secret; no outsider Exterminatus.

All who fought alongside the Dark Angels must learn of the schism that split their Legion, or that lauded them as steadfast warriors, utterly dedicated to the any Dark Angels had ever turned to the Ruinous Powers.

Should the truth be revealed, the Dark Angels would be labelled Excommunicate Traitoris and never given a chance Upon their return to the Rock, the much-depleted Dark to redeem themselves. The senior members of the Legion Angels found disturbing news. At the time of the Fall, the formed a secret conclave- an Inner Circle of the Legion's Dark Angels thought their traitorous brethren had all been Masters. They created an overlapping system to watch over destroyed, vanquished in the Warp storm that blossomed their own Brothers, and also themselves.

Everyone must be in the death throes of Caliban. The Fallen Dark Angels scrutinised for signs of corruption. Thus started a spiral of had been swept into the vortex of that horrific rent in the mistrust and secrecy that continues to this day. The scryings of the Legion's Librarians searched long and hard for their missing Primarch and of him they could read no signs. They did, however, pick up traces of the Fallen and determined that the traitors yet lived, although what remained of their psychic signatures were widespread, and the connections were already fading out of mindsight.

Such was the scale of the disaster that there could be no The Masters of the Legion greeted this new shock with hiding it. Psykers across the galaxy had sensed the Warp typical stoicism, despite the inner turmoil it created. Their story might not and forced to repent, then the sins of the Legion might be have held up under an intense inquiry, but it was a time of absolved, washed away in the blood of the Fallen. That a Warp storm had to atone for all eternity.

So began the secret mission that claimed the Dark Angels' homeworld, and so many of their would prove the driving force behind the Dark Angels' brethren, was but another tragedy in a deluge of grim tidings. While the mtisans did ma1'Vellous work, crafting halls their new home. To this day, there exists a disturbance within thefield :S protective shell, as ifpart of that tempest still rages within. Great chain-lightnings arc across the artificial atmosphere that surrounds the cragg ' Rock, briefly outlining the ruins that crown the asteroid.

The Dark Angels expl! Yred the halls and dungeons they found beneath the fortress monastery. There, they claimed the hoaTd of machinery that Although only a fraction of what was once Caliban, the Rock is larger than even the heaviest class of sta1'Ship, and it bears farmidable firepower. The sheer sides of its mass are studded with gun turrets, lance batteries, tmpedo tubes, observation blisters, and comm-relays.

Its cavernous docking bays can accommodate many hundreds of smaller craft - including Thunderhawk gunships, Nephilim fetfighters and escort frigates. Many of the devices from that apex of human invention still worked, like the great shield generator itself, although their mechanisms were now unfathomable.

Although the existent halls were large, a massive labour carved out deeper and deeper catacombs beneath the asteroid :S bedrock, No effort was made to rebuild the ruined Tower ofAngels atop the Rock, and even now it remains undisturbed and eerily silent, protected fivm the cold depths ofspace by the sameforcefields that shrouded it from the destruction of Caliban. Although attempts have been made to mask excavating room for an enti1-e Legion. With the aid of the Tech-priests it, an unusual energy signat1tre emanates outwards from the Rock, ofMars, docks were added, allowingfor the entTance of spacecraft.

Although it took centuries to complete, the Rock was also outfitted with portending of some great power hidden within. Beneath the shattered Wmp engines, allowing the DaTk Angels' headquaTters to travel across ruins, many dark secrets lay cloistered frorn sight, and the deeper into the Rock s labJiinth of dungeons one goes, the closer one cornes to the truth. Yet there was one thing moved with speed and convicti on.

Lion El'J onson had that had not changed - their campaigns continued to be i n troduced the structure he had learned from the Order well-planned and effective actions. If the Dark Angels were in on Cali ban, and now the remaining Dark Angels took that some strange mourning, it in no way dampened their ability brotherhood a step further, becoming even more monastic to bring battle to -the enemies of the Imperium.

Although Horus had been defeated and Even as the Rock was outfitted to become, in essence, their his t-emaining Traitor Legions driven into the Eye of Terror, new mobile homeworld, the Dark Angels were laying down the High Lords of Terra and the remaining Primarchs still the new rigours that would govern them. They had all recoiled in horror at the full realisation of how insidious the betrayal had That the Dark Angels were acting suspiciously and growing been, how far across the galaxy the roots of corruption had more insular was noted by many watchful eyes.

At this time spread. Never again could the Imperium be subjected to such entire new divisions, such as the I n quisition, were developed widespread rebellion; drastic measures had to be undertaken. Inspections following the destruction of Cali ban To avoid the threat of the Space Marine armies, Mankind's judged the Dark Angels fit to continue.

Before the Horus Heresy, a Space Marine but largely it was allowed because of the Dark Angels' Legion might count ten thousand or more warriors under a ongoing and relentless heroics against the Imperium's foes.

As the Legion had come from the gene-seed of the stalwart, The organisation, tactics and roles of the e new 'Chapters' if reticent, Lion El '] onson, the Dark Angels had always been were defined in a hugely influential work known as the regarded as dedicated and serious-minded warriors.

Like their Codex Astartes. Roboute Guilliman, the Ptimarch of primogenitor, they were slow to anger, but tenacious and all the Ultramarines, almost single-handedly undertook the but unstoppable once roused.

After the disappearance of work for the Codex Astartes. The e proscri ptions not only their Primarch, it did not seem that strange for the remaining lessened the risks of a single traitor altering the course of Dark Angels to withdraw further into their own brotherhood. Across thousands of the Inner Circle took shape. It grew from an ad-hoc planets over all four Segmentums, humanity was once again conclave to a formal, if still furtive, organisation that spread besieged.

Guilliman needed multiple mobile fighting armies through not just the Dark Angels, but their Successor to send immediately to the far-flung frontiers where anarchy Chapters as well.

Recruitment planets were founded and and xenos threatened to devour Mankind's tenuous hold. However, the Masters and elder warriors who Founding, and those new Chapters were known as Successor led the instruction told the neophytes nothing of the sins of Chapters. Although autonomous, Successor Chapters tl1eir forefathers. The truth of what occurred and knowledge naturally claimed close ties to their originating Legion, of the Fallen was withheld, now known only to the and this proved especially true with the Dark Angels.

It is increasingly small number of brethren who had survived it. The Dark Angels acquiesced to the order to split, as doing otherwise would raise suspicion at a time when they could ill afford any scrutiny. The Inner Circle hides its true face even from its own. While showing all pretences of being independent, the Dark Where many Space Marine Chapters openly celebrate their Angels' Successor Chapters regularly met, in clandestine ancestors' achievements, tl1e Dark Angels take great pains fashion, to take their lead from the Grand Master of the to tell their story one passage at a time.

As veterans rise tluough the unseen levels of trust, fo rth their secrets with them. Thel'li, fJast locked gates that are shielded with dozens offeet of adamantine plating, is an oubliette. It is essential that only those who have proven their absolute loyalty to the Chapter time and time again are allowed to progress.

Silent and hooded brothers lead any aspirants before the assembled Inner Circle for the great Down the ages, the Sup11! While a new member of the Inner Circle might suppose he has been told the entire tale, such is not the case. Each has tried to extract a confession from the anh-heretic, each has tried to penetmte the madness that clouds him; none have succeeded. The t hing that was, and 'TIW ' still be, Luther has divulged many secrets -from the names and locations of members of the Fallen, to the whereabouts of relics from the Legion secreted in the undenuorlts beneath the old fortress monastery.

He claims that day is near and t hat he can feel the Lion is almady close at hand. Entering the l st Company is only the beginning of the journey of truth. Rising through the intricate and convoluted ranks of the Inner Circle, a Dark Angel will learn more and more, each secret revealed as the Chapter's trust in him increases.


Given the planning skills inherited from their Primarch, the Dark Angels have instituted fail-safe systems that automate the passing on of knowledge should key members of the circle die without being able to properly reveal their secrets.

There are some revelations that remain known only to those who gain ascension to the rank of Supreme Grand Master, the Chapter Master of the Dark Angels. And yet, there are still secrets to which even he is not privy.

At his appmach, a cluster of Watchers in the Dark scattered into the shadows, leaving only Belial poring over the maps and halo-displays. The astmpathic choir has picked ujJ a distress call - a colony on Verdis Prime is under xenos attack and requests immediate aid. With a wave of his hand, ValefoT was dismissed. When the Libmrian had left, the room s darkest shadow stepped forwards, Tevealing the hooded figure ofInterrogator-Chaplain Asmodai.

The colonists will serve only to distract us. They could not comply with the Eldar ultimatum to evacuate; theiT tmnsport was not due back in-system for 'ean, and they had no craft capable of escaping orbit. Their only chance was that their distress call reached someone, but it was a desperate hope.

Consolidating amu.

Dark Angels and Space Wovles - Full 8th edition Rules - 3++

It was at that moment that the Dark Angels anived upon the field of battle. The mar ofjet engines swept overhead as a Thunderhawk sped towaTds the fi-ont lines, and all around the perimeter of the base, the screaming descent ofDrop Pods culminated in resounding thuds as the transports hit home.

With cool precision, the Space Marines disembarked and fanned a circle about the hab-base; instantly, the air resounded to the sound of bolter-fire. Explosions lit the distant hills, where the silhouettes ofxenos infantry scattered to cover as their vehicles burned.

Beams of lance-light stabbed down from the hills, blasting chunks out of the ferrocrete buildings and clanging off the reinforced holding silos. The tmified miners peeredfTom vision slits, bamly able to identifY theiT saviours.

Black-annoured Raven wing bikers zoomed from cover behind the cluster of buildings, their guns stitching patterns of death befoTe them. Land Speeders stn;aked overhead, their weapons filing salvos at distant targets. In response, the xenos weapons raged, but thefin! H-om the 1idgeline, the Eldar war machine minedfi17! It seemed akin to a Titan, yet more graceful than any Imperial machine. On the distant ridgelines, the telltaleflash of energy signatures marked telepoTting Terminators, theiT pale annouT stmk in the predawn daTkness.