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In response to requests from members for an electronic version of the magazine, Adventure Cycling has rolled out the past year's issues in. Our Swedish editors cooperate with the British Cycling Plus magazine, one of the magazine retailer network in Sweden. File format: High res PDF dpi. Cycling Utah and Cycling West Magazine's Winter Issue is now available as a free download, Pick up a copy at your favorite Utah, Idaho, Wyoming.

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Bicycle Traveler magazine is a FREE magazine on international bicycle touring and is full of inspiring photos and entertaining stories. The online home of Bicycling magazine. Bicycling news, gear reviews, repairs, training tips, fueling, and more. PDF icon Letters: Traffic free trails, Off the beaten path, Budget bikes, KB. PDF icon Get six issues of Cycle magazine when you join Cycling UK.

A printed calendar of forthcoming events is an optional benefit available to British Cycling Race Gold members on request. Please contact membership britishcycling. Issue 2 is published in May and contains the calendar for June, July and August. Issue 3 is published in August and includes the calendar for September, October and November, plus the entire winter's cyclo-cross calendar. British Cycling rulebook This annual publication contains rules and technical regulations for BMX, cycle speedway, cyclo-cross, mountain bike, road and track, including details of anti-doping regulations. It also contains the organisation's constitution and contact details for clubs, coaches and regional volunteers.

What was really going on? It's an account of Penn's search for the perfect bits for his perfect bike, but the joy of the way he has written this is that it's not just techie stuff for technoweenies.

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Penn's paean to steel and the dying breed of custom frame builders is sung to a Brian Rourke frame. Reynolds and Brooks get their due, so too DT and Royce.

Well, why not? If opportunity knocks, let it in. It's all approachably written, the right mix of enough info without being overpowering, and it zips along happily like a comfortable steel-framed bike powered by the right pair of legs.

Authored by Tour historian Serge Laget among others, it covers the races from the Tour's early years as a tool in a newspaper circulation battle, through the heroic era of the s to the helicopter-televised modern Tour of triumphs and scandals. With detailed information on each ascent and an I-Spy style table at the back to check them all off, it's a book that's got a long shelf life.

It's a sterling effort and one made much better by the addition of the table for ticking off the climbs and recording your time. That simple addition makes the book much more than the interesting bathroom reading it could have otherwise been. You get something to aim for, as well as something to read. Since this first book, Simon Warren has added literally a dozen more , covering British regions in more detail and nipping across to Belgium and France to document the classic ascents of road racing legend.

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Art illuminates life; life imitates art. The route of the Tour du Mont Aigoual took on a life of its own as riders followed the loop in the hills of France. Tom Simpson was very different. The manner of his death dominates any story about Tom Simpson. He succumbed to heat stroke and cardiac failure on the slopes of Mont Ventoux during the Tour de France. He had amphetamine in his bloodstream.

But what Will Fotheringham finds as he explores Simpson's life is a trailblazer, a huge talent and a true character. Simpson was as much a victim of the woeful state of sport science at the time and the brutal schedule pro racers endured as of his own burning ambition. His story, affectionately told by Fotheringham, is one every cyclist should read, even if they're not very much interested in racing.

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Over to you Is there an essential book we've missed? Let us know in the comments. About road.

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Bicycle Traveler was launched in We aimed to create a magazine that showcases bicycle travel and delves into why people dream of undertaking round-the-world tours. With the recent boom in bicycle touring, our magazine base has grown to more than 25, dedicated subscribers. As BT begins its 9 th year, we are more passionate than ever about publishing high-quality content that resonates with our adventure-minded readers and illustrates the wonderful world of two-wheeled travel.

In addition Bicycle Traveler also features interviews plus information on the newest gear and rider setups. Grace Johnson is the founding editor and designer of Bicycle Traveler magazine.

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Photographer Paul Jeurissen runs the website and his cycle touring and bicycle culture images regularly appear in the publication. They met on the Trans America bicycle trail in and since then have taken numerous bike trips, totaling more than 9 years over 5 continents.

You can follow their two-wheeled travels at Impressions from Bicycle Travels.