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CRIMINAL CODE OF CANADA. Source: Relating to Sexual Assault. The definition of consent is found in section (2) and (3). Last updated from the Justice Laws Web Site on SHOW TABLE OF CONTENTS. Criminal Code. C An Act respecting the Criminal Law. SHORT. The Criminal Code (French: Code criminel) is a law that codifies most criminal offences and . , SI/; ^ [ /pdf/gpdf Order Fixing December 24, as the Date of the .

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Federal laws of canada. Criminal Code (R.S.C., , c. C). Full Document : - PART IV - Offences Against the Administration of Law and Justice. CANADA. CONSOLIDATION. Criminal Code. CODIFICATION. Code criminel. R.S.C., , c. C L.R.C. (). (b) an offence under any of the following provisions of the Criminal Code, chapter C of the Revised Statutes of Canada, , as they read from time to time.

Students begin with some background on the elements of criminal law. They will learn that most of the criminal laws in Canada are in the Criminal Code of Canada and that those laws apply across the nation. Criminal defences and procedures will also be discussed. Finally, students will think critically about morality and how it is applied to criminal law. Objectives By the end of the lesson, students will: Understand the key elements and application of criminal law, the Criminal Code of Canada and the criminal court process Know who is involved in criminal court processes and what they do Be able to name some of the types of criminal offences and charges Know the defences in criminal cases Form opinions on the subject of morality and the law Focus Questions What are some of the types of crime according to the Criminal Code of Canada? What are the elements of a crime?

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Note: At the time the law was being discussed in parliament, the government commented on its intentions for the Bill stating that: "the criminal law must be reserved for the most serious offences, those that involve grave moral faults To date there have been eight cases where charges have gone to court.

Most of these cases did see other charges and fines issued using the occupational health and safety legislation of the jurisdiction where the incident took place.

On February 11, Sault Ste Marie Police charged the owner of Millennium Crane Rentals and the crane operator with criminal negligence causing death after a municipal worker was killed while working in an excavation hole.

Criminal Law

The accident occurred on April 16, at an excavation site where sewage work was being performed. The crane toppled and fell into the hole killing the worker. In March , the Crown announced that it had dropped the charges of criminal negligence causing death because there was no reasonable prospect of conviction based on the evidence. On December 24, four workers were killed and one was seriously injured at a Toronto construction site when the swing stage scaffolding they were on collapsed.

A total of 61 charges were laid by the Ministry of Labour. In , a supervisor was charged and convicted under the Criminal Code, and was sentenced to 3. On May 17, , Mark Hritchuk, a Service Manager at a LaSalle, Quebec auto dealership was charged with criminal negligence after one of his employees caught on fire while using a makeshift fuel pump that had gone unrepaired and broken for several years.

Daoust, a 22 year employee with the company, was engulfed in flames after a spark ignited fuel which had spilled on him, while he attempted to fill the gas tank of a vehicle whose fuel gage had broken and needed repairing. The case was brought before a court of inquiry on March 10, The case went to court in March Mr Hritchuk pleaded guilty of unlawfully causing bodily harm. On October 13, a train struck a maintenance vehicle, killing one worker and injuring three others.

Westray Bill (Bill C-45) - Overview

The corporation was not charged. On November 29th, a Quebec Court acquitted both men on all counts, finding that the incident was an error due to a company culture of tolerance of unsafe practices and deficient training rather than a wanton act of criminal negligence. On Jun 12, a landscape contractor was crushed to death when the backhoe his employer was driving failed to stop, pinning the employee to a wall.

The investigation of the incident found that the 30 year old backhoe had not received any regular maintenance since the vehicle was downloadd and that no formal inspection had been done in the previous five years.

Upon further investigation it was discovered that the vehicle had no braking capacity. In September , the employer was convicted of criminal negligence causing death and was given a two year conditional sentence to be served in the community.


On March 22, BC Ferries vessel Queen of the North sank after going off course and running aground killing two passengers. The ferry navigation officer was charged with two counts of criminal negligence causing death. The officer was reported to have been distracted by a personal interaction he was having with another person and did not realize the vessel was off course.

On June 24th, , he was sentenced to 4 years in prison and banned from operating a vessel for 10 years. An appeal has been filed. On April 19, near the city of Newmarket, Ontario a worker was killed after the ground around him collapsed while digging a ditch at a residential construction site.


The construction site supervisor was charge under section How can I ensure a safe workplace and limit my liability? Employers can limit their liability and reduce the chances of being charged under the provisions of the Criminal Code by implementing an effective workplace health and safety program. You will want to know: What your legal obligations are under occupational health and safety laws and standards.

What hazards exist in your workplace. How to effectively reduce or eliminate them. You will also want to ensure employees are aware of the company's health and safety program, are informed of any risks, and receive appropriate training and protective equipment.


Below are some OSH Answer documents that may help. You may also want to consider hiring a health and safety consultant to assist you with this process. What are the elements of a crime? What happens when a crime is committed? Who is involved in the criminal court process? What do they do? What are some criminal offences? What are some criminal defences? How are morals connected to criminal law? What is your opinion on the subject? Students will have background information to read and use while working with three case studies in Handout 1 : Criminal Law.

This is an overview of how a criminal case progresses through the court.

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Topic 3: Criminal Offences and Defences Background information will list some offences and criminal defences for the students to consider.