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This is quoted from member, Ajogamer: "It takes place right after the Look back/ Don't Look back choice; you'll just need to choose "Don't look. Commercial, Enclosure (CD) published by 5pb. Inc on Sep 01, containing original soundtrack from Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. I was searching for track titles for the BoS soundtrack and found the Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, which was released for the PSP on.

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This category contains all the OST's you can listen to in the Corpse Party series. Download Corpse Party Book of Shadows (gamerip) soundtracks to your PC in MP3 format. Free Corpse Party Book of Shadows (gamerip). Corpse Party Book of Shadows OST. blazerkane; 71 videos; , views; Last updated on Feb 20, Play all. Share. Loading Save.

Gameplay[ edit ] Corpse Party is a linear horror monster adventure game with some role-playing elements. It is played in a third-person view , top-down perspective. Players are tasked with exploring the haunted school grounds for a means of escape. To fulfill this task, characters must interact with the environment and surroundings such as picking up objects, talking to other characters, and inspecting documents while avoiding enemy-like entities. The game's story is split into five chapters, each focusing on different characters and featuring multiple endings that are achieved based on the player's in-game decisions: a "True Ending" required for the game's progression; and several "Wrong Endings" that are unlocked when the player performs events irrelevant to the main storyline. Characters also possess hit points HP , which measure how much damage they can take before dying, in some instances leading to a wrong ending.

To be sure! Can someone have a favorite among the three? Yes, why not?

Party book of shadows soundtrack corpse

And that favorite, for the record, really ought to be FF3. Similarly, the Corpse Party soundtracks tend to work with a certain pattern.

Corpse Party: Haunting Melodies

His discography basically includes Corpse Party titles and a couple of other GrisGris projects. His composition abilities allow him to write music for a variety of different genres, though they are all pretty keyboard-friendly: piano, pizzicato string, sustained synth choir or synth orchestra triads, etc.

Hamamoto's BGM work includes whatever is needed in-game. As such, we find lovely tracks like the spooky-yet-danceable "Nightmare of the School Years," the peaceful respite of "Good Friends," the rhythmic and intense "Unsolved Mystery," and the horror-rock guitar work of "Torture. He also manages to work orchestra bells in whenever possible, which for me is a major plus.

Corpse party book of shadows ost

You simply must have orchestra bells in a horror game, especially an anime-style horror game. He even has blood-curdling screams emulated with bowed strings in "A Haunted Room. This is great BGM for a horror game, without question. Outside of Hamamoto's work, we have the vocal themes. Each game has at least two vocal tracks opening and ending.

Sometimes there are more for multiple endings, for a dramatic midpoint in the game, or even a vocal that isn't explicitly used in-game but exists as an "image song," perhaps featured in commercials for the game in Japan. Let's delve deeper into some of these.


First and foremost is "Shangri-La," sung by Asami Imai. I am awestruck that the developers had the foresight to have Imai voice Ayumi Shinozaki, who is only one member of the Corpse Party ensemble cast, and who clearly becomes the series' protagonist only later, as 5pb.

It's a great song, but you really want to hold out for that bonus track at the end of disc two. The piano ballad version is shockingly good. In fact Not only are the vocals more decorative and pronounced, but that piano accompaniment is beastly.

The track is a solid six minutes long, and it rounds out this fantastic collection of music perfectly. They could sell as their own collection and do relatively well in the Japanese market, I'd imagine. Imai and her character-voice counterparts sing these songs, and while they vary in chord progression and tempo, they all have that gothic-pop thing going for them.

I am especially enthralled by "A Prayer for Confutatis," but if you're looking for something a little happier, "In the Rain" is a great choice. To summarize, I think I've reached my personal conclusion. This isn't just a set of rare music: it's a set of good rare music, which is a beautiful thing indeed. The "your mileage may vary" caveat applies, as always, so be sure to listen to the audio samples.

If you played either of the prior Corpse Party games and were even a little intrigued by them, maybe this is a sign that you should pick up the physical version of Blood Drive. The game itself has yet to really win me over, but this incredible set of music is worth more than the asking price as far as I'm concerned. And, seriously, that artbook too Find out more about the memorable and sometimes horrific music that set the mood for the ghastly Heavenly Host.

The anime does a great job of replicating and giving life to the story of the popular game of the same name. It's a story filled with memorable characters, an intriguing mystery, great development and of course, horror and tragedy. For any platform that centers around horror, music is one of the key factors that set the tone and helps create that feeling of dread and uncertainty.

In fact, if you ever try to watch a horror film, you'll notice that you get scared less if you cover your ears rather than your eyes. Anime like Corpse Party isn't only a visual tale but also an audio one, with each factor blending to give you that similar experience as the characters stuck in Heavenly Host.

Of course not playing down the significant work the creators did for the anime, the show features tracks both original and inspired from the game. The soundtrack itself is great and really makes you think about the events of Corpse Party long after you've finished watching it. Opening The opening track is probably the most significant track for all anime.

Party soundtrack of shadows corpse book

It helps create hype and anticipation for the episode. It's also a way to preview the events that will happen later on. Corpse Party's opening track makes a good use of choir and an orchestra rendered in such a way that's both mystical and somehow dread-filled. The voices are great and the mixture of a rock feel makes it sound like the song can stand on its own even without the anime pairing.