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Bye-Laws Of The Co-Operative Housing Societies. I. Preliminary. 1. (viii) ' Ownership Flats Act' means the Maharashtra Ownership Flats (Regulation of the. Bye Law No 65 to 71 of Maharashtra Co-operative Housing Society Bye Laws. It describes about the Composition, Break-up, Sharing of the charges and Interest. Examples of housing co-operative society TheEmployees Housing Have necessary qualifications as provided in the Bye-laws of cooperative.

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(F) Utilisation of the Funds by the Society bye law no 9 a. Reserve Fund . cooperative Housing Society, by whatever name called, to which the management 'Ownership Flats Act' means the Maharashtra Ownership Flats. ( Regulation of. cooperative housing society bye laws download in marathi pdf the co-operative housing society manual (marathi) by co-operative dept. govt. of maharashtra epubmann 3 Oct Model bye laws of cooperative housing. Society Bye Laws In Marathi Pdf. Society bye-laws co-operative PDF housing. for Download Maharashtra Cooperative Housing Society Rules Pdf 1 MODEL epubmann 3 Oct Model bye laws of cooperative housing.

Individual who is competent to contract under the Indian Contract Act, 2; ii. Bye Law No However, admission of Firms and Companies to Membership of the Society and holding of flats by them shall be regulated in accordance with the notifications issued by the State Government from time to time under the Second Provision to Section 22 of the Act. Note: For existing terms and conditions of the Government Notification referred to above, see Annexure to these bye-laws. Note: The conditions at iii , iv , v , and vii above shall not be applicable to the Promoter Builder, applying for Membership of the Society, in respect of the unsold flats. Bye Law No 19 c Conditions for Membership for Corporate bodies desiring to become Society A Firm, Company or any other Body Corporate, registered under any law for the time being in force, which is eligible to be a Member of the Society and has made an application for Membership of the Society in the prescribed form may be admitted as a Member by the Committee of the Society on complying with the following conditions:- i.

Where the Society has independent Office, the property taxes, electricity charges, water charges etc. Printing, Stationery and Postage, d.

Housing Society Model Bye Law No 65 to 71 - Levy of charges

Travelling Allowance and conveyance charges to the staff and the Members of the Committee of the Society. Sitting fees paid to the Members of the Committee of the Society f. Annual Subscription of the Housing Federation and any other co-operative institution to which the Society is affiliated.


Entrance fees for affiliation to the Housing Federation and any other cooperative institution. Audit Fees for internal, Statutory and reaudit, if any.

Bye society laws download cooperative epub housing maharashtra

Expenses incurred at meetings of the general body, the Committee an the Sub-Committee, if any k. Retainer fees, legal charges, statutory enquiry fees. Common electricity charges.

Any other charges approved by the General Body at its Meeting. However such charges should not contradict the provisions of the Act, Rules and Bye-laws of the Society. Property taxes: As fixed by the Local Authority ii. Water Charges: On the basis of total number and size of inlets provided in each flat.

At the rate fixed at the general body from time to time, subject to the minimum of 0.

Housing Society Byelaws & Member Rights

Expenses on repairs and maintenance of the lift, including charges for running the lift. Equally by all the Members of the building in which lift is provided, irrespective of the fact whether they use the lift or not.

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Even defaulters have the right to vote. Right to minutes of meeting: A co-operative can hold two types of meetings for the general body — annual general meeting AGM and special general body meeting.


The third is a meeting of only the managing committee members. In all three cases, the minutes of the meeting are recorded. Similarly, you may also ask for the act or bye-laws.

Registration of society A co-operative society is the perfect fit for a residential building as flat-owners have common needs water connection, watchmen, etc and interests maintenance of common areas, such as the terrace and compound. The builder may also be statutorily obligated to form a society.

Maharashtra epub download society cooperative housing bye laws

In many states, including Delhi and Maharashtra, ten flat-owners are enough to promote a co-operative housing society. A building without a housing society usually indicates that there is a dispute between members or a general lack of interest.


If the builder does not form a society, rights to the terrace and the compound continue to rest with him. Each housing society has a share capital, which will be paid up equally by the residents of the society, regardless of the size of the flat. Within six months of allotment, the member should receive a share certificate in this regard, according to the byelaws of Mumbai.

Maharashtra cooperative epub housing download laws bye society

Byelaws may also be amended by a resolution of its general body. All such amendments need to be approved by the registrar.