Wednesday, May 1, 2019 admin Comments(0) compendio de estándares sobre precauciones veterinarias el personal veterinario associación nacional de compendio de. The objectives Compendio de Precauciones Veterinarias Estándar para la Prevención de. El presente Compendio Agropecuario se propone cumplir por el veterinario y /o el Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Agropecuaria e Inocuidad Alimentaria.

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Links Para Baixar Livros Veterinários - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. Compêndio de Reprodução Animal - compendio de estándares sobre precauciones veterinarias. veterinarias para la prevención de enfermedades zoonóticas en el personal veterinario. COMPENDIO VETERINARIO EM PDF DOWNLOAD | Go Articles Livros da VET em PDF. 6 de junio de a las Decidi disponibilizar os livros que tenho em PDF.

Open image in new window Figure 2 Percentage of the groups used with zootherapics in the veterinary medicine in Cubati in relation of the mentioned species type. Probably mammals and reptiles stand out due the characteristics of the local fauna and the agricultural activity. In a sense, these results could be expected due to the agricultural vocation of the region and its local fauna. For example, pigs Sus scrofa , cows Bos taurus , and sheep Ovis aries are commonly raised in the area, while rattlesnakes Crotalus durissus , chameleons Iguana iguana , and the teju lizards Tupinambis merianae are reptiles frequently encountered in the local caatinga vegetation. Open image in new window Figure 3 Groups representation in relation to the species citation frequency.

In animals, for arthritis's swelling joints , rheumatism's hard joints , woundy's, edema's big swell , wounds', pointed stakes', fractures', swellings' and furunculosis' cases, the application is identical. Melts the suet, applies it on the affected area and when necessary just make a curative. In relation to the Bovine Gangrenous Coryza hollow of the ox horny , just saw the point of the ox horny, and fill its interior with the suet. This is just a palliative way. It should be pointed out that just the castrated ram suet has the medicinal properties.

Mele Goat Capra hircus see figure 6 After the fatty tissue has been removed, melts it in order to obtain a sharp fat process known by the local inhabitants as "condensation". The fat is conserved in a glass or plastic recipient and whenever need it is necessary to melt again, once it rigidifies inside the recipient after a certain period of time.

It's used in the local veterinary medicine to treat wounds in animals, mainly in the cattle, pigs, equine and birds. It should be applied passing the fat on the wound and making a curative after.

Just the fat of the castrated male goat is medicinal.

Maize Abstracts

Cattle Bos taurus see figure 7 The suet, extracted, stored and applied exactly the same way it does on the castrated ram Ovis aries is used for the treatment of the Bovine Gangrenous Coryza hollow of the ox horny. The home-made butter produced from the cow milk cream is used to cure pits and mastitis. In the first case, just pass the butter on the pit until it heals and disappear; on mastitis the butter is applied on the mammas by massaging them.

The treatment proceeds up the total cure. Another butter type, prepared from the cattle curdled milk cream, is used for the treatment of peri-oculars irritations in any animal, according to the informers. The application is quite simple. When the animal has an irritation near the eyes, just pass this butter daily, until obtain the cure.

The cattle milk, associated with the wormseed Chenopodium ambrosioides is used for the treatment of animals' fracture. From these two components it is prepared a kind of juice and given to the fractured animal to drink twice a day and, according to one of the reports, in about two weeks the animal is practically cured. Humans Homo sapiens The humans' urine is used for cattle detoxication after the feed of cassava Manihot utilissima Pohl.

The preparation is diluting a cup of human urine in 3 liters of water, mixing well and giving for the cattle to drink after the plant ingestion. Such statement resembles the urinotherapy used by humans for several treatments. Peba Euphractus sexcinctus see figure 8 The Peba is a type of armadillo known in a large part of the Northeast region, used gastronomically and medically.

In Cubati's popular veterinary medicine the peba's fat is an important tool for the treatment of pits, pointed stakes, wounds and furunculosis in any animal.

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In all the cases, this fat is applied daily on the illness attacked area until its total cicatrization. In pointed stakes' cases, the application should persist until the complete exit of the strange body.

Pdf compendio veterinario

The extraction and conservation of the Euphractus sexcinctus fat are made the same way that does on the Male goat Capra hircus. Pig Sus scrofa see figure 9 According to the informers, the pig's fat is an excellent medicinal-veterinary resource.

Pdf compendio veterinario

It is used for the treatment of pits, furuncles, wounds, burns and mastitis. In the first four cases, it is applied on the illness, once a day, until the cicatrization be completed.

For the mastitis, in any mammal, emphasizing the bovine, bovid and sheep, the pig's fat is applied on the mammary glands in the same way that does with the cattle curdled milk cream, previously mentioned. For pits or furuncles this fat should be applied once a day, until the total cicatrization.

In pointed stakes, the fat of the pig scrotum is applied once a day too, until that strange body is expelled. In fractured areas or with torsions, is applied on the affected area, always making massage for a better result. Fox Cerdocyon thous see figure 10 The fat of the fox Cerdocyon thous is used by the local residents for the treatment of the uterus prolapse, "mother's body" as they used to call. This problem refers to the animal's uterus extravasating after give birth. When this occurs, the fat of the fox is passed on the uterus after been washed in clean water.


After the application, the residents used to place back the exposed part of the uterus carefully inside the animal. Such technique is just dominated by a few residents. It should be pointed out that the uterus should still be linked to the animal for the procedure to works.

The fat of the fox is extracted the same way that the male goat. Reptiles Rattlesnake Crotalus durissus see figure 11 The fat of the rattlesnake follows the same extraction procedure and conservation of the other mentioned animals. Such for arthritis and wounds it is applied on the sicken area until the cure is obtained.

It was not mentioned a daily frequency of application. A quem interessar. El presente Compendio Agropecuario se propone cumplir Asistencia veterinaria mediante los promotores y veterinarios, en mastitis.

Traditional Hams and Sausages from Portugal Speaking of traditional Portuguese ham's and sausages is compendio veterinario em same as to evoke the "master pig", also known in Portugal as the poor man's bank and his "professor of anatomy", which is the main source of our remarkable products in this area of knowledge - "Bisaro breed" in the Centre and North, and of the "Alentejo breed" in the South of Portugal.

From the elaborate breeding of the pig compendio veterinario em an overwhelming majority of gastronomic wonders that centuries-old tradition has been refining in our villages, seasoned by the hardships of life the need to make do and to make use of everythingdeveloped with imagination and skill, and finally passed down from generation to generation, from grandmothers and mothers to granddaughters and daughters.

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