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CLAVICULA SALOMONIS REGIS. Reworked, Written and inspired from the original manuscript by Michael W. Ford. Illustrated by Elda Isela Ford. The Luciferian. Liber Salomonis comprises folio pages 2rr of British Library Sloane MS ; it contains seven treatises (as described in its own fo.3r). 1. Clavis. "The key of Solomon, Clavis Salomonis, is a medieval book on magic originally attributed to King Solomon. It is sometimes used as a grimoire. It is possible that.

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Titled Clavis libri secretorum. Not used by Mathers. 63 folios. Only part of the second book of Clavicula Salomonis is represented. It parallels Sl. (see. The Key of Solomon the king (Clavicula Salomonis). by: Solomon, King of Israel. n ; Mathers, S. L. MacGregor (Samuel Liddell MacGregor). versions have appeared of a book entitled Clavicula Salomonis, Clavis Salomonis, and the like,^ of which quite a few purport to be translations from the Hebrew.

License to Copy This publication is intended for personal use only. Paper copies may be made for personal use. With the above exception, no part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, without permission in writing from the author. Reviewers may quote brief passages. Even here, we find at least three classes of material: 1. XI, , and at www.

The hours of Saturn, of Mars, and of the Moon are alike good for communicating and speaking with spirits; as those of Mercury are for recovering thefts by the means of spirits.

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The hours of Mars serve for summoning souls from Hades,5 especially of those slain in battle. The hours of the Sun, of Jupiter, and of Venus, are adapted for preparing any operations whatsoever of love, of kindness, and of invisibility, as is hereafter more fully shown, to which must be added other things of a similar nature which are contained in our work.

In the French 'des Enfers,' in the Latin 'Inferis. So L Aub24 and Ad read "Horae autem Saturni sunt appropriatae ad evocandas animas ab Infernis, eorum tantummodo, scilicet qui nauali morte defuncti sunt" But the hours of Saturn are suitable for evoking souls from Hell, that is to say, only those who died a naval death. Conjunction means being in the same degree of the Zodiac; opposition is being degrees, and quartile 90 degrees apart from each other. The hours of Venus are furthermore useful for lots, poisons, all things of the nature of Venus, for preparing powders provocative of madness; and the like things.

L inserts the tables of the hours of the day and night at this point. H omits the rest of this sentence. For love, grace, and invisibility, the Moon should be in a fiery sign, viz. For hatred,11 discord, and destruction, the Moon should be in a watery sign, viz. L has this paragraph and the preceding one jumbled. But if these things seem unto thee difficult to accomplish, it will suffice thee merely to notice the Moon after her combustion, or conjunction with the Sun, especially just when she12 quits his beams and appeareth visible.

For then it is good to make all experiments for the construction and operation of any matter. That is why the time from the New unto the Full Moon is proper for performing any of the experiments of which we have spoken above. But in her decrease or wane it is good for war, disturbance, and discord. Likewise the period when she is almost deprived of light, is proper for experiments of invisibility, and of death.

New Moon. Furthermore, if thou wishest to converse with spirits it should be especially on the day of Mercury and in his hour, and let the Moon be in an airy sign,13 as well as the Sun.

In Add. But if thou shouldest wish to work by night, perfect thy work on the succeeding night; if by day, seeing that the day beginneth with the rising of the Sun perfect thy work on the succeeding day. But the hour of inception is the hour of Mercury. The following paragraphs to the end of this chapter are only found in the Latin version, Add. If thou wishest to succeed, it is necessary to make the following experiments and arts in the appropriate days and hours, with the requisite solemnities and ceremonies contained and laid down in the following chapters.

Experiments, then, are of two kinds; the first is to make trial of what, as I have said, can be easily performed without a circle, and in this case it is not necessary to observe anything but what thou wilt find in the proper chapters.

The second can in no way be brought to perfection without the circle; and in order to accomplish this perfectly it is necessary to take note of all the preparations which the master of the art and his disciples must undertake before constructing1 the circle.

Sloane MSS. Sl, K, and H all read "vienne au Cercle" come to the circle. Six of these nine days having expired, he must recite frequently the prayer and confession as will be told him; and on the seventh day, the master being alone, let him enter into a secret place, let him take off his clothes, and bathe himself from head to foot in consecrated and exorcised water, saying devoutly and humbly the prayer, 'O Lord Adonai,' etc.

The prayer being finished, let the master quit the water, and put upon his flesh raiment of white linen clean and unsoiled; and then let him go with his disciples unto a secret place and command them to strip themselves naked; and they having taken off their clothes, let him take exorcised water and pour it upon their heads so that it flows down to their feet and bathes them completely; and while pouring this water upon them let the master say:— 'Be ye regenerate, renewed, washed, and pure,' etc.

Which2 being done, the disciples must clothe themselves, putting upon their flesh, like their master, raiment of white linen clean and unsoiled; and the three last days the master and his disciples should fast, observing the solemnities and prayers marked in Book II.

This paragraph is omitted in Lansdowne MSS. On the last day let the master go with his disciples unto a secret fountain of running water, or unto a flowing stream, and there let each of them. And when they are clean and pure, let each put upon him garments of white linen, pure, and clean, using the prayers and ceremonies described in Book II. After which let the master alone say the confession.

The which being finished, the master in sign of penitence will kiss3 the disciples on the forehead, and each of them will kiss the other. Afterwards let the master extend his hands over the disciples, and in sign of absolution absolve and bless them; which being done he will distribute to each of his disciple the instruments necessary for magical art, which he is to carry into the circle.

Note the 'holy kiss' in the New Testament. The things necessary being thus disposed, the master will go with his disciples unto the assigned place, where they have proposed to construct the circle for the magical arts and experiments; repeating on the way the prayers and orations which thou wilt find in Book II. Note Book 2 also says that the master carries the staff OR the wand. It also says chapter 9 that the disciple who carries the pen, ink, and paper should stand toward the East.

Now the master of the art, every time that he shall have occasion for some particular purpose to speak with the spirits, must endeavor to form certain circles which shall differ somewhat, and shall have some particular reference to the particular experiment under consideration.

Take thou the knife or quill knife,5 consecrated after the manner and order which we shall deliver unto thee in the Second Book. With this knife or quill knife6 thou shalt describe, beyond the inner circle which thou shalt have already formed, a second circle, encompassing the other at the distance of one foot therefrom and having the same centre. Magic circle from manuscript Ad. Mathers reads "knife, the sickle, or the sword of magical art. Arclavus is a mistake for artavus; later the manuscript reads arctauus, while other manuscripts read artavus French 'artave', Italian 'artavo'.

It is an uncommon term meaning quill knife; Mathers follows the French manuscripts in mistranslating this as "sickle. This section does not occur in Aub. Mathers: knife or with the sickle of art.

The letter Tau represents the cross, and in Add. Mathers gives the names in Hebrew characters; these are also given in Ad. The words in the middle, "Orien.

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Note the words "made" seems to be missing; see below where the sacrificial knife is said to be "made". The inkpot is said to be bought in the day and hour of Mercury. I n the day and hour of Mars, the moon waxing, make a knife of new steel.

It must be large enough to cut the neck of a young goat in a single blow.

Make for it a wooden handle, also in the day and hour of Mars as mentioned above, and with the burin engrave the handle with the characters that follow. I [Magic knife, from Reginald Scot. The knife will serve for cutting your wands, and all else that will be necessary.

Oration that must be said while sprinlding In the name of immortal God, may God sprinkle you N. In place of the missing drawing. I have supplied one from Reginald Scot's classic. The Discoverie of Witchcraft.

Book 4. This aspersing serves for all the necessary items, as does the fumigation as follows. For fumigating, you must use a crucible or other container, in which will be placed charcoal lit from a fire which has been lit expressly for that purpose; and when the coals are burning well, put on the scents, in order to perfume all that needs to be made according to the art, saying the following: Invocation to be said while fumigating. Angels of God be our help, and may our work be completed. Then say the seven Psalms following these two: Deus iudidum tuum regi da Give the king thy judgments, 0 God, Ps71 , and Laudate Dominum omnes gentes 0 praise the Lord, all ye nations, PsIIGJ-l Of the paper or virgin parchment' The virgin paper can be made in many ways.

Normally it is made of the skin of a lamb, young goat, or other virgin animal. And if you cannot make it yourself, buy a new one, conjuring, sprinkling, and fumigating it three times.

You yourself must engrave the characters shown 2 with the burin, or the pen, or the lancet of the art. J Then prepare a staff of [elder] ,3 that has never born fruit, and is without germ, cutting it on the day and in the hour of the sun Sunday , and inscribe on it these other characters.

Then sprinkle, fumigate, and lock up in a trunks I A wand of hazel is probably intended, as CJaviruJa specifies that a wand be made of hazel in the day and hour of Mercwy. Note the prayer below mentions wand or staff. Hazel is generally too small for a suitable staff, so it appears the French text has confused the two. Blocquel and the others substitute "the characters of Frimost.

See above.


Italian: Porno codogno mela cotogna , which is quince. In Claviruia and VMN the same characters are used for the staff and wand. Blocquel et al substitute "the characters of Klepoth. Y must have a new lancet, consecrated' as already described for the knife and burin.

You must make it on the day and hour of Mercury Wednesday , the moon waxing. OU [Consecration of the Parchment.

(PDF) The Study of Solomonic Magic | Andrew Harkless -

Take the young goat, and place it on a flat surface such that the neck faces up, the easier to cut it. Take the knife, and cut the neck in a single stroke, pronouncing the name of the spirit that you want to invoke. For example, you would say: HI slay you in the name of, and in the honor of N.

Remember well, and be careful not to use two strokes, for the head must be cut off in a single cut. Next, skin it with the knife, while reciting the following invocation: Invocation. Adonay, Dalmay, Lauday, Tetragrammaton,2 Ancreton, Areton, and you holy angels of God be present here, and grant virtue to this paper, that it may be properly preserved,3 and that all things written on it will achieve perfection. I exorcise you, 0 creature of salt, through the living God,5 through the God of Gods, and the Lord of Lords, that all deceit depart from you, and that you serve us in making the virgin parchment.

I Literally "conjured. God of Gods, and Lord of Lords, who created all things from nothingness, and created salt to benefit human health, bless t and sanctify this salt, so that all things that are in this circle may receive the virtue to obtain the desired effects. This done, put the salted skin in the rays of the sun for the space of one day, and procure an earth vase glazed all around, on which is written with the pen and ink of the art the following characters,2 then put quick lime into the vesseL and add exorcized water, and once the lime has dissolved, place the skin within and leave it until the hair falls off by itself.

Deign to bless and sanctify this water. Dignify it so that wherever it may be sprinkled, it may be the salvation of our souls and our bodies, through you 0 most holy father Adonay, who reigns forever and ever.

Also Add. IBv: Ib. God of Jacob, God of the angels, God of the archangels and prophets, creator of all. I humbly pray through the invocation of your name, though I am not worthy to invoke it, and I humbly call upon you to bless and consecrate this water, so that whomever it is sprinkled on, will be restored to health of body and soulj, through you, a most holy Adonay, whose reign is endless. After the skin is ready, that is to say, when the hair starts to fall out when touched with a finger, take it from the vase and scrape it with the hazel wood l knife, over of which the following words should be recited: a most holy Adonay bestow on this wood such virtue, that it will clean up this parchment, through your holy name, Agason.

This being done and the skin being clean, spread it out over a new board,2 and put around it stones that have been collected from the banks of a running water, over which you must say the following prayer.

The Clavis or Key to the Magic of Solomon - Sibley, Hockley, Peterson

Adonay, most strong and most powerful God, grant that these stones may stretch this skin, and lift all deceit from it, that through your power it may possess the virtue that we desire. Leave it to dry in the sun, but before leaving it, recite the following oration: Oration.

This is very similar to how frame drums are prepared. The stones cause it to sag slightly, so that it will not tear as it dries. Note: The place must be very clean, and when sprinkling. When it is dry, remove it from the frame. Bless, fumigate, sprinkle it, and save it for later use. Be very careful that it is not seen by any woman, especiaUy one who is menstruating. In addition, whoever prepares this paper must be chaste.

Moreover, say a Mass of the Nativityl over it, either on the particular day of the Feast or another day. Note that all the tools generally must be on the altar.

Of the asperser. M ake an asperser of mint, marjoram, and rosemary, tied with thread spun by a virgin girl, which will serve in all operations. It should be made in the day and hour of Mercury, while the moon is waxing.

Of the scents. Y: 0u must use lignum aloe, frankincense, and mace. And over these scents recite the following oration: Oration of the aromatic scents. God of Abraham, God of Isaac. Deign 0 Lord, to bless and to sanctify these scents, so that they are a health-bringing remedy for us, bringing salvation to our bodies and spirits, with your holy aid, Lord Adonay, God who reigns through the infinite ages. Of the quill. P repare a new quilP by sprinkling and fumigating it like the other items, and when shaping it, says the following words, holding it in your hand: AbabaJey, Samoy, Escavor, Adonay.

Salomonis pdf clavis

Of the inkpot and the ink. In the former ease. Clavicula specifies the quill should come from the third feather on the right wing of a male gosling. Jewish scribes sofrim traditionally use turkey feathers as quills kulmus.

Sephardic sofrim commonly use reeds. Traditional ink diyoh is made of gum arabic, tannic acid from the gall nut. There are around a dozen suppliers of traditional inks for sofrim. Adonair"; S "Abray.


Thicodoniay A1hamas. Scaccer Adonay"; H: "Abray. Thicodomay, Athamas. Adonay"; K "Abray. Athamas, Seaccer. Adonay"; Ad "Adray. Samay, Athemaos. Adonay"; Ad "Arbon. Tamaray, Lyonar. Bludamar"; Mathers: "Adrai. Elohim Tzabaoth. I exorcise you, 0 creature of ink, by Anston, Cerreton, Stimulator, Adonay, and by the name of the one who created all things with a single word, that you will assist me in this work, and that my work may be accomplished according to my will, I that it may be completed with the permission of God, who reigns without end for all the ages of the ages.

Blessing of the ink. Afterwards fumigate, sprinkle, and exorcize. He who wishes to operate must observe that everything is well prepared, and nothing omitted. In the morning, on rising from bed, wash your hands and face, reciting the following oration: Preparatory oration. Afterwards, dry your hands and face with a towel of dean white linen. And know that it is necessary to abstain for three days from sin, above all mortal sin, as much as human frailty allows, and mainly he must be chaste for at least three days.

During this period you should apply yourself to studying the book, because it is certain that if you take a little diligence, you will comprehend it easily, although I have not detailed everything word for word, to avoid being crass, or Mcast pearls before swine", but still beneficial for those who understand how to maintain the health of their souls as well as their bodies.

And maintain scrupulous secrecy, for fear that your efforts will come to nothing.