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Editorial Reviews. Review. Questions for Ben Sherwood About Charlie St. Cloud Add Audible book to your download for just $ Deliver to. The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud tells the haunting story of a young man who narrowly survives a terrible car wreck that kills his little brother. Years later. As a boy, Charlie St Cloud narrowly survived a car crash that killed Sam, his little brother. Years later, still unable to recover from his loss.

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The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud. Read more · The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud · Read more · The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud. Read more. The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud. Home · The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud Author: Ben Sherwood. 43 downloads Views KB Size Report. Penguin Random House. Sign up. Get news about Literary Fiction books, authors , and more Best Seller. Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood. Read an Excerpt.

The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud is a novel by Ben Sherwood. It is a fictional fable about an extraordinary experience of a man called Charlie St. Cloud who is resuscitated following a car accident that kills his brother. Charlie St. Cloud age 15 and Sam 12 are two brothers with a love so strong, no force can separate them.

How does Charlie's experience and special gift compare with your own beliefs about the afterlife? In each character's storyline, what distinctions are made between accident and fate, between chance and destiny? What ultimately saves Tess? From what was Charlie saved?

The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood

The novel contains several bullfighting references, especially in the name of Tess's boat, Querencia the spot in the ring where the bull feels protected and secure. Why is the matador analogy an apt one for Charlie and Tess?

What defines your querencia? One of the main characters in Ben Sherwood's previous novel, The Man Who Ate the , goes to incredible lengths in a case of unrequited love, while the novel's protagonist finds his life transformed when he unexpectedly meets his soul mate.

Cloud enhance and deepen these relationship ideas? Although this novel is given a realistic setting and is populated by ordinary men and women, the plot is quite extraordinary. Why did the author choose such an idyllic small-town backdrop? What is the effect of ending the novel with a point of view other than Charlie's? Describe Florio's role and approach as narrator.

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Does Florio's function as storyteller have much in common with his earthly vocation? If you were able to visit a lost loved one or friend in the same way Charlie connects with Sam, whom would you like to see?

The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud

In the novel, spirits take on an idealized appearance. How do you think your loved one would appear to you? How would you spend your time together? Theirs is a strong bond that I have never read until today.

Something that I think I never experienced even with either one of my two older brothers. Imagine this scene when they were about to part ways towards the end of the novel: "Promise you won't leave me," Charlie said.

This time, however, it was Sam who comforted Charlie.

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It is cheesy and almost gayish. Maybe we are not the kissing and hugging people in the family but it just feels unnatural to be saying those lines.

Charlie St. Cloud: A Novel Themes

However, Charlie and Sam are fatherless and they are only living with their mother. The story did not mention any friends they hang up with. Of course, Sherwood also explains in the interview that he hopes to have his own 2 sons to develop the kind of bond like that of Charlie and Sam's. The writing is ordinary but it has many heart-tugging quotable sweet quotes that you will surely love.

The love story between Charlie and Tess does not go "overboard". The ghostly side of story reminds me of Demi Moore's Ghost or the Melinda Gordon's character in the TV series Ghost Whisperer but we don't always need to have original concepts to like a good story anyway.

I also appreciated Sherwood using lines from Dive for Dreams by e.