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Developers who are curious about developing for the cloud, considering a move . This service is a way that you can host your own web app in Windows Azure. NET Core web apps to Azure from scratch, migrating SQL Server to Azure and extending your application to perform data analysis with Cognitive Services. webpage are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. All other . Chapter 2: Azure App Service and Web Apps Demo: Create a web app by using the Azure. Marketplace. These ebooks are available in PDF, EPUB, and Mobi for.

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Quickly develop scalable, REST-based applications or services and learn how to manage them using Microsoft Azure. Objective review. Objective Implement data storage in Windows Azure. . Chapter 4 Creating and consuming Web API-based services. Objective. Developing Windows Azure and Web Services. The following tables show where changes to exam have been made to include updates.

Management[ edit ] Azure Automation, provides a way for users to automate the manual, long-running, error-prone, and frequently repeated tasks that are commonly performed in a cloud and enterprise environment. It saves time and increases the reliability of regular administrative tasks and even schedules them to be automatically performed at regular intervals. You can automate processes using runbooks or automate configuration management using Desired State Configuration. Azure Blockchain Workbench[ edit ] Through Azure [22] Blockchain Workbench, Microsoft is providing the required infrastructure to setup a consortium network in multiple topologies using a variety of consensus mechanisms. Microsoft provides integration from these blockchain platforms to other Microsoft services to streamline development of distributed applications. Microsoft supports many general-purpose blockchains including Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric and purpose-built blockchains like Corda.

Add a customErrors tag to the system.

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You will need sign in to your Microsoft Account. Once you have signed in click "Next": The "Cloud Service" dropdown list will be populated with any Cloud Services you have already created.

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If the desired name is taken you will recieve an error. When you create a new Cloud Service in this way you may find that Visual Studio hangs on the preceding Publish dialog but the service will have been created. In this case you will have to restart Visual Studio and then the newly created Cloud Service will be present in the dropdown list.

Beginning Serverless Computing

Set up an appropriate user and password in the Remote Desktop dialog. The password should be at least ten characters with numbers and symbols. This is important as Azure may create the deployment but reject a simple password without reporting any error. If it does this you will need to reset the password from the Azure Portal: In the Publish dialog you can now click "Next" and enable diagnostics if you desire. Easily scale on demand and only pay for what you use, with Azure Functions.

Learn how to deploy and run containers that scale with your business needs. Accelerate your Internet of Things IoT journey with fully managed and industry-specific IoT solutions—or build a customised IoT application that enables fine-grain control. Azure IoT offers powerful and secure solutions to meet your needs today and in the future.

Learn how to achieve more with the comprehensive set of flexible and trusted artificial intelligence AI services.

Microsoft Azure: A cheat sheet

From pre-built APIs, such as Cognitive Services and conversational AI with bot tools, to custom models you can build with Machine Learning for any scenario, AI is no longer a technology of the future and is ready for you to use today. With more than 20 pages of demos, explore topics such as creating and deploying. I would like to hear from Microsoft and its family of companies via email and phone about Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft products and services.

This guide presents a structured approach for designing cloud applications that are scalable, resilient, and highly available. The guidance in this ebook is intended to help your architectural decisions regardless of your cloud platform, though we will be using Azure so we can share the best practices that we have learned from many years of customer engagements. Azure Architecture DevOps. Cloud Design Patterns. This guide contains twenty-four design patterns and ten related guidance topics that articulate the benefits of applying patterns by showing how each piece can fit into the big picture of cloud application architectures.

Building Web Services with Microsoft Azure

It includes code samples and general advice on using each pattern. This guide provides end-to-end guidance on the Docker application development lifecycle with Microsoft tools and services while providing an introduction to Docker development concepts for readers who might be new to the Docker ecosystem. The Microsoft Azure Machine Learning cloud platform provides simplified yet powerful data management, transformation and machine learning tools. R language scripts integrate with built in Azure ML modules to extend the platform.

Additionally, models running in Azure ML can be published as web services. You will be provided information on how to perform data science tasks including, data management, data transformation, and machine learning in the Azure ML cloud environment.

Microsoft Azure Tutorial

Imagine a core enterprise application built with a database such as SQL Server. What if you could embed intelligence such as advanced analytics algorithms plus data transformations within the database itself, making every transaction intelligent in real time? By combining the performance of SQL Server in-memory Online Transaction Processing OLTP technology as well as in-memory columnstores with R and machine learning, applications can achieve extraordinary analytical performance in production, all while taking advantage of the throughput, parallelism, security, reliability, compliance certifications, and manageability of an industrial-strength database engine.

This ebook is the first to truly describe how you can create intelligent applications by using SQL Server and R. It is an exciting document that will empower developers to unleash the strength of data-driven intelligence in their organization.

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This guide explores the use of HDInsight in a range of use cases and scenarios such as iterative exploration, as a data warehouse, for ETL processes, and integration into existing BI systems. It also includes guidance on understanding the concepts of big data, planning and designing big data solutions, and implementing these solutions.

Azure HDInsight. This guide demonstrates how you can create from scratch a multi-tenant, Software as a Service SaaS application to run in the cloud by using the latest versions of the Windows Azure tools and the latest features of Windows Azure. Azure Cloud Development. Enterprise Cloud Strategy. This book, based on real-world cloud experiences by enterprise IT teams, seeks to provide answers to the question how to develop an implement an Enterprise Cloud Strategy.

Azure Cloud Strategy. Enterprise Cloud Strategy, 2nd Edition.

After the technical exercise of migrating applications, the journey starts for the rest of the organization. The cloud can and should begin transforming your business with greater scale, integration, and richer capabilities.

Cloud Azure Microsoft Azure Governance. Introducing Microsoft SQL Server leads you through the major changes in the data platform, whether you are using SQL Server technology on-premises or in the cloud, but it does not cover every new feature added to the platform. Instead, e explain key concepts and provide examples for the more significant features so that you can start experiencing their benefits firsthand. Most Windows Azure services are described in some detail with lots of under-the-hood insights and expert tips written by Microsoft insiders who develop, test, and use the Windows Azure platform.

The author, a content lead for Azure. Follow the numerous screenshots to create a trial subscription, create SQL Server in an Azure virtual machine, create an Azure SQL Database, migrate an on-premises database to each Azure environment, create users, back up and restore data, and archive data.

Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Automation. This ebook introduces a fairly new feature of Microsoft Azure called Azure Automation.

Using a highly scalable workflow execution environment, Azure Automation allows you to orchestrate frequent deployment and life cycle management tasks using runbooks based on Windows PowerShell Workflow functionality. Azure Automation PDF, mobi, epub.