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BS 812 PART 114 PDF

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BS docx - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf) or read online. No 3 - BS - Part 2 - Methods of Determination of Density. performed according to the test procedure defined in BS Part [4]. Table 2 shows the pendulum values obtained for the standard 6-hours test at. A later section of this memorandum gives some information about Society for Testing Materials (ASTM), recommend the use of BS to determine.

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Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering Oct 21, Method for determination of the polished-stone BRITISH STANDARD BS Testing aggregates — Part Method. Samples of aggregates, form 33 quarries have been assembled and test specimens made in accordance with the procedure described in BS part :

Part Part, Value British Standard Part BS Title Identifier: Testing aggregates. Method for determination of the polished-stone value: Publication Date:

Part 2: Part 3: This report describes the modifications. Part 3 seperti.

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The instrument is now used in many other applications to test the slip resistance on pedestrian walkways and flooring, within offices, hospitals, shopping malls and factories, both at the design stage and also in the investigation of accidents. PART This report describes modifications.

The Polished Stone Value of aggregate gives a measure of resistance to the polishing action of vehicle tyres under conditions similar to those occurring on the surface of a road. The action of road vehicle tyres on road surfaces results in polishing of the top, exposed aggregate surface, and its state of polish is one of the main factors affecting the resistance to skidding.

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The test method for determining polished stone value was revised in The latter employs a standard 6-hours laboratory test 3-hours with coarse, followed by 3- hours with a fine polishing medium. The skid resistance tester Laboratory from Technical University of Civil consists of a free swinging arm mounted on a Engineering Bucharest, Faculty of Railways, column held upright on a three-legged base Fig. Roads and Bridges; A rubber block is mounted in a spring loaded clamp in the weighted end of the arm.

Each of the polished specimens is mounted in turn in a clamp held on a base plate.

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The specimen and rubber block are wetted, the swing or pendulum arm is raised and latched onto a rigid arm on the tester and then released. The pendulum swings down and drags the spring loaded rubber block over the convex face of the specimen and swings an indicator needle against a scale on the scale arm of the tester.

The indicator needle stops and remains at the highest point of the swing. The pendulum is caught on the return downswing.

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The reading is then recorded. This is repeated five times for each specimen, with the last Fig. The vehicle tire action on road surface has as a main result the polishing of the wearing course, of the aggregates from the contact area, and the polishing resistance is one of the main factors to combat slipping.

The sliding distance L was selected as mm for the case of flat test specimens. Results are presented in Table 2.

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The variable coefficient is the friction coefficient, which is related to the polished stone value. The difference between braking distances at the The calculus of the braking distance is made with same design speed increases with the decrease of the relation below: slopes.


But, by raising the speed, the differences Chileni Cerna appear depending on the quarry source of the aggregates used in the asphalt mixtures.

So, the Fig. Most of the possible the correlation between the polished stone drivers have problems in appreciating the distances value of the aggregates depending on the source related to the proximity of the car.

Pdf bs 812 part 114

Most of the quarry , the friction coefficient and the braking times, the vehicle goes faster than the driver distance, as shown in the figure below: imagines and he realizes that only when he is forced to make a sudden maneuver or sudden brake. The studies in this field show that the reaction time of a driver can be under 1 second, but a recent test made in U.

Coefficient ; Friction ; Polishing ; Sample mater ; Specification standard ; Test method ; United kingdom Subject Areas: Publication Source Agency: BS