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Download free Book Templates for your Book Printing project. InDesign, QuarkXPress, and Microsoft Word; All text files must be in our design templates. Hi there- I am losing my mind a bit and need some help. Would like to add pages to a book template and am a bit stuck. when you add pages it. Related Book. Office for iPad and Mac For Dummies. By Peter Weverka. Every Word document you create on your Mac is fashioned from a template.

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Use a booklet template to create a book or booklet in Word for Mac. You can select from several booklet templates and then customize the template to fit. More templates like this. Single spaced (blank). Word · Spec design (blank). Word · Report design blank template. Word · Crop design blank template. Word. We'll walk you through the steps to format your Word document for printing a book that is a ” x ” finished size on a Mac, or a ” x ”.

But when it comes to self-publishing, you may not know how to format your Word document for book printing. When you originally typed your manuscript, you more than likely opened a blank Word document and went full steam ahead. Additionally, depending on what you have in your headers and footers, you may want to make your top and bottom margins larger or smaller. As previously mentioned, the margin sizes you assign to the top and bottom of your document defines the amount of space you will have to place running title headers or page numbers. Your document is now prepared to either paste text from an existing Word document, or you can begin typing your manuscript.

For example: If you want a 5.

How to Make Books Using Microsoft Word

We will trim off. For a professional interior book layout, we recommend that you keep any elements you don't want trimmed off, at least a.

Also remember to select Mirror Margins, when setting up your custom page size in Microsoft Word. If you are using Microsoft Word, or any other word processing program, it can be very difficult to set up bleeds correctly and have everything line up evenly throughout the interior of the book. We suggest using a more robust piece of software like Adobe InDesign.

Adobe does offer a free trial for 30 days, and has monthly plans as well. If you are using a page layout program like Adobe InDesign, and want certain pages to bleed, you will need to include the bleeds and crop marks when you export your file as a PDF file.

Adobe offers a great help section on how to set-up your document with bleeds using InDesign.

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This setting will alert you to any low resolution images and embed all of your fonts as well. Font Embedding is when all the font information is captured from your computer and stored inside the PDF file. Why is Font Embedding so Important?

Free Book Templates for your Manuscript

If the fonts are not embedded in your PDF files, the type can reflow and become distorted. Even common Fonts like Times need to be embedded, because what we have found is there are many different versions of the Common Fonts.

The good news is that embedding Fonts is quite Easy. Mac computers will automatically Embed the fonts, so no need to worry about embedding the fonts.

Can I send in the Cover and Text in the same file? If the Cover artwork is part of the Text file, it will mess up the Margins of the Text, after the Cover is extracted. Please review our Cover Template for details on how to set up the Book Cover.

How to Create Word Templates on Your Mac

If PDF book files are supplied as 8. Reducing the file size is not recommended, because it will make the type small and hard to read.

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DiggyPOD has a Video Tutorial at the top of this page, that will show you how you set-up your files to the correct trim size. Page numbers on the binding side of the Book Text File We recommend that your page numbers, header, or footers are not on the binding side of the book.

A easy way to avoid this common book printing problem is to have your page numbers, headers, or footers at the bottom center of the book. If you are still unsure, just simply print out two pages that are front and back and place them back to back to see if everything is okay. Can I send in a new file, if I find mistakes when proofing?

We put a lot of work and time into quality checking each file, and when you send a new file, we have to start the process again from the beginning. To learn the difference between a template and a theme, see Differences between templates, themes, and Word styles.

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Free Book Template | Microsoft Word Book Templates | Video Tutorial

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