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The Doll (Central European Classics) [Boleslaw Prus, David Welsh, Darius Tolczyk, Anna Zaranko, Stanislaw Baranczak] on *FREE* shipping on. The Doll by Bolesław Prus Quo Vadis by Henryk Sienkiewicz Imperium by Ryszard .. Czy "Lalka" wzruszałaby mnie równie mocno, jak czytana w takim a nie innym, specyficznym momencie życia? .. Shelves: owned-ebook, classics. Les plus grandes œuvres de Prus — La poupée (Lalka) et Pharaon (Faraon) — eurent un grand succès et Prus fut candidat au Prix Nobel de littérature.

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Lalka (tom 3). Book cover. By: Bolesław Prus (). Ostatni tom dzieła Bolesława Prusa o miłości eBook links. Wikipedia – Bolesław Prus · Wikipedia . LibriVox recording of Lalka (vol. 1) by Bolesław Prus. Read in Polish by Piotr Nater Pierwszy z trzech tomów klasycznego dzieła Bolesława. Lalka (Polish Edition) [Boleslaw Prus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Doll (Polish title: Lalka) is the second of four major novels by.

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Marrying the late owner's widow who eventually dies , he comes into money and uses it to set up a partnership with a Russian merchant he had met while in exile. The manager of Wokulski's Warsaw store, Ignacy Rzecki, is a man of an earlier generation, a modest bachelor who lives on memories of his youth, which was a heroic chapter in his own life and that of Europe. Through his diary the reader learns about some of Wokulski's adventures, seen through the eyes of an admirer.

Rzecki and his friend Katz had gone to Hungary in to enlist in the revolutionary army. For Rzecki, the cause of freedom in Europe is connected with the name of Napoleon Bonaparte , and the Hungarian revolution had sparked new hopes of abolishing the reactionary system that had triumphed at Napoleon's fall. Later he had reposed his hopes in Napoleon III. At novel's end, when Rzecki hears that Loulou has perished in Africa , fighting in British ranks against rebel tribesmen, he will be overcome by the despondence of old age.

For now, Rzecki lives in constant excitement, preoccupied by politics , which he refers to in his diary by the code-letter " P.

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In addition to the two generations represented by Rzecki and Wokulski, the novel provides glimpses of a third, younger one, exemplified in the scientist Julian Ochocki modeled on Prus' friend, Julian Ochorowicz , some students, and young salesmen at Wokulski's store. The half-starving students inhabit the garret of an apartment house and are in constant conflict with the landlord over their arrears of rent; they are rebels, are inclined to macabre pranks, and are probably socialists.

Also of socialist persuasion is a young salesman , whereas some of the latter's colleagues believe first and last in personal gain. The Doll' s plot focuses on Wokulski's infatuation with the superficial Izabela, who sees him only as a plebeian intruder into her rarefied world, a brute with huge red hands; for her, persons below the social standing of aristocrats are hardly human.

Wokulski, in his quest to win Izabela, begins frequenting theaters and aristocratic salons; and, to help her financially distressed father, founds a company and sets the aristocrats up as shareholders in the business. Wokulski's eventual downfall highlights The Doll' s overarching theme: Wokulski and Rzecki are in many ways alter ego s for the book's author.

The frustrated scientist Wokulski is created in Prus ' own image.

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During a visit to Paris , Wokulski meets an old scientist named Geist whose name is German for "Spirit" , who is trying to discover a metal lighter than air ; in the hands of those who would use it to organize mankind, it could bring universal peace and happiness.

In order to make himself acceptable in her aristocratic milieu he sells his businesses so as to passively live off his investments. When, Wokulski finally sees through the woman that he loves, life loses all meaning for him. His morale collapses and he dies shortly afterwards.

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Being a logical positivist, Prus felt that the differences between Jews and Christians were entirely artificial. What Prus desired was for Polish Jews and Catholics to merge into a single progressive community of atheists. Accordingly, he presents the Jews in a very favorable light.

Wokulski has many good Jewish friends.

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Moreover Wokulski vigorously argues that through their business activities which create wealth, the Jews are making an important contribution to Polish society. Prus' sharpest criticisms are for the Polish aristocrats who do nothing to create wealth but simply spend money ostentatiously and amass debts while regarding everyone else with contempt particularly Jews and tradesmen i.

Prus provides a very insightful portrait of Poland under Russian rule in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Today we know that Poland was finally liberated by "Solidarity" which was in its essence a coalition of the Roman Catholic clergy and blue collar unions.

Stawska , Kazia Wasowska , Mr. Szlangbaum , Mr. Warsaw Poland Poland Paris France. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Lalka , please sign up. What is in this book? What does it have in terms of content? Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.

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