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This book isn't exactly of the new crop of books, but I was excited to pick up Barron's Verbal Workbook for the GRE. After all, Barron's has. You've probably seen or heard of their GRE prep book, Barron's GRE (22nd edition This should include help with GRE vocab and GRE math. Barron's NEW GRE manual is based on the new test structure and questions types of The Barron's GRE Verbal Workbook prepares the prospective graduate.

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Barron's GRE Verbal Workbook, 2nd Edition [Philip Geer Ed.M] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Prospective graduate students preparing. GRE: Which is the best GRE book to prepare for the verbal section and one or more books of Princeton, Manhattan, Kaplan, Barrons, ETS. Barron's GRE Verbal Workbook book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Prospective graduate students preparing for the GRE wil.. .

This was one of the most common complaints in student reviews. Unfortunately, though, there are a few strategies that are either confusing or downright questionable. We have the industry's leading GRE prep program. Built by world-class instructors with 99th percentile GRE scores , the program learns your strengths and weaknesses through machine learning data science, then customizes your prep program to you so you get the most effective prep possible. Then they immediately tell you to be careful with this strategy because the test writers often place synonyms in the answer choices to trick you! This is contradictory advice. I would advise you instead to read the sentence first, then consider if any synonym pairs you see in the answers match up.

However, there the book is filled with problems.

Barron's GRE Verbal Workbook

Hence, good for additional practice. Do not rely on this book for tips and concepts- its only for practice. The RCs are mediocre, at best. Questions are not representative of GRE difficulty. Since this book has mistakes, it looses some marks. Final Verdict: Use only for additional practice.

However, this book has spelling mistakes and errors. So avoid if possible. However, Mixed Drill exercises are present.

How I got the book: Bought second-hand copy. The strategies for reading comprehension, sentence equivalence and fill-in-the-blanks are useful. This book is the right balance of everything. However, little else to complain about.

Verbal book gre barrons

Final Verdict: Good book for those who want to improve their verbal. Adequate practice. Not a must to by though However, Math Diagnostic Test was there. Hundreds of questions available!!!! Antonyms and analogies are no longer on the new GRE. For fun, you can go through them as vocabulary builders. However, you do not have to learn the strategy behind them.

Barron's GRE Verbal Workbook by Philip Geer

RCs are adequate in difficulty. No CD available.

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Still recommended even if it is out-dated. However, download second-hand version if possible. Since it does not follow revised GRE pattern, lot of people may not want to use it after you have finished using it. All chapters in GRE quant are covered in detail- concepts, strategies and practice exercises.

Manhatt Final Verdict: Good for those who want only quant practice. Even though it follows the Old GRE pattern, the shear volume of practice questions compensate. Manhattan GRE books offer comprehensive information, excellent practice questions.

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Name required. Email will not be published required. Jyothi jo September 10, at 8: I have completed my fee test day today but very bad score v q please tell me how to increase verbal in 20 days Reply.

Jessica Wan September 10, at Hi Jyothi, Have you taken a look at our 1 month study guide? All best, Jessica Reply.

Barron's GRE Verbal Workbook

Chitti babu July 25, at Any review on this please. Not only is this awkward and laborious, cutting and pasting is an easy way to introduce unnecessary error and awkward repetition into your essay if not deployed exactly correctly. They advise you to do this if you are stumped on a question that has a figure.

In fact, sometimes ETS will specifically use misleading figures for questions like this. This means that if you use the image to guess the answer, you will invariably get the answer wrong.

So this is definitely a last-resort strategy. Some Organization and Formatting Issues This is a comparatively minor concern, but some of the organization and formatting of this prep book make it a little less user-friendly than it could be. For example, the quantitative comparison practice questions are listed in a chart format without the answer choices being repeated for each question.

While the answer choices are the same for all quantitative comparison questions, the odd format makes the page a little hard to navigate visually.

Gre book barrons verbal

Also, the math concept review is organized awkwardly. Instead of placing the content review first, we get question types first. These are hyperlinked to the relevant concept in the Kindle edition, but still very awkward.

GRE Prep Online Guides and Tips

It would be much simpler and clearer if the conceptual review came first, and then concepts were referenced by name instead of with bizarre codes in the chapters on the different question types. Thus, the math content review is not terribly user-friendly. The math section is messy, like this diagram.

Book verbal barrons gre

Do I think everyone needs this book? In short, no. However, do I think this book will be really useful to some test-takers? Especially for under twenty bucks.

Who Should Get This Book?