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Aulton's pharmaceutics: the design and manufacture of medicines / edited by Michael E. 4th edition / edited by Michael E. Aulton and Kevin M.G. Taylor. Table is reprinted from Aulton's Pharmaceutics: The Design and to confer water Read and Download PDF Ebook aulton pharmaceutics fourth edition at. Aulton's Pharmaceutics. 4th Edition. The Design and Manufacture of Medicines. Editors: Kevin Taylor Michael Aulton. eBook ISBN:

Specialized Summary "Pharmaceutics is one of the most diverse subject areas in all of pharmaceutical science. In brief, it is concerned with the scientific and technological aspects of the design and manufacture of dosage forms or medicines. An understanding of pharmaceutics is therefore vital for all pharmacists and those pharmaceutical scientists who are involved with converting a drug or a potential drug into a medicine that can be delivered safely, effectively and conveniently to the patient. Now in its fourth edition, this best-selling textbook in pharmaceutics has been brought completely up to date to reflect the rapid advances in delivery methodologies by eye and injection, advances in drug formulations and delivery methods for special groups such as children and the elderly , nanomedicine, and pharmacognosy. At the same time the editors have striven to maintain the accessibility of the text for students of pharmacy, preserving the balance between being a suitably pitched introductory text and a clear reflection of the state of the art"--Publisher's summary.

Michael E. Aulton 3. Properties of solutions. Aulton 4. Surfaces and interfaces. Graham Buckton 5.

Disperse systems. David Attwood 6. Christopher Marriot 7. Solid-state properties. Graham Buckton 9. Particle size analysis. Staniforth, Kevin M. Taylor Particle size reduction and size separation. Aulton, J. Staniforth Andrew M.

4th pdf pharmaceutics aultons edition

Twitchell Powder flow. Fundamentals of microbiology. Geoffrey W. Hanlon Pharmaceutical applications of microbiological techniques.

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Norman A. Hodges Action of physical and chemical agents on microorganisms. Hanlon, Norman A. Principles of sterilization.

Susannah E. Walsh, Jean-Yves Maillard Sterilization in practice. Maillard, Susannah E. Introduction to biopharmaceutics. Marianne Ashford Gastrointestinal tract — physiology and drug absorption.

4th edition pdf aultons pharmaceutics

Bioavailability — physicochemical and dosage form factors. Assessment of biopharmaceutical properties.

Aulton's Pharmaceutics, 4th Edition, The Design and Manufacture of Medicines

Dosage regimens. John H. Pharmaceutical preformulation. Simon Gaisford Sudaxshina Murdan Susan A. Barker Emulsions and Creams. Gillian M. Eccleston Powders, granules and granulation. Aulton, Malcolm P. Surfaces and interfaces 00 Graham Buckton 5.

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Rheology Christopher Marriot 7. Staniforth, Kevin M. Taylor Aulton, J. Staniforth Twitchell Aulton PART 3: Hanlon Hodges Hanlon, Norman A. Walsh, Jean-Yves Maillard Maillard, Susannah E.

Walsh PART 4: Introduction to biopharmaceutics Marianne Ashford Suspensions Susan A. Barker Emulsions and Creams Gillian M.

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Eccleston Powders, granules and granulation Michael E. Aulton, Malcolm P. Aulton Modified-release oral drug delivery Abdul W. Basit, Emma L. McConnell Porter Jones Martin, Alison B. Lansley Topical and transdermal drug delivery Adrian C. Williams Khaw, Steve Brocchini