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We highly recommend these sign language books for every ASL student. The American Sign Language Phrase Book is a book that every. Results 1 - 20 of Explore our list of Sign Language Books at Barnes & Noble®. Receive free Title: Learn American Sign Language, Author: Arlene Rice. A Sign Language Book (or a few) is a must-have for any ASL student, whether for a class or personal use. You'll use your book time and again to learn this.

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Irene Duke (Mashpee, MA) has been a professional instructor of American Sign Language for more than twenty years. She is the director of ASL programs at. The Everything Sign Language Book: American Sign Language Made Easy All new. price$ $ The Everything Sign Language Book: American Sign. The Everything Sign Language Book: American Sign Language Made Easy All new. The Everything Sign Language Book: American Irene Duke. out of 5.

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It's a workbook, so be prepared to use it to find your homework assignments and as a resource for tests. I feel my professor used it to guide the course along in an organized, straightforward way. This popular sign language book has a well-rounded approach. It boasts over 1, photographs, sections on history, community, handshapes, signing etiquette, fingerspelling and more. It also features a "Visualize" tip that helps connect a sign with it's meaning for easier remembering. With an average rating of over 4.

The pictures and desciptions of how to make the sign are excellent. However, no one book has every sign. download this for your personal library, it is the clearest book on how to make a particular sign. Though I prefer a dictionary when searching for a particular sign Perigee and Random House are my favorites , this book is excellent for studying and increasing vocabulary.

Learning American Sign Language: Levels I & II--Beginning & Intermediate

My favorite feature is that there are two pictures per sign in most cases. You can see how the sign starts and how it finishes versus trying to discern the motions from arrows in other books I've used. I also appreciate the selections throughout the book on deaf history, culture, technology, etc. Signing Illustrated Revised Edition: The Complete Learning Guide. Signing Illustrated uses the approach of presenting signs by category.

Sign Language Books

It is clear, easy-to-understand, and recommended for beginners to ASL. You'll find vocabulary and fingerspelling exercises, sign matching and memory aids, and of course plenty of illustrations! This book includes signs, very clearly illustrated with memory aids, as well as help tp practice fingerspelling. Like any ASL book you'll come across, there are some regional differences in the signs, but they're few and far between. The vocabulary is listed in categories instead of alphabetical order.

This means that you can learn all of your feeling words or all of your action words without having to sift through the book and find each one. I love that about this! No matter what your reason is to learn ASL, this is a wonderful book to get you started.

American Sign Language | NIDCD

As a Deafie myself, I would tell anyone without hesitation that this is the book to get if you want an easy and readable access to sign langauge.

If I could change one thing about this book, however, it would be for it to give a more in-depth and extensive explanation of the ASL syntax. Dec 18, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is very useful.

With history, common signs, and tips, all broken down into easy-to-follow chapters and subjects, this book is a great way to start, or further, your ASL skills. Oct 07, Heather rated it liked it.

This book was a fun read. Things I like: There is even really great information that is usually not included in ASL books - on accommodations for a Deaf person's hotel or hospital room, how to behave around a guide dog, how to use a TTY, etc.

Some of the information was kind of like preaching to the choir e. Although, I think if the decision was bigger photos or more signs, they should have gone with more signs. Things I didn't like: For instance, that "thank you" is introduced in chapter 18 under the category of "Potpourri. Using two hands for "cat," for instance, is considered old-fashioned.

It's not often clear from the arrows what the motion should be though, for the most part, the descriptions of the sign often make up for that.

Sign book american language

However, it seems there's a newer version of the book with new photos, so maybe those photos are better. Overall, this book would be a great addition to a curriculum when used with a class textbook and a signing dictionary.

Sep 20, Shelli rated it it was ok Shelves: I am so frustrated with this book right now! My daughter and I have been reading a chapter at a time and carefully going over and over the information and signs only to check http: Yes, words often have multiple signs and vary regionally but there is no way this is the case with so many of the basic signs.

I feel like we wasted the last few weeks learning information that I can't trust to be accurate. If anyone knows a source that can b I am so frustrated with this book right now! If anyone knows a source that can be trusted please message me. It's unfortunate too because I really loved all the back information The Everything Sign Language Book began with, which is the only reason I am even giving it two stars.

Signing Savvy, Your Sign Language Resource

Dec 02, Maggie rated it really liked it Shelves: So interesting! Not just for picking up a few fun signs, this book really covers the details and foundations of learning ASL for what it is: And it's straightforward enough for any age of reader to learn from it.

Aug 13, Melissa Marin added it. I personally find watching a person live or in videos most useful when learning though because movement and palm orientation is very important and a book can't demonstrate that as well as a human. I found this book to be quite informative about the basics of sign language and the common assumptions people make about signing and the Deaf community.

It is well written and I would recommend it to other people who are interested in ASL. The pictures helped alot I like the visual pictures provided and helped alot. The other book read had drawing of the signing which wer ent as clear. Apr 08, E rated it really liked it. Teaches the rules of ASL in a natural order that is predictable and compatible with everyday language of native users of American Sign Language. Incorporates information about the cultural lives of Deaf people in the United States.

Is supported by a video demonstrating all the conversations and important structures in the text.

Order the NEW Video! Four internationally known Deaf actors animate the dialogues bringing life to the illustrations in the text allowing students to preview and review instructional materials at home to enhance their classroom learning. He is currently coordinating a program to train teachers of deaf children using a bilingual approach.

Book american sign language

Prior to this he taught at Gallaudet University in the Department of English for several years and later served as an Associate Dean for the San Diego Community College District where he coordinated the development of an ASL program and an interpreter-training program.