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American Hustle movie script, photos, video, production notes American Hustle is loosely based on the FBI ABSCAM operation of the late s and early '80s. American Hustle – undated, unspecified draft script by Eric Warren Singer & David O. Russell – hosted by: Sony Pictures – in pdf format. If you haven't already seen it, American Hustle is a fictional story based on the real life story of the Abscam scandal in the late s. The film.

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AMERICAN HUSTLE. Written by. Eric Warren Singer and David O. Russell. Page 2. TITLE CARD: SOME OF THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED. OVER BLACK. Synopsis: American Hustle is a American black comedy crime film directed by David O. Russell. It was written by Eric Warren Singer and Russell, inspired by the FBI ABSCAM operation of the late s and early s. It stars Christian Bale and Amy Adams as two con artists who. Script Analysis: “American Hustle” — Part 1: Scene By Scene Breakdown .. If you'd like a PDF of the American Hustle script scene-by-scene.

Oct 25, A look at the story structure of the Oscar nominated film. One of the best things screenwriters can do to elevate their understanding of the craft is to create a scene-by-scene breakdown of an existing movie. The value of this exercise: Pares down the story to its most constituent parts: Scenes. Consciously explores the structure of the narrative. Creates a foundation for an even deeper analysis of the story. He finally walks out to meet Edith Greensley aka Sydney Prosser in another room. There is a deep emotional relationship between them.

I could feel their struggles, their desires to be different people, to live different lives, to make something of themselves, etc.

Hustle script pdf american

It felt as though every spoken word or decision made was motivated by feelings of life or death; it could all begin or end as each scene progressed. Each scene felt as though it was a tension-filled building block being placed one on top of the other, and made me think back to the line spoken numerous times by Irv and Richie: I felt sympathy for them all. I also loved the fact that the script began with the scene in which Polito leaves the meeting with Richie, Edith and Irv because the direction of the journey for each of these characters depends entirely on this moment.

Structurally, I enjoyed the way scenes bounced back and forth between moments in time from present to past and vice versa. Most Memorable Dialogue: Page 26 Rosalyn Rosenfeld: Irving Rosenfeld: And she had me like nobody had me. Page s 98—99 Sydney Prosser: Rosalyn Rosenfeld: Sydney Prosser: I have a ring on my finger. We have a child together! He loves me. And you know it, and I know it, and he knows it.

And it might be done now, but it was beautiful, and it was real… Rosalyn Rosenfeld: Stop it. Shut up. You scare him, and you manipulate him, and you use your son!


Well, he must like it on some level. He must want it, because he keeps coming back for it. Well guess what?

American Hustle Script at The Screenplay Database

Mark my words! Carmine warns him not to put metal in it. Stoddard again fails to finish the ice fishing story which Richie again fails to second guess.

Later Irv tells her he told not to put metal in it. Then she protests that it was dangerous to begin with and thank God for her. He says it was a special gift from Carmine and she mocks that he should go marry Carmine. Irv sees them kissing. He goes to Sydney as Richie goes to the jet. Irv tells Sydney to stay away from the meeting that night, where Carmine will show the sheik the hotel they renovated in Atlantic City as a new casino.

They argue that Irv wanted his guy, Al from Queens, to play the sheik; and then that Richie kissed Sydney. Irv instructs the agent sheik how to present a gift to Carmine to help win his trust.

Meanwhile Richie calls for Irv and she listens in on an extension line as he reveals he has fed agents coming to the party. Irv tells her to stay out of it, worried she will screw things up. He gets on the line with Irv and convinces Irv to bring her.

Roslyn faces off with Sydney like two cats about to fight. The sheik is with Richie and they meet Carmine and his wife. Inside Carmine boasts about the hand painted ceiling in the lobby and how they save money renovating. The entourage continues into the Ocean Room, where they confront some well-dressed gentlemen, the mob, who Carmine notes as having many years of experience in the business. Irv is immediately cautious and wants to confer before meeting them.

But Richie insists there is nothing to be scared of. She loves the attention. Pete Musane, one of the mob guys, takes right away to Roselyn. They hit it off as another mob guy, Dick Helsing, drinks with them Richie then introduces the sheik to the mob guys who then suggest they meet Mr.

Tellegio in the back room. They go to the back as Sydney stays behind to keep an eye on Roslyn, worried she will screw things up.

American hustle Screenplay

He greets Carmine and a table is set up for them to sit. They sit and Tellegio tells them they have to make the sheik an American citizen for this investment to work legally. Irv protests that this is too dangerous.

Hustle pdf american script

Irv, Richie, Paco and even Carmine are concerned. In voice over Irving explains that Tellegio learned Arabic to keep up on his mid-eastern investments.

Paco as the sheik speaks enough Arabic to say the deal is real, as he gets up to leave.

But after that they meet in the bathroom and fight it out. Sydney tells her that her love with Irv was real and great, while it lasted, and all three of them know it, and that Roslyn uses Irv and her child to keep him. This has Roslyn in tears. She melts into his arms and cries. Sydney storms out and sees them. She runs back into the room where Irv is leading the sheik Paco out of the meeting with Tellegio.

He looks around saddened, and remembers better times there with Sydney when she first tried on some outfits. He calls Stoddard and demands ten million dollars for a Tellegio sting, and a whole floor at the Plaza for the sheik, to entrap potential Congressmen willing to take bribes.

Then he tells Sydney he really loves her and that makes it real so they can now have sex. She reveals her real name is Sydney and that she has no English accent and is not Edith Greensley.

He takes Sydney and tries to force her to have sex to calm him down. Richie reveals that he knows she is Sydney and not Edith.

Richie calls Stoddard again and screams at him, and threatens to come and beat him up. He leaves the room.

Script pdf hustle american

Sydney tells him they have to find a way to get over on everyone. We see they are now holding hands, reconciled. We see flashbacks of Rickie smacking his head with a phone and pulling a gun on him. Then Richie interrupts the testimony to say he was sorry, but that he really needed the ten million and the suite.

Richie asks him to finish the fishing story which Stoddard refuses to do. Richie goes on to set up the room with hidden cameras. At the Plaza Richie records himself filling a briefcase with money to give to a congressman. He goes on to record the entrapment actions as we watch Carmine at the state capitol with another congressman. At the Plaza we see Richie, Carmine and Irv talking to congressmen and a senator about the great plans for Atlantic City.

They bribe a senator who praises Carmine and how his people love him. Carmine stakes his family on the legitimacy of the plan, which makes Irving, feel bad. Irving takes a break to a back room where he sees the feds recording and then sees Sydney, who he tells how he feels for Carmine. She tells him the way to help Carmine is to go through with the plan to get Tellegio. We see Pete coerce Irving and Carmine into the front seat of his car with Dick Helsing in the back seat.

Back to Rosalyn and Irving storms in and complains that her boyfriend tried to kill him.

'American Hustle' Screenplay Now Available For Your Consideration

Flashback to the car with Pete, as Irving tells them he can get two million that week. Richie proceeds to first get Simone to reveal that he will pay off, coerce people and teach skimming.

They take the wire number and transfer the two million. Richie is ecstatic, dancing around as Stoddard mopes unimpressed.