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download All About Space magazine Issue 87 The team used observations from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Giant bubbles analysis, have now yielded good estimates of the densities of all seven of. Read and download Space magazines and books now, without registration! All About Space – · admin. By admin. 6 months ago 6 months ago.

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It is the largest known ring in our solar system. Ciampaglia Scholastic News Online nullnull,null On April 21, a team of Swiss and French researchers working at the European Southern Observatory in Chile reported they had discovered the smallest and most Earthlike planets ever seen beyond our solar system. But one company announced recently that it might have found a way to grow plants on the moon. The mission was scheduled for February, but problems with the shuttle's hydrogen valves delayed the launch by a month. Ciampaglia Scholastic News Online nullnull,null There are thousands of man-made satellites in Earth's orbit. Last week, miles above Earth, two of those satellites collided.

There is February Issue February 25, Dr.

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Salman Shah For a developing country to take on some debt for its development and running the government is not an unusual thing February Issue February 24, Dr. Pakistan now has a very modest exposure to debt It was allegedly developed by a software engineer February Issue February 18, News Analysis Allahyar and the Legend of the Markhor is an animated movie that has sparked widespread interest all over Pakistan. It is due Saadat Hasan February Issue January 20, Aateka Khan December 28, was an ominous day in the legislative history of India.

It is the foreboding day that the Muslim Women Even the spectacular photographs do not do it justice.

It was a majestic sight—a splendid blue and white jewel suspended against a velvet black sky. Mitchell and Shepard walked on the lunar surface for nearly nine hours over two days.

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They completed many science experiments, collected nearly one hundred pounds of moon rocks, and made the longest moonwalk on foot of any Apollo astronaut. Return to Earth After Mitchell had completed his major tasks on the moon, the ride home was, by contrast, a time of relaxation and reflection.

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He now had time to sit back in the spacecraft and just peer out the window as a cosmic sightseer—and the view was magnificent. I was observing the passing of the heavens.

As we were rotating, I saw the Earth, the sun, the moon, in a degree panorama of the heavens. As he stared out the window, an unforgettable feeling of ecstasy and unity washed over him.

He felt connected to the stars on a subatomic level with his body, his crew, and even his spacecraft. Trained as a scientist, with degrees in aeronatics and astronautics, Mitchell felt driven to find out what exactly had happened to him in the spacecraft.

The experience had been highly visceral, unlike anything he had ever known, and he wanted to gain an understanding of it.

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He delved into books and the brains of scientists, looking for insights. Finally, individuals from Rice University in Houston, Texas, told Mitchell about a concept he had never heard of called samadhi, an ancient Sanskrit word describing an intense, heightened state of consciousness, an inner connection with things and a feeling of oneness with the universe.

This one word, he felt, best explained his tremendous experience. A few other words, too, helped define what had happened to him: metanoia a transformative change of heart and satori sudden enlightenment. He often said that his experience could be explained as an epiphany, a moment of sudden inspiration or insight. He was the only one who really wanted to talk about it.

Whatever it was that had happened to him, Mitchell felt wholly and utterly transformed by that three-day journey home and soon began to make sweeping changes in his life. A Whole New Life Completely absorbed in the mind and consciousness as his compelling new frontier, Mitchell had no further interest in the military or the exploration of space.

Within about a year of his return from the moon, he retired from a twenty-year career in the Navy—the last six years of that period being with NASA.

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Alpha and theta brain waves are two physiological correlates being found for psychological stages of meditation, along with changes in breathing, heartbeat rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and various other metabolic correlates.

At one point, while walking more than a mile to the mission destination of Cone Crater, the heart rates of both Mitchell and Shepard soared; the two were told to turn back for their safety and unfortunately they were unable to reach their destination. In addition to meditating, Mitchell became a peacenik.

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Though he had spent many years in the military and was a fighter pilot—as was his younger brother, Jay Neely Mitchell, who was serving in the Vietnam War while Edgar was walking on the moon—war and fighting now went against his sensibilities. The beauty and fragility of Earth, as seen from hundreds of thousands of miles away, changed how he felt about our planet. It was my home. I suddenly felt very protective of Earth and started to see everyone on the planet in a more sacred way. He believed they would have a new perspective, hopefully a peaceful one.

From out there on the moon, international politics looks so petty.

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Growing up on a farm, he understood where food comes from. Although he did not become a vegetarian after his moon mission, Mitchell said he developed an increased awareness of how food is processed and what kinds of foods he consumed. His samadhi in space triggered an intense drive to investigate consciousness and unexplained issues such as extrasensory perception, telepathy and clairvoyance.

Joseph Banks Rhine. The Apollo 14 moon mission gave him a unique opportunity to indulge his scientific curiosity. During his personal time on the spacecraft he conducted four private experiments with four individuals back on Earth, testing whether ESP might bridge up to , miles of space. Using numbers assigned to the five standard symbols circle, cross, wavy lines, square, star of ESP Zener cards, he conducted two tests on the way to the moon and two tests on the way back.