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Even just now I typed , then had to backspace to change to Guess I An "object cannot be found" error usually indicates an issue with Outlook, not a. An object cannot be found. when trying to update the Offline address book. I've searched Here is the setup: Single Exchange server running on Windows R2. PCs are running XP SP3 with Outlook SP2. An object could not be found.' You can't find a user in the offline address book in Office If you're running Outlook or Outlook , click File on the Office ribbon, click Account Settings, and then click Account Settings. In the E- mail.

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Outlook is popping up with the error when downloading offline address book: Reported error (0xF): 'The Operation failed. An object cannot be found' Error? There are incorrect items in the Offline Address Book (OAB) list object; The OAB has either a missing or. Outlook would give the "object could not be found" error when trying to download the Offline Address Book (OAB) from the Send/Receive.

Some of the notable differences in latest iteration of the exchange server include:. The above error is most commonly observed when running an exchange server platform with Outlook version installed. Upon receiving this error, your attempts at sending mails via Outlook could be un vain and return error:. If the error still persists even after trying out the above steps, then it could very well be a case of Exchange Database. Exchange database corruption is a serious issue as the edb file is the store of all data within the server and hence could put all of that information in jeopardy.

Moreover, this error is commonly faced by the Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook versions users only.

As behind every error, there is some reason, same is the case with this error in Outlook.

0xF The operation failed. An object cannot be found.

The root causes that bring out The operation failed. An object could not be found: Therefore, various troubleshooting methods to fix this error are covered in this post. Special Tips: In order to fix this reported Outlook error 0xf there are various possible solutions available that a user can try and all of them are listed below:.

So choose manual solutions from the above list to follow the respective steps to resolve this Microsoft Outlook error. The blog also introduces a efficient software named SysTools Outlook PST Repair tool to fix send and recieve error codes occuring in Outlook , , and other early versions.

Outlook error: The operation failed. An object could not be found

To start with, a user needs to make sure that MS Outlook is not working in the compatibility mode. If it is working, then a user need to straight away correct it by following the steps mentioned below:. Go to the Start button and in the search box type outlook. It will display the corresponding program 2.

2010 outlook be object cannot book found address

Then, right-click on the program and select the Properties option from the displayed menu 3. A new dialog box will appear. Go directly to the Compatibility tab 4.

Here, you need to check if the Run this program in compatibility mode for: Verify if Outlook is in Compatibility Mode.

Now, if the option is checked, please unchecked it for once. After that, restart the MS Outlook application to send emails again. However, if the option is already unchecked, then there may be some other cause behind this error: The operation failed. Another possible cause behind this issue is the corrupted Outlook profile. Therefore, try to create a new profile to resolve the error.

Be object cannot book found address 2010 outlook

After that, double-click on the Mail icon 3. Now, in the Mail Setup dialog box, click on the Show Profiles option. Then, a New Profile dialog box will appear. Enter a descriptive type of a name for the new profile under the Profile Name and click OK. Next, in the E-mail Accounts dialog box, choose Add a new e-mail account in the e-mail options, and after that click on Next to continue. Now, click on the type of server on which the e-mail account works, and then click Next to proceed further 7.

Enter all the required details, including the fields that appear after clicking on More Settings option 8. As you done with entering all the required information, click on Finish button. The antivirus application plays an important role in protecting the MS Outlook from viruses.

To help find the Autodiscover file, there's an applet in the Exchange PowerShell called test-outlookwebservices that will give you ther URL, as well as telling you whether the server responds to basic "are you alive" tests.

Here's an example: So the above result was actually good.

Outlook 2010, 2007 0x8004010f

I tried the same URL from two client computers. It gave the same result in both cases. So all of this looked okay. Connectivity Analyzer Malik's blog also pointed me to a tool called the Microsoft Exchange Connectivity Analyzer beta.

Net 4. Get the tool from: The results of this finally showed me the problem, which was that autodiscover. But it got further than last time. I chased down the errors by clicking the little arrows under each error message in Analyzer.

Object outlook found cannot book address 2010 be

By drilling down, I discovered that it didn't like that my server certificate was for jupiter. Fortunately Outlook doesn't care about this, so Outlook works even if the Connectivity Analyzer does not. The other domain names I mentioned at the beginning of this article also had to be in the HOSTS file, so that effort wasn't wasted.

Book object address outlook found be 2010 cannot

Ctrl-right-click the Outlook notification icon on the right in Windows. Select Test E-mail AutoConfiguration. Enter your Exchange email address and your password. Make sure Use AutoDiscover is checked. Click Test. If it's successful, you can switch to the XML tab and see the Autodiscover.

Wrapping Up Finally I backtracked to find out why changing the router broke everything. Anything else was forwarded to Google's DNS. Google's public DNS servers are blisteringly fast and are definitely worth using. Their IP addresses are 8.

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