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You can also download group wise Tamil Nadu plus two text books such as group 1 Commerce, Maths come book, Solution Book, Physics, Economics, Tamil. Tamil Nadu 12th/HSC 2nd Year New Syllabus Textbooks - TN Two Online Textbooks | TN HSC New Syllabus Ebooks | TN 12th / + 2 Books PDF . TN HSC 2nd Year/12th/Plus Two Economic Theory Free PDF. 10th Maths Text Book – Tamil Medium – Volume I / Volume II – English 12th Economics Text Book – Tamil Medium – Click here – English.

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TN Samacheer Kalvi 12th Books (12th new books ) are available Class 12th standard Tamilnadu Textbook for Tamil medium all subject. Tamilnadu 12th Standard Books to TN HSC Samacheer Kalvi Books pdf Download for Free. The equal weightage of marks is Class 12th Tamil Medium New Books - Free Download pdf Economic Theory. Download. Text book published by Government of Tamil Nadu.

Magnesite mining is done at Salem apart from which mining of Bauxite ores are carried out at Yercaud and this region is also rich in Iron Ore Kanjamalai. Molybdenum is found in Dharmapuri , and is the only source in the country. Energy[ edit ] Tamil Nadu, being an industrialized and urbanized state, is among the top 3 states with respect to generation of electricity. The total installed capacity of Tamil Nadu stands at around MW as in September , that derives MW of power from solar and wind energy. Tamil Nadu has the distinction of being the leader in renewable energy In India by adopting clean sources of energy and having established wind farms as early as

By pursuing his own interest, he frequently promotes that of the society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it.

So, this is really a pretty strong statement. It's really at the core of capitalism. And that's why I point out that it was published in the same year as the American Declaration of Independence, because obviously America, the Founding Fathers, they wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, that really talks about what it means to be a democratic country, what are the rights of its citizens.

But the United States, with its overall experience of an American, is at least as influenced by the work of Adam Smith, by this kind of foundational ideas of capitalism. And they just both happened to happen around the same time. But this idea is not always that intuitive. Individual actors, by essentially pursuing their own self-interested ends might be doing more for society than than if any of them actually tried to promote the overall well-being of society.

And I don't think that Adam Smith would say that it's always good for someone to act self-interested, or that it's never good for people to actually think about the implications of what they are doing in an aggregate sense, but he is saying that frequently..

Could lead to more innovation. Could lead to better investment. Could lead to more productivity.

Introduction to economics

Could lead to more wealth, more, a larger pie for everyone. And now Economics is frequently.. Micro is that people, individual actors are acting out of their own self-interest. And the macro is that it might be good for the economy, or the nation as a whole. And so, now, modern economists tend to divide themselves into these two schools, or into these two subjects: microeconomics, which is the study of individual actors. And you have macro-economics, which is the study of the economy in aggregate.

And you get it from the words. Micro -- the prefix refers to very small things. Macro refers to the larger, to the bigger picture. And so, micro-economics is essentially how actors..

And you hear the words scarce resources a lot when people talk about economics. And a scarce resource is one you don't have an infinite amount of.

Amma Guide 2018 :12th Standard Tamil and English Medium Guide

For example, love might not be a scarce resource. You might have an infinite amount of love. But a resource that would be scarce is something like food, or water, or money, or time, or labor. These are all scarce resources. And so microeconomics is how do people decide where to put those scarce resource, how do they decide where to deploy them. And how does that.. Macro-economics is the study of what happens at the aggregate to an economy. So, 'aggregate', what happens in aggregate to an economy, from the millions of individual actors.

Aggregate economy. We now have millions of actors. And often focuses on policy-related questions. SO, do you raise or lower taxes. Or, what's going to happen when you raise or lower taxes. Do you regulate or de-regulate? How does that affect the overall productivity when you do this. So, it's policy, top-down.. And in both macro- and micro-economics, there is especially in the modern sense of it, there is an attempt to make them rigorous, to make them mathematical.

So, in either case you could start with some of the ideas, some of the philosophical ideas, so of the logical ideas, to say someone like Adam Smith might have. So, you have these basic ideas about how people think, how people make decisions.

Book tamil 12th economics

So, philosophy, 'philosophy' of people, of decision-making, in the case of micro-economics -- 'decision-making' And then you make some assumptions about it. Tuticorin is known as "Gateway of Tamilnadu". Thoothukudi is the major chemical producer in the state.

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It produces the 70 percent of the total salt production in the state and 30 percent in the country. Over Tamil Nadu has manufacturing facilities from automobiles, railway coaches, battle-tanks, tractors, motorbikes and heavy vehicles to ships. Alstom has a manufacturing facility in Coimbatore which manufactures rail transportation products.

Tamil book economics 12th

TI cycles of Murugappa group have their units in Chennai. Karur is well known for its bus body building industries.

More than Bus body building industries are located in and around Karur. Textiles[ edit ] Tamil Nadu is the largest textile hub of India. Coimbatore often referred as the "Manchester of South India" due to its cotton production and textile industries.

Economy of Tamil Nadu - Wikipedia

From Spinning to garment manufacturing, entire textile production chain facilities are in Tamil Nadu. About half of India's total spinning mill capacity is in Tamil Nadu. Yarn is also exported to China, Bangladesh etc. Tirupur knitted garment units have been exporting garments for about 3 decades with exports in the range of USD 3 Billion. Karur is the major home textile Curtain cloth, bed linens, kitchen linens, toilet linens, table linens, wall hangings etc.

Erode is the main cloth market in south India for both retail and wholesale ready-mades. Lakshmi Machine Works [LMW], one of the three major textile machinery manufacturing companies in the world is located in Coimbatore. Savio also has a factory in Coimbatore.

Many textile component manufacturers are in Coimbatore and some export to the Europe etc. Aerospace and Defence[ edit ] Tamil Nadu Defence Corridor The defence industry in Tamil Nadu is one of the fastest growing sector in the states generating a huge amount of export revenue. Products manufactured include circuit boards and cellular phone handsets.

Sanmina-SCI is the latest company to invest in Tamil Nadu to create a state of the art manufacturing facility. Hundreds of leather and tannery facilities are located around Vellore and its nearby towns, such as Ranipet , Ambur and Vaniyambadi.

The Vellore district is the top exporter of finished leather goods in the country. Vellore leather accounts for more than 37 percent [57] of the country's export of leather and leather-related products such as finished leathers, shoes, garments and gloves.