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From the Smartware Home tab, check if you have the my book live icon and click on it to make the backup and retrieve tabs accessible. Short version: Western Digital's refreshed My Book Essential external hard With an enormous 2TB capacity, built-in WD SmartWare software. The following 6TB and 8TB models with an 8 digit serial number do not support the WD Unlocker VCD which is required by WD Smartware.

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My Book offers complete backup options with WD SmartWare Pro software for local and cloud backup and Acronis True Image WD Edition software for system. I installed updated version of WD SmartWare and now, I can't access my drive any ideas. I have a WDBA 3 TB external drive. Previous versions. MyBook device is not displayed in Smartware Home tab. It DOES appear in WD Drive Utilities and passes all 3 tests. Drive IS listed in.

Hi, I have to say I just simply do not know what WD are playing at these days. It seems every day more and more people are having a hell of a time with their external drive solutions. You are about the third person this week to encounter this problem. Where the drive simply fails to show up in windows 8 under my computer, or encounter such a problem. To add to that fact, over a month or so of seeing people with a WD external drive, where the controller board interface of the drive fails.

Each time you go through the process, it will alternate between being visible and being hidden. This software is the same software that you can download as mentioned in other answers In this answer, I'm just pointing out that a version of it though presumably it may not be the latest version, and therefore you may want to download it exists on the "virtual CD" already, which you can copy and run.

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Ask Question. STEP 1: Firmware Update: Release 2. Download the Firmware Updater for Windows. Unzip the file and double click to open the Firmware Updater. Click Continue to update the firmware. Verify the attached drive's serial number located on the back of the drive.

Click Update Firmware. Once the updater is finished, click Exit. STEP 2: Unzip the utility Extract the file using an extraction utility.

Click Continue to disable the VCD. Once the utility has found your drive, click Configure Drive and then click Exit. Verify that the VCD no longer appears. Successfully updated firmware tonight, and everything looks good so far. Much better to not have the annoying software launching, but does anyone know of good instructions to eliminate the partition?

This doesn't really remove the partition, you know. Couldn't you just remove it with a partition manager like gparted or whatever there is for osx?

Why does this have 32 upvotes? This doesn't answer the question at all. Haase Jan 23 '12 at A one liner for this: Just tried this and it worked great!

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Thank you! Note to others who might be thinking about trying this: Neat idea, but you have do do this on each computer you use it on. The Mac version seems to be wdc.

Then after VCD worked, the My Book was still read only, so I used the smartware which was still installed to erase everything already on the drive, and then it finally worked like an external hard drive is supposed to and was read and writable and then I deleted the smartware software I had installed on my computer Did this actually remove the hidden partition?

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Also this works for any USB. Disk Utility only shows one partition.

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I suppose I could redo it manually to make certain. The faux book shape may not be for everyone, but it does hide rather nicely if you put actual books remember them? Generally speaking, the drive is pretty quiet, although there is the usual buzz and hum during large backups. As mentioned above, the new WD drives come standard with password protection and bit hardware-based encryption.

When I spoke to WD a few weeks back, they were pretty adamant about erring on the side of total security. In other words, you are the only person who knows the password. Should it be lost, the drive will remain locked or must be re-formatted to use again. I can live with that. Standard across its entire line of external drives, SmartWare provides users with a very straight forward if at times too simplified way to automatically backup your files.

Once installed, SmartWare will scan your computer defaults to drive C: You can either select all or pick and choose the particular types of files you want to be automatically backed up when your My Book Essential is plugged in. SmartWare will continuously update the graphical representation with the status of your backup.