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Toronto Notes - Psychiatry - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Toronto Notes - Paediatrics - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or PL Cleft Lip Cleft Palate Syndactyly Polydactyly Hemangioma Psychiatry. Toronto Notes Psychiatry Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . tiDM for Major Psychiatric Disorders • Have you been feeling down.

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This year Toronto Notes proud to present this updated edition. for Medical Students . Toronto General Hospital Department of Psychiatry Centre for Addiction and .. of Canada website at pdf Canadian. You are about to see Mr. Oberman, a 23 year old male, in your outpatient clinic. He is a long time patient of yours. He comes to your office today because he's. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Sarah Levitt and others published Psychiatry, Toronto Notes.

Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases This manual contains 54 disease fact sheets for providers about specific infectious disease problems. These fact sheets have been designed to provide specific disease prevention and control guidelines that are consistent with the national standards put forth by the American Public Health Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Marx Pages The term childhood disease refers to disease that is contracted or becomes symptomatic before the age of 18 years old. Many of these diseases can also be contracted by adults. This book explains about some childhood diseases.

N-hemolytic strep Pneumococcus Moraxella catanhlllis Simill' symptoms as croup but mare rapid detErioration with high fever Toxic appeilllnce Does not respood to croup. PO 1 dose Usually requires intubation Racemic epinephrine: Lower Respiratory Tract Diseases obstruction of airways below thoracic inlet. Differential Diagnosis of Wheezing common asthma: Pneumonia inflammation of pulmonary tissue, associated with consolidation of alveolar spaces.

Respirology Table Clinical Presentation prodrome ofURTI with cough and fever feeding difficulties, irritability wheezing, respiratory distress, tachypnea, tachycardia, retractions, poor air entry lasting for days children with chronic lung disease, severe CHD and immunodeficiency have a more severe course of the illness Investigations. Asthma see Res. Clinical Presentation episodic bouts of wheezing dyspnea cough: Triggers URI viral or Mycoplasma weather cold exposure. MIInidl il..

Z1 nnlcrrimd 1rills compari'G lllli-leukotrienes d! Pancreatic insufliciii! Clinical Presentation neonatal meconium ileus prolonged jaundice antenatal bowel perforation infancy pancreatic insufficiency with steatorrhea and failure to thrivt: Rureus, P.

ReTUginosa, H. Tabla RF, PTT, sickle: Clinical Presentation afebrile or low-grade fever, pain typically occurs in hips, knees, painful limp but still capable of ambulating symptoms resolve over days. Investigations ESR. Systemic Arthritis Still's disease high spiking fever RH9 autoimmune illness affecting multiple organ systems incidence 1: Reactive Arthritis see Rbeumatoloey. RH22 arthritis follows bacterial infection especially with Salmonella, Shigella, Yersinia, Campylobacter, Chlamydia, and Streptococcus post-streptococcal reactive arthritis prognosis: Lyme Arthritis see Infectious Diseases.

Diagnostic Criteria fever persisting 5 days or more AND 4 of the following features: Common Medications Tabla Dosing Sc: Asthma Analgesic, antipynllic Cautious use il patienll with liver impainnent. V'm2fday PO 0. IIVdose pm, max frequency q4h. Ilr naad adlocmliogram? Von 2- fWmblr 4. Girtrol in Children Task Fo! National Hllrt, wng. Endlcrillllllll' Amlrican Dillbllls Association. Cantinuauuubartlnaaus ina infusion: Arclivas oflntanll Madicina.

Styne IJ. Sullara co. IY Kirslner liS, Blll: Callldian l'ldilbic Society, Dieticians of Canadl. Health Canada. Sclltt, RB. Callldilln Family Plryli: Abight EK.

Clinical Strllegies. Saunde11 Bsevier. TllliCOll Nliiq Greer FR. The role of maternal cle1lly res1riction, brendeeding. ObjecMi for the OualifyirJ Exarilatioll. Medical Cauncl of Canada. Pedildrics S. Current Clinical Stmegies Publisli! Stllisticl CanadL Dipchand A, Friednwl J. Bism'l, Guplll S. Lam C, eds. Elsevier Canada; Sudbury, MilL: Jones and Blltlatt Publishers; Human Ga1lllics and llylmorphology. Suda11 co. Bilka , Pruad C.

JGumal of Rut - ;1: Duchanna Muscular [ yslrophr. Clulay AE. Colwy J. Cook JL. LDDck C. J eCbum dider: Nichollcm JF. Saund co. Viaa11 LE. N11ure Ganatics. Hlllllllllagy CorrigonJ, Boin F. Padillrics in Rlviaw. Segel GB. Silvnlin J. Mlitlae on llmliNzltioll. An Advilllll' Cantllll far Control and Prawalim. Vobna Trellment of ICII1e otitis medi1 in 1n e11 of increasing mi: Pedilllric lnhlctious DiseiSes Joum1l ; Wubbal L. Al-ment Dl gestational age. McGraw-Hill Compeni Serilars in Perinllology Trua bU.

J l'erinltDI;29 1: Niarmayar S. Contribulnrs 1nd Rll'lilws far tha Naonllll RaaJscillliln. Na;n'lllw livan SC,I. Apractical prilllrycara appoacll1D hamlluril in childran. Pecilllric Naphrology.

Hogg RJ. I'Drtllu RJ. Milner D.

Lemley KY. Eddly A,lngelnger J. June; Michael RS. Toilat lrlining. Nllnloo' lllrwnan I, Paintar t. U Nanalogy. Nalllm's Elllntiall af l'ldilltricL 4th Eclticm.

Sllmdan co. Hirtz D. Alhwll S. EvaYtian afirstnmnbrila saizura il childran. LM1 OW. Practice pmmellr. Nil urology. Tenanillum S. Dissen'inllad enc. Noventer Hospillll far Sick Childran. Irrent arQ'or clnnic lllhma in llduiiJ and childnm.

Cummings P. IiooBIIrllidsin infant broncil. Land l'ulell G. Sell'inaiS il PerinliDlogy. Dl Cliihod. Third Edition. Slllllllra co. Schnaidar R. Pinpointing tha cua Dllrm pain il clildran. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Pulls at clathes Reach and grasp, objects to mouth Coos Responds to voice, laughs Begins to babble, responds to name "Mama, dada" appropriate, imitates 1word 2words.

No peek-a-boo at 9mcs Tower of 3 cubes. Routine Immunization Schadula V. Primary Care Pediatrica Toronto Notes r.. Dietary Schadula Foad 0 18 monlhs 4 18 9 montlis Breast millr. Nuts 5. Popcorn 7 Hard candies B. T1ble 6. Newborn IS em 3mos 40cm 9mos 45cm 3yrs50cm 9yrs 55cm Dentition primary dentition 20 teeth first tooth at months lower incisor , then 1 per month until20 teeth central teeth by I year seoondary dentition 32 teeth first adult tooth is 1st molar at 6 years, then lower incisors 2nd molars at 12 years, 3nl molars at 18 years Failure to Thrive FTT T1bla 7.

Failure to Thrive Patterns DDAVP by nasal spray or oral tablets high relapse rate, costly , oxybutynin Ditropan , imipramine Tofranil rarely used, lethal if overdose, cholinergic side effects Secondary Enuresis develops after child has sustained period of bladder control 6 months or more nonspecific regression in the face of stress or anxiety e.

D22 Acne HI Dei! Biion mound noll St. No hei; PQPI. VSD Mitral p10lapse. Phenytoin Macicaliona: Dileeaa I L Ovariding aortic root 2. Righ venlricu.. Aortic root "overriding" VSO 4. Right ventricular hypertrophy Sll8 Figura 2, P20 2.

C12 can be transient or permanent, congenital structurally normal or abnormal or acquired toxin, infection,brlBrction E29 ',,..

I Priirdial Hr. Chromosomal a. Turner, Down Tanrtogen. Jre Sl- Growth Veloc: Figura 3. Approach to tlla Child with Short Stature FIIt Disc: Hac dill Vor stool fluidity. Potter deformation sequence Down syndrome. P44 Pediatria Genetic: X-llnked- encoded by a gene on the X chromosome 10ronto Nota males have a slngle X chromosome and are affected, females have two X chromosomes, and recessive X-linked disorders are rarely expressed in females; e.

Physical Elminltian of tha Dysmarplic Child Investigations ask for serial photographs lf clilld is older or famlly pictures x-rays ifbony abnormalities or lfsuspect a congenital. Comma O.. P45 Tabla P47 Associations associations are a non-random occurrence of multiple malformations with unknown etiology, while syndromes are a pattern of anomalies that have a known etiology VACTERL should be suspected when a child is found to have tracheo-esophageal fistula: Phenylketonuria PKU incidence: Classification of Bleeding Disorders Hematology Pediatric.

IIIInilldlilll S1udy: COiticosleroid 1rtllmen1J ilc: Uded H! Hemophilia see Hematoloj1y. H29 don camplrilonl. Figura 5. M-ll3 Complications mortality: P55 bacterial: Clinical Features of Pharyngitis Vir. G, It' Scart. SCARLET FEVER erythrogenic strain of Group A Streptococcus acute onset of fever, sore throat, strawberry tongue hours after pharyngitis, rash begins in the groin, axillae, neck, antecubital fossa within 24 hours, "sandpaper" rash becomes generalized with perioral sparing, non-pruritic, non-painful rash fades after days, may be followed by peeling treatment penicillin, amoxicillin, or erythromycin if penicillin allergic x 10 days Diltrillution: URTI symptoms followed by paroxysms of cough in an afebrile child lymphocytosis PCR of nasopharyngeal swab or aspirate Complications otitis media respiratory complications sinusitis, secondary pneumonia, atelectasis, pneumomediastinum, pneumothorax.

P59 Complications secondary bacterial infection most common infection with staph, GAS presents as impetigo, abscesses, cellulitis, necrotizing fasciltis, sepsis cerebellar ataxia, pneumonia, hepatitis, encephalitis immunocompromised patients: Prophylaxis and Prevention immunization important to prevent complications see Routine Immunization, P4 VZIG for post-exposure in high risk susceptible patient within 96 hours of exposure Roseola human herpes virus 6 incubation: Treatment supportive acetaminophen Complications febrile seizures encephalitis Measles morbillivirus incubation: Diagnosis clinical examination and positive serology for measles IgM Treatment supportive and symptomatic appropriate treatment of secondary bacterial infection prophylactic immunoglobulin to prevent disease if administered within 6 days of exposure vitamin A supplementation in selected children Complications secondary bacterial infection laryngotracheobronchitis, otitis media, sinusitis , bronchopneumonia, croup encephalitis 1: Nuchal cord Hypothermia Hypoglycemia Infection Other Diagnosis vital signs detailed maternal history include prenatal care, illnesses, use of drugs, labour, previous high risk pregnancies, infections during pregnancy, current infections, duration of ruptured membranes, blood type and Rh status, amniotic fluid status, gestational age, meconium, Apgar scores clinical findings observe for signs of respiratory distress: IMtSC Newborn with respinrtory depressian and matemal narcotic use 4 hours before delivery Do not use for chronic opiate exposure - mey cause withdrawal symptoms induding hypertension, irritability, poor feeding Action of na-cotic outlaslli actian of naloxone lluid bal NS, wmle blood.

Ringer's laclllle It' 10 ml. GBS, E. A's ABG treat hyperinsulinism with glucagon and diazoxide Jaundice Intraventricular Hemorrhage IVH intracranial hemorrhage originating in the periventricular sub ependymal germinal matrix GM incidence and severity inversely proportional to GA Risk Factors extreme prematurity, need for vigorous resuscitation at birth, pneumothorax, ventilated preterm infants, sudden increase in arterial blood pressure with volume expansion, hypotensive event, hypertension, RDS, fluctuating cerebral blood flow, coagulopathy Clinical Presentation many infants with IVH are asymptomatic subtle signs: P77 Common IV Fluids first month of life: I Isallied Asymptomlllic Adapted from Hogg R.

Figura 8. P79 Clinical Presentation triad: There is no euidefll: N40 IIAdac: P87 Investigations 1. Ophthalmology Orthopedics Otolaryngology Pediatrics Plastic Surgery Population Health and Epidemiology Psychiatry Respirology Rheumatology Urology Vascular Surgery.

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Panic Disorder. Dysthymic Disorder or Personality Disorder D. Criteria A. Both llftiUII' lUnd maad lllbililtn. ECT Note: Treatment of bipolar depression must be done extremely cautiously. OTC for coldtldecongestants. CT scan.. Post-Trawnatic Stress Disorder. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Specific Phobia. Figure 1. Chait pail.

Only one item is required in children 1. This does not apply to children C. American Psychiatric Asaociati Ameriam l'! In young children.

In children. SSRis higher doses and longer treatment needed than for treatment of depression. Miic ttr. Text Ravi1ion. American l'lychilllric Association. AIDS pre-existing cognitive impairment or brain pathology recent anesthesia substance abuse. Cf head. Wi1hdrawal from drugs Al: EEG typically abnormal: CBC and differential. LFTs Cr. Common Alzheimer's dementia Vascular dementia Llwy-Body demlntill r. Parkinson's Hypoxia anemia. QIIIUd r: ComJIIrison of Dementia.

IISbdul Variable Thl oddi lllil by ll'lllylis. Dundion Nabnl HisiDry Graduallslep. Auctuating preceded by mood paucity of thought changes Recent. Substance-induced disorders 1. FM10 and Emerl: Alcohol abuse Cllll only be diagnosed in tna absence of alcohol depllldance. Thl criteria for abuse and dapendsnce are outlined under substance-usa disorders.

Modeme Dmking Drinking within lha rac: Table 5. A ever felt Annoyed at criticism ofyour drinking? G ever feel Guilty about your drinking? E ever need a drink first thing in morning Eye opener?

Substance-use disorders 1. L non-tolerant drinkers and mmol! Findmp G-ral Weight lou npecially cocaine. Nahrexone n. The linllngs. Mary Jane MJ. S1udy l: HorimntaVverticel Prolonged agitated Orally.

Mtlllampbetamine "spllll". Phoric effects. Tablet taken orally. Df a hallucinogen spasms especially renal failure. EIOH Severe withdrawal from abrupt cessation of high doses: Flunitruepilm Rahypnal. Tablllt and dopaminergic feelings of well-being. Held the medications in your hand?

Stood at the bridge? Or get a 'release' from your emotional pain? Made a will? Given away your belongings? How often do you have these thoughts? Is it in an isolated location? Psychotherapy attention to trauma.

Toronto Notes Somatoform. Mulqlle Parsollillity Disordar 1. Thaa 3. Disonlered eatilg 2. Alhledc 'Mild 1. Fourtll Edition.. An episode of binge eating is characterized by both of the following 1.

I IMII1 b8l1li? I Screening t. How allen doygu hold blct! Min i wUing I itli longa. Wim Bs ygu concerned! Iual uulyila I.

Psychiatry toronto pdf notes

Do you worry lbaut lrillllllil. Uty llilordar Speech is impressionistic Resllained in intimate llllationships for fear of being lhamad or ridiculed 4. Diagnosis raquii9S 3 of the folowing: Excessivaly devoted to work to the excklsion of leisura activities and lriendsllips 5.

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Odd thirling.. Ouastions fideily of pn. Arrogant atliUiles Diagnosis raquirv. Diagnosis requires 4of: NeiJrer desirw I enjoys close rtlltionships including being. Goas to excassive lengths to obtain pport 6. Chooses solitary activities 3. Envious of oth8l1l or believes that atlas are envious of hinVher 9. Difficulty initiating projects due to lack of seK-Qlnlidence Dapendlnl: Personalty Di10rder I.

Reluctant to delegate tasks to oth Alii rhmatic.

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Uses jilysical appece to attract attention 4. Emotionaly cold. Is intlellible. Uty llilordar D. Rigid and stubborn 2. Diagnosis raquirv.

Fear afembllmlssing or humiliating themleA! Requires excessive admiration 5. Classification and Diagnosis crf Personality Disorders Note: For each personality disorder.

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Easily influenced by others 7. IJ'Ojacliva idlllllific: Avoids occupational activiliae that i! Miselly spending style [monay is hoallled lor futln disesters Takes pleasure in lew if any] activities 5. Not comfortable uiHss cen of attention 2. Unwilling to gut involved with people unless certain of being liked 3. Fndc ellorts to avoid al or imagined abandonmant 2. Takes advantage of oth 7. Pre-occupied with 1rustworthiness of acquaintances 3.

Difficulty controling anger 9. Interpret benign remarb as threatening.

Sne of entitlement 6. Indifference to pr11ise or criticism 7.

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Blamep'Oblllms an atlas and m qry and hostile. Suspiciousness C. Views him or IMnelf as inferior. Few close friends 8. Suspicious thlll oth are Pioiting or diiCeiving them 2. Perceives atiBcb an chncter and is qlick to counteraiiBck 7. Failu to conform to social norms by committing unlawful eels 2. Recklassness and disr8galll for personal salety. Diagnosis requires 5 af: Mgnosis requires 4of: Diagnosis raquis 4 of: Excessivllsocial BIIXiety 4.

Odd beliefs. Diagnosis raquii9S 5 of: Few or no close friends 6. General feelings of emptinass 8. Diagnosis ra Jiii9S 4 of: Ilea IIIJil8lhr.

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