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THE PHANTOM,. “Four hundred years ago a merchant ship was attacked by the dread. Singh pirates of Bengal!” begins one of the greatest comic strip tales of. Permissible Piracy: The Phantom, Indian Comics Fandom and Download Culture Kevin Patrick (PhD Candidate, Monash University) Presented at Managing the. I have some collection of Phantom daily and sunday strips. If any fan of Phantom Does Anyone have downloads from the phantom trail or comics Kingdom. ReplyDelete Golden Age Comics Index PDF · Grand Comics.

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Egmont launched the Swedish edition of their PHANTOM 80th “I started liking Phantom comics when my pop gave me a copy of an old. The Phantom is a long-running American adventure comic strip, first published by Mandrake the Magician creator Lee Falk in February The administrator of this site ( cannot be held responsible for what its users post, or any other actions of its users. You may not use this site to.

Learn how and when to remove this template message The Phantom began as a daily strip on February 17, [14] with "The Singh Brotherhood", [15] written by Falk and drawn by him for two weeks and then by Ray Moore assistant to artist Phil Davis on Mandrake the Magician. A Sunday Phantom strip was added on May 28, Moore also served during the war and left the strip to his assistant, Wilson McCoy. When Moore returned he worked sporadically on the strip until , when McCoy succeeded him. Carmine Infantino and Bill Lignante who later drew several Phantom stories for comic books filled in before a successor was found in Sy Barry.

Mandrake made his first of many appearances in 46 15 Jul This issue featured "The Phantom" once again.

Starting with on 20 Aug Vol 26 No 33 , the series once again returned to a fortnightly schedule with 36 pages each. Each issue was individually numbered until 2 Jan when the editors decided to use a volume and number typical of periodical publications.

Hence, was identified as Vol. The front cover design was also changed, with the introduction of the distinctive Indrajal Comics banner.

2018 Comics

The cover artwork for the first 50 or so issues of Indrajal Comics was done by B. Govind, with the back cover featuring a pin-up poster.


The Indrajal Comics were a full-colour production from 8 [2] onwards, with The Phantom's costume being coloured blue for the first 10 issues in the series, but thereafter the colour was changed to the more traditional purple. Several of the covers e.

Indrajal ComicsPhantom (Rare Gem): The Mysterious Passenger ()

For some strange reason, Ray Moore's work was never popular in India. More than half of these issues contained Phantom stories.

Phantom pdf the comic

Part Tarzan, part The Shadow, the Phantom is a seemingly immortal crusader for justice who has ruled the jungle for four hundred years. Although, my favorite little odd Phantom quirk is that the Skull Ring - his ring has sharp edges and is soaked in an inklike substance made from berries, so whoever is punched by the Phantom has a permanent skull mark tattooed on their faces!

The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician Books, Comics, TV Pilot

Bet that's hard to explain to people! Kinda cheesy, but I dig it. When that fails, the Ghost Who Walks has guns.

Comic pdf phantom the

And while the Phantom doesn't kill unless he has to, he will not hesitate to do so in order to save others - or himself. Today, he's probably best known from the 'Defenders of the Earth' cartoon or the movie starring Billy Zane - or, gods help us, the abominable Syfy Channel update. Which is a shame, because this character is really fascinating and has a unique origin that makes for great storytelling opportunities: a Phantom story can be set pretty much anytime from the 16th Century to now, as well as any location throughout the world.

And unlike the cartoons or movies, the Phantom comics and novels are set in a real world environment, without magic or superpowers. Okay, but what about these books? Now, Falk himself wrote this first in a series of 15 novels which adapted the popular Phantom newspaper comics into prose form, so it's a VERY faithful adaptation of the character and stories.

The Phantom (Ultimate Collection)

While Falk only wrote a few of the novels himself, other books were still based on his stories - but frankly, they're not as good as the ones by the man himself! He'd been writing the Phantom for 36 years by this poin, after all, and continued to write the comic strip until his death in !

Pdf the phantom comic

Falk immerses the reader in the semi-mythical world of the Ghost Who Walks immediately and manages to keep things interesting while giving a great deal of back story. In fact, the only downside for some readers might be that back story is all we get in the first book: this is the origin story of Kit Walker, the 21st Phantom.

It sets up everything you need to know about the characters, the settings, the history and the concept, then ends with Walker putting on the iconic purple?