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So we had two different perspectives going into The Prince. One of us has read the Gabriel's Inferno trilogy; the other hasn't. Therefore, this was. The Prince: A Gabriel's Inferno/Florentine Series Novella - Kindle edition by Sylvain Reynard. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ Sylvain Reynard is a Canadian writer with an interest in Renaissance art and culture and an inordinate Sylvain Reynard Author cover image of The Prince .

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Start by marking “The Prince (The Florentine, #)” as Want to Read: The unveiling of a set of priceless illustrations of Dante’s Divine Comedy at the Uffizi Gallery exposes the unsuspecting Professor Gabriel Emerson and his beloved wife, Julianne, to a mysterious and. The Prince Sylvain Reynard PENGUIN BOOKS PENGUIN BOOKS Penguin Books is part of the Penguin Random House group of companies whose addresses. Get Free Access To | The Prince Florentine 05 Sylvain Reynard PDF Now. THE PRINCE FLORENTINE 05 SYLVAIN REYNARD. Download: The Prince.

The Florentine Series is the fiction, thriller, literature, redemption and fantasy novel which plot the story of Raven Wood. Sylvain Reynard is the author of this wonderful series. It plots the character of Raven, she was travelling to a home on a regular day. There is a gang who is beating the homeless man and when she tries to stop them. These people turn on her and she has no idea how to tackle them. When she awakes, Raven was not the same girl as she was before.

His eyes alighted on one of the illustrations—a pen and ink drawing of Dante and Beatrice—before closing the bag and breaking into a run. In an instant, he leapt from the Piazzale to the road below and disappeared into the night.

The Prince had killed before. He was discriminate in his choice of victims and only on rare occasions did he take pleasure in it. This was going to be one of those occasions. He was fleet of foot and cunning in the extreme, his supernatural strength compounded by his intelligence.

No doubt he could reach the American professor and break his neck before anyone noticed something amiss.

The Prince fantasized about sprinting across the floor, executing the professor, and fleeing through a window before any of the one hundred guests paused in sipping their sparkling wine. Human beings were easily deluded. The Prince prided himself in his commitment to justice as he defined it , so he discarded the possibility of a quick execution.

The professor must be made to suffer and that meant his beautiful wife must suffer, also. She was standing near her husband and wearing a red dress, the color of the garment acting like a flag before a bull.

He stared intensely, taking in every aspect of her figure. As if she felt his eyes, her gaze moved to his. She looked away quickly. Her eyes, which by all accounts were very pretty, were large and dark. Her face put him in mind of Renaissance paintings— elegant of neck and cheek. Too many human beings hoped their deeds would cover their sins and save them.

The Prince knew too well the futility of good works. The Emersons trafficked in stolen property.

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They had acquired artwork the Prince had tried to recover for over a century. It was as if they had constructed the most detailed and elaborate way of inciting his ire. Now their lives were forfeit. The Prince continued to stare in the direction of Mrs. Emerson, his gray eyes unseeing. Then, something caught his attention.

For no apparent reason, the young woman blushed, gazing with longing and love at her husband. In that instant the Prince was reminded of someone else—a woman who had looked at him with the sweet blush of youth and a heart filled with longing. The old memory twisted inside him, like a snake. Thank you. He walked over to his wife and embraced her, to the sound of loud applause.

In fact, he scowled, muttering a curse about Dante. He appeared alone in his contempt, the only member of the crowd of Florentine elite who did not clap. The Prince took no pleasure in the recollection. He disliked Dante then and now, and he hated the world Dante constructed in his magnum opus. He adjusted the cuff links of his black dress shirt, which featured the symbol of Florence. He simply needed to be patient.

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. And when you fall back to earth, I promise to catch you. I was not in the least in love with him in this one. Maybe it was because Gabriel played a big role in this book and whenever there was a scene between him and Julia, I melted into a puddle of love. He will always be one of my all time favorite book bo "Tonight I'll help you touch the stars.

He will always be one of my all time favorite book boyfriends. I've rated this a four only for the fact that I loved getting to spend more time with Professor Emerson and Julianne. The story, at times, was hard to follow.

I think the Prince needs to have a lady love of his own in the next book or I am seriously going to be disappointed!! I want some vampire sexy times!! View all 47 comments. Sep 10, Christy rated it really liked it.

But it largely takes place in the underworld. Some of these characters are not what they seem. Reynard won me over with the Gabriel trilogy. I fell in love with those books, the writing, and the love.

Seeing that this is just a novella. The Prince had something very precious to him stolen a long time ago. His famous works of art that were taken so long ago are now in the hands of a Professor. Professor Gabriel Emerson to be exact.

The Prince is one of those characters that makes it clear he shows no mercy. He wants his art back, but more than that, he wants revenge. The Professor would pay for his thievery, and his wife would mourn him. In those events, justice would be served. Dark, dangerous and full of mystery, the Prince is a character I want to learn more about. I can never get enough of one of my favorite literary couples so I was happy about that!

Hopefully we find that out in the next book! Jan 30, Catarina rated it liked it Shelves: I did not know that this series are taking a paranormal turn I probably should have checked it before but for some reason that fact made me step back a little. Not to mention that despite being very well written and having an aura of mystery 3 Mysterious Stars. Not to mention that despite being very well written and having an aura of mystery that leave us curious for the first book, this prequel did not left me very impressed.

And it made me even angrier because it costs 3,99 for just a novella. I could probably download at least 2 full-length great novels by that price! The best part of it is he were able to see a lot of Julia and Gabriel! View all 11 comments. Jan 08, Amy Foxy Blogs rated it really liked it Shelves: Reynard's other series: Gabriel's Inferno was a big part of this novella.

The connection between his previous series and his new series is exciting for us who are fans of Mr. The Prince is a character who is part of the underworld. He wants revenge on who has his stolen artwork. Unfortunately, the couple who holds that piece of artwork is none other than our beloved Emersons. While The Prince is stalking the Emersons he 'senses' something is not right with Julianne. We never learn what that something is and that info piques our curiosity.

Reynard's beautiful writing is evident as you flip the pages of this novella. The Florentine series is set in the romantic city of Florence, Italy.

The paranormal aspect of this new series promises to be thrilling. To find out when the next book in the series will be released click here. Novella 0. View all 25 comments. Sep 11, Nina Bocci rated it it was amazing. I find it poetic that these novels and novella are set in Florence. Florence has a lot of remarkable, beautiful bridges. This novella which in the sense of novellas, doesn't feel like one truly is a bridge from the Gabriel's Inferno series and your favorite characters over the Arno and to the new Florentine Series.

The world SR has created is incredible. Detailed, vivid, romantic, sexual and immersive in the stunning Italian culture.

I think that even if you're not a fan of traditional paranormal I find it poetic that these novels and novella are set in Florence. I think that even if you're not a fan of traditional paranormal novels that you'll enjoy this series not only because of SR's writing style but because of the inventive way that the two histories are joined together into a magnificently cohesive story. I am jealous of SR's storytelling ability and can't wait for you all to read about The Prince, his Raven and the new cast of characters that may give Julianne and Gabriel a run for their money -- or Dante illustrations.

View 2 comments. Not great, but not terrible either. It was interesting enough that I'm definitely. My biggest concerns are: A surplus of unnecessary parenthetical statements it was obnoxious and distracting--oh, the iiiiiironyyyyyy , and 2. View all 10 comments. Aug 05, Lucia rated it liked it Shelves: Sylvain Reynard provided great "tease" of what is to come in his The Florentine trilogy and made me super excited for The Raven.

I will be definitely reading it as soon as I get my hands on it! However, this novella lacked the "wow factor" I am used to when it comes to Sylvain Reynard's stor "He was fleet of foot and cunning in the extreme, his supernatural strength compounded by his intelligence. However, this novella lacked the "wow factor" I am used to when it comes to Sylvain Reynard's storytelling.

I am huge fan of Gabriel's Inferno series. But even though Professor Emerson and his beloved Julia make a big appearance in this novella, I have to admit that I was more interested in supernatural Florentine underworld than revisiting main protagonists from Gabriel's inferno series.

Pdf the sylvain reynard prince

View all 13 comments. Fans of the Gabriel's Inferno series. After years looking for his stolen artwork, the Prince is shocked when they turn up right under his nose. Not one to let trespasses go unpunished, the Prince is determined to exact his revenge on Gabriel. This novella was masterfully written, seamlessly intertwining the lives of Julia and Gabriel with the mysterious, centuries-old Prince of Flo An Intriguing Transition To A Supernatural Suspense When Gabriel's cherished drawings are displayed at the Uffizi, he gains the ire of the original owner.

This novella was masterfully written, seamlessly intertwining the lives of Julia and Gabriel with the mysterious, centuries-old Prince of Florence. There is a dark underworld, where supernatural beings continue to thrive unbeknownst to their human counterparts.

Having drawn the interest of one of the oldest and most powerful rulers of this underworld, it seems that Gabriel and Julia's reality is precarious, at best.

I found this novella to be quite enjoyable. I am curious to see where this story will lead and was impressed with the ease of transitioning between these two worlds. I cannot wait to see what lies ahead as this supernatural war gets underway, and what that will mean for Gabriel and Julia. A great lead-in to the next book. View all 4 comments. Jan 12, Claire Robinson rated it liked it Shelves: There are a few little teasers and a lot of scene setting going on in this novella as well.

The light and beauty of 3 - He was the predator, not the prey. ARC generously provided via the publisher, in exchange for the above honest review.

The Prince, book 0. Or his rage. Book 0. The Prince Book 1: The Raven Book 2: The Shadow Book 3: The Prince prologue is the opening introducing us to the hero and ruler of the underworld The principality of Florence William, The Prince and lays out the back story.

The Prince (The Florentine, #) by Sylvain Reynard

The Emersons are in Florence to enjoy the exhibition of their priceless collection of illustrations of Dante's Divine Comedy at the Uffizi Gallery. Unbeknownst to them The Prince is observing them from afar and up close and develops a bit of a fascination with Julia. More on why to unfold within prologue and to be further explained throughout trilogy. Would I re-read this series: Maybe later.

Would I read future books by this author: View all 62 comments. Keep a close watch on Aoibhe, and see that Ibarra is destroyed. I shall be at my villa, trying to stave off a war with the Curia. I thought the gift of the human females would be enough to placate them.

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The conflict with Machiavelli delayed me in sending couriers to our neighbors. And there are other dangers. See to the army and be cautious. Either Ibarra or Aoibhe may try to take your head. Once he entered the passage and closed the hidden door behind himself, he broke into a run. He hoped he would not be too late. Machiavelli had seized control of Florence and sent Raven and her sister as a peace offering to the Curia. Raven shut her eyes, too distraught to cry. A last look, a last meeting of the eyes, and she was torn from him.

Now he was dead. The vampyre who was carrying her stumbled. Raven hung over his shoulder, her face at his back. She fisted his shirt in order to hang on. He smacked her bottom. She made a fist and punched him in the kidney. Her fist met something hard and unyielding. His chest erupted in a growl.

When we get to Rome, the Curia will want to know how I was treated. The Curia has sworn to eliminate you and the others. Do you really want to give them another reason to kill you? It was as if the wheels of his mind were turning, measuring her words. Before Raven could respond, footsteps approached. Raven noted with satisfaction that he now held her closely but cautiously. Her threat had worked. The landscape was still bathed in blackness.

She was fairly sure sunrise was approaching, but she had no idea of the time. She still wore the gold bracelet William had given her some months ago. It signified their connection. She must still be unconscious. The soldiers had been tasked with delivering the women to their old friend Father Kavanaugh at the Vatican. They were a peace offering given by the new Prince of Florence to his enemy, the Curia. William had… Raven halted her thoughts. Through a great force of will, she ignored the feeling in the pit of her stomach and focused on the present.

She needed to protect her sister. She needed to ensure they reached Rome alive. They climbed what seemed like a steep, rocky hill and went about twenty paces before he heaved her roughly to the ground.

The soldier took a large step back, staring down at her with undisguised contempt before striding away. She searched the darkness, eagerly looking for her sister. Thankfully, Cara had been placed on the ground nearby, sprawled across the roots of a tree. Raven crawled to her side.

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Cara was breathing steadily, eyes closed. Raven squeezed her hand. Raven tried again and again. Cara made no movement. Raven struggled to her feet, ignoring the searing pain that shot from ankle to hip in her disabled leg. She stumbled toward Stefan, biting the inside of her cheek against the pain. She may be in a coma. Especially food that suffers from hysteria. Stefan glanced pointedly from the soldiers to Raven. You all are. What do you think the Curia will do when you show up with a corpse?

Raven followed the path of his eyes. Aoibhe gave her some of her blood in order to heal her. All of you. All grumbling and growling ceased. He was a head and shoulders taller than the others, placing him at well over six feet. His chest was broad, and his arms and legs were wide and powerful.

He stood toe to toe with Raven, peering down at her with dark, fathomless eyes. Then we must go. My mission is to deliver the females to the Curia, unharmed. He turned on his heel and walked toward Cara. He bent toward her, his expression unchanged. If I had my choice, you and your sister would already be dead. She quickly collected herself.

We both want to get to Rome as soon as possible. He stood and brushed off his hands in distaste. Aoibhe is a powerful vampyre. Some humans have this reaction to vampyre blood— their systems shut down, and they sleep for hours. She could awaken at any time. Her curse was drowned out by the clanging of steel as the soldiers drew their swords, faces set against the perimeter.

A few vampyres positioned themselves around the tree under which Cara lay. Something rustled amongst the trees and pounded against the earth. Then, all of a sudden, an animal leapt into the clearing, knocking one of the soldiers to the ground. The animal roared. Before she could scream, a great hulking beast emerged from the tree behind her sister. Still sleeping, Gabriel grunted and rolled toward her.

She examined him in the shadows—the curl that clung to his forehead, his beautiful features and stubbled face, his naked chest and shoulders. Gabriel drew a deep breath and leaned into her touch.

A moment later, his eyes opened. He blinked. The one who came to you in Umbria and told you I was sick. How did he know? A muscle jumped in his jaw. Rubio says it was a good thing we demanded an ultrasound. One of the fibroids has grown so large. Gabriel lifted her hand from his face and kissed it, lacing their fingers together. Rubio wants more tests, but the fibroids explain so many things—the pain, the low iron, the bleeding. Who need you. She sighed appreciatively. His blue eyes studied hers.

My symptoms were worsening. I can only imagine what would have happened if things had continued. Julia responded, looping her arms around his neck and drawing his body atop hers. The baby monitor on the nightstand crackled, and a low cry was heard. Gabriel froze, as if he were an animal trying to avoid a predator. Gabriel grabbed her wrist. She toyed with the cross she wore around her neck, wondering why the man who had threatened her husband had gifted them with important information about her health.

She had no answer to this question. Animalistic snarls and hoarse vampyre cries filled her ears, along with the thundering of footsteps from all directions. She heard a growl by her elbow and an Italian oath, accompanied by the whistle of something metallic slicing through air.

A heavy object thudded to the ground some distance away. A hairy paw grabbed the ankle of her injured leg and pulled, almost yanking her hip out of its socket. She released her sister and kicked, twisting violently. She rolled to her stomach and clawed at the ground, trying to catch hold of something.

The stench of blood and unwashed flesh filled her nostrils. She retched. Something flipped her to her back. She looked up into dark, insect-like eyes. Raven screamed, lifting her uninjured foot and kicking. The feral howled as she made contact with its face. It grabbed both of her ankles and squeezed. She yelped in pain and began to flail, fearful the creature would crush her ankles. Then, all of a sudden, the feral released her.

Raven scrambled toward her sister. She huddled over her, examining her for injuries. Borek stood a few feet away, his broadsword dripping black blood onto the body of a headless feral. Their eyes met. It was difficult to see, but Raven discerned a feral grappling with soldiers at the center of the clearing.

Stefan stood off to one side, awkwardly clutching a sword. The feral moved like an animal, hunched on all fours and rearing up only to strike. It appeared to be male and was of average size, but stronger than its vampyre counterparts.

Raven counted one injured vampyre, who was kneeling on the ground, clutching his shoulder. Carry them a mile and drop them. Stefan cowered, blinking up at the commander. Ignoring his pleas, Borek lifted his weapon and beheaded him with one sure stroke. Raven staggered to her feet, leaning against the trunk of the tree as she tried to gain her balance.

Without emotion, Borek retrieved the head and sword of his fallen comrade. He directed two soldiers to carry Raven and her sister. The vampyres snapped to attention and walked toward the women. Raven locked eyes with one of them as he approached. He would have become one of them. Vampyres appeared to be human. Their cold-blooded actions and lack of empathy were all the more disturbing precisely because they looked human. Raven resolved to keep the difference between the two species firmly in mind.

Raven needed to bolster her defenses. The commanding officer ignored her. He turned his head in her direction, as did the remaining members of their party, with the exception of Cara. He stared at her incredulously.

What if we encounter more ferals? As soon as she took the weight of the weapon into her hand, it slipped from her fingers, toppling to the grass. Laughter rippled across the vampyres. Stubbornly, she tried to retrieve the sword from the ground.

It was so heavy she could barely lift it with both hands. Borek snatched the sword away from her, thrusting it into his belt. In his stead, Borek lifted her over his shoulder. They descended the hill at a high rate of speed. Raven was surprised the commander would deign to carry her.

He passed his hand down her uninjured leg and slid it under the hem of her jeans. She jerked away from his touch. Borek pulled the leg of her jeans down to cover it. But it will download you time. Raven had given up all hope of receiving an answer when his voice came out of the darkness. Borek was seated beneath a covered window, staring. The dagger appeared to date from the Renaissance and would easily take pride of place in a museum.

It was also extremely sharp. Some of the soldiers had climbed the rickety stairs to the upper floor, leaving Borek and two of his men to guard Raven and Cara. She and Borek were the only ones with open eyes. The other vampyres rested at the far end of the room, eyes closed, giving the appearance of sleep. Raven knew better.

Vampyres never slept. But as William had confided in her, their minds needed time to process the tumult of the day. She observed her sister, whose chest rose and fell with steady breath. Her expression was peaceful. Raven leaned over her. He dropped the shade. Borek was solidly built, with dark hair that fell to his broad shoulders. She was still asleep or unconscious. Raven wiped at her eyes. I can last another day. How long have you lived in Florence?

Raven turned back to her sister, placing a hand on her head and stroking the fine, blond hair. Raven frowned. And the Curia, always bringing death. She chewed at the edge of her lip. Borek snorted. Borek closed his eyes. For a moment, Raven thought he was resting. He opened his eyes, his lips curling derisively. Why else would the Prince risk his throne? No wonder the Prince ruled you and your soldiers for so long.

They sat up from their resting places, their hands reaching for their swords. Borek gestured to them to return to their positions. She was so angry, her body nearly vibrated. There were many who could be blamed for her predicament, including herself. But in that moment, lying next to her sister on the cold, hard floor of an abandoned building, she blamed William.

He should have fled the city when he had the chance and taken her with him. She and her sister stood on the very precipice of death, with only an angry, vindictive Russian to protect them. Raven ran through the forest, searching for William. She called his name over and over. No answer came. In her heart, she knew he was dead, but she would not give up. She moved slowly, shaking off sleep as the vampyres shouted at one another, descending the staircase from the upper floor.

Something smashed through the window, landing on the wooden floor and igniting into flame. A cloud of black smoke lifted to the ceiling before spreading through the room. They were under attack. Dim light shone from outside as the last rays of sun faded from sight. Two more fire bombs flew through the windows, engulfing the far end of the space in flames. They licked across the floor and climbed the wall.

She tried to shake Cara awake, but her sister merely murmured a few words and continued sleeping. Borek moved beneath one of the windows, taking care to keep out of sight. He peered outside. Somewhere nearby, a dog growled. Maybe more. One of the soldiers approached Borek.

It would be better to throw you outside, Carlos. Raven continued to cough as smoke filled the room. Stefan gestured to the women. Leave them. Will you be the one to announce our failure to the new Prince? Or the Curia? Your vest will block the arrows. I was too hasty. Borek brandished his sword. Carlos surveyed his brethren. Then, with a tight nod, he walked toward the door.

Borek gestured to two of the remaining vampyres. Keep clear of the skirmishes and head south. Those of us who survive will follow you. Carlos will distract them. A group of soldiers began kicking and hacking through the back wall as the voices of the hunters rose from the front of the building. As soon as the opening was large enough, the soldiers surged through, leaving Borek and the two vampyres carrying the women behind.

Then they also leapt into the twilight. Attack dogs prowled the perimeter, but the hunters restrained them, not wanting to alert the vampyres to their presence.

As soon as the first figure emerged through the front door, the hunters closed in. He waited until he had the perfect shot, not wanting to waste one of his precious poison-tipped arrows. But this vampyre was a trained soldier. He ran to face his enemies, avoiding the spray of holy water.