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DOWNLOAD OR READ: QUICKTEST PROFESSIONAL UNPLUGGED BY TARUN LALWANI FIRST EDITION PDF EBOOK EPUB MOBI. Page 1. QuickTest Professional Unplugged SECOND EDITION QuickTest Professional Unplugged By Tarun Lalwani Editor: Siddharth N Kanoujia Technical Editor: Terry. Unplugged, the first book written by author Tarun Lalwani and the first ever book QuickTest Professional Unplugged: Tarun. Lalwani Here is a review of QuickTest love heidi baker pdf, chapter 25 section 4 guided reading foreign policy.

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QuickTest Professional Unplugged, the first book written by author Tarun Lalwani and the first ever book on QTP as well, has already turned out. Tarun Lalwani, author of the immensely popular 'QuickTest Professional Unplugged', Tarun has released an eBook version (in PDF format) of the updated. unplugged pdf reviewer: mark smith and terry howarthurce code taken from quicktest professional unplugged by tarun lalwani. and i thought i knew qtp qtp.

Book title: QuickTest Professional Unplugged. Author: Tarun Lalwani I bought this book few months and now almost completed with it. Book is really amazing and in every chapter you will find something new to learn. There are really very excellent tips in each chapter thru which one can start working on QTP more smartly. I really appreciate the effort of the author. When I got the book tarun author just came back from Australia.

I thought to myself, what a waste of time but then suddenly lightning struck me. I realized I was on the bench and would need such things to kill time. It felt really strange to be on the bench after seven years of working on tight delivery schedules.

I wont say it felt great because Ive always preferred to work but I knew I wouldnt mind this break for a few days. It was time to catch up with my friends and at the lunch table they had only one question, Where were you for the past two days?

I somehow managed to change the topic, and avoided answering their queries. I spent the rest of the day reading some articles I had saved on my desktop. Some articles were so engrossing that hours passed by before I realized it was almost time to go home. I just loved the concept of the movie. The most interesting question the movie raised was regarding our interpretation of reality.

QuickTest Professional Unplugged SECOND EDITION - PDF

I was already halfway through the movie but at my back of my mind all the events from the past week were being replayed. There was this one thing that I knew might change the whole game and I was afraid that I might have gotten it all wrong. But I knew there was nothing I could do now since it was a thing of the past. If it was just one persons decision then I knew it would have been in my favor but there were many people involved in this.

Tarun January My roommate had left for his home town and was away for two weeks. I knew it would be tough to get through the weekend on my own, so I decided to call up few of my friends and go for a movie. All of us met at FSquare and enquired about the current shows. To our disappointment all the movie shows were running full. I wondered if everyone in the city had decided to watch a movie on that day.

Suddenly we noticed a guy giving away free tickets for the Feel N Freaky movie. I knew the movie was pathetic but then we had no other options as well. We asked the guy about the offer and he told us that if we had a KodaFone cell connection we could get two tickets free. Three of us had that cellular service provider and I thought it was our lucky day. Alas, that was not to be. He just had the last two free tickets to offer. Since we had no use for just two tickets, we decided to try our luck at another movie theatre nearby.

My friend asked me, What about these tickets? While crossing the road on the way to the car parking, I saw two girls approaching from the other side. On seeing them, I got an idea. She looked at me with unsure eyes wondering if it was she I was talking to or someone behind her. Girl: Yes, but Me: Okay, I have two tickets for the movie if you want.

And without even waiting for her reply I handed her the two tickets. Girl: How much? Me: Its free. Enjoy the movie. Girl: No, I would like to pay. And she took out some money. Me: Dont worry, its free; I cant watch it. I knew that after watching the movie she would be cursing me.

We went to another theatre and this one had tickets available. We knew we could watch the movie of our choice and we all agreed to watch Inception. The show was scheduled to start at p. So we decided to head over to FarBucks coffee shop and chitchat over a hot cuppa. Relaxed, sipping my vanilla latte, the events of the preceding days came back to my mind again.

But suddenly Raju interrupted me and I snapped back to the present. The movie started at To say I was awed would be an understatement. I had never seen any movie in my life that had a concept as great as this one. Stepping into someones dream and stealing thoughts.

Pdf lalwani qtp unplugged by tarun

I really admired the storywriters imagination and grasp on the topic of dreams. It was just truly incredible and made me realize how little we know about what goes on inside our brain when we sleep. But honestly, I too was not interested in knowing about it; I prefer deep sleep where I am unaware of what is happening.

Tarun January After the movie was over, we went for dinner to Inland China.

QuickTest Professional Unplugged SECOND EDITION

It was my first visit to this restaurant and I was having Chinese cuisine after a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed the food and felt happy. I woke up around noon on Sunday and had a lazy brunch. After reading the papers, I got busy with cleaning up the house. Monday arrived and I started the day with high hopes. I was waiting for that one email. Since my WhyMail account was blocked in the company, I had set a forwarder to my office email id.

The whole day, the only thing I did was to hit the f9 button on my keyboard and scan every new email. But the one I was waiting for never came. This continued for the next three days and I had the sinking feeling that I had lost it.

I felt very disappointed and dejected too, but I knew this was not the end of the world. I recollected the statement I had quoted to Andrew. Success or failure is a part and parcel of life. You learn from failures and move on to new challenges with even stronger determination. Days passed and it was Friday again. I had settled back into my normal routine. It was around a. My eyes lit up as I wondered if this was the call I had been waiting for. Me: Hello. Would you like to apply for a home loan?

UFT&QTP Interview Unplugged 2nd Edition Preview

Me: I nearly lost it! It felt like destiny was playing games with me. I wanted to disconnect the call immediately but I knew she was just doing her job. Yes madam, are you giving any free Home also along with that loan?

By qtp tarun lalwani pdf unplugged

Caller: No sir, we can just give the home loan. Me: But what will I do with the home loan without a home to apply it for? Caller: Sir, that you will have to find on your own or else we can send our consultants to assist you. Me: Hmm, ok how much loan can I get?

By now she knew what I was doing and hung up. After the call ended, I went back to reviewing all the events of the past few weeks and replaying in my mind the sequence of events that had started on a regular Monday two weeks ago. Caller: Am I talking to Mr Nurat? Yes, speaking. Me: Ok? Megha: I found your profile on BeastJobs. Me: Ok, what type of role is it? Me: Sounds good. May I please know who the client is? Megha: It is MecroHard. They have offices in US and India, but this opportunity is for their offshore centre.

Me: This role seems interesting to me. I just couldnt believe I had a possible opportunity in a company everyone dreams to be a part of. Megha: So can I arrange a telephonic interview for you? Me: Yes, fine. But when would it be? Megha: Their requirement is a bit urgent, so the telephonic interview will happen today itself. Would 8 p. I thought I would leave on time today.

By lalwani tarun pdf qtp unplugged

Since I was on the bench from today it shouldnt be an issue. Me: Fine. But what kind of interview would it be? Megha: It will be a technical interview and for now they will only check the basic UFT concepts. So just to confirm, I am scheduling your telephonic interview for tonight at 8 oclock. Me: Yep, its fine. It was a. I wasnt really worried about the interview since the consultant had said it would be UFT basic interview and I have been working on UFT since a long time. Source Code in the Book The source codes used in the book can be downloaded from the below url KnowledgeInbox.

Terry has worked with automated testing tools since the early 90 s when he started designing solutions with Segue s QA Partner 1. He transitioned to Mercury Interactive tools in and has worked exclusively with QuickTest Professional since He can be contacted on Siddharth has worked as an Editor for this book and has done a great job making sure that contents of this book are lucid and unambiguous for the beginners.

He can be contacted on I would especially like to thank my family and friends who have always motivated me while I was working on this book.

By tarun unplugged pdf qtp lalwani

Quotes From Reviewers. Terry Tarun Lalwani has single-handedly helped thousands of people to expand their knowledge of QuickTest Professional. Here is a book the automated testing community Mark I realized that I am truly in the presence of a genius. Tarun has with his dedication understand the ins and outs of QTP. Test automation is the process of reducing, and when possible, removing human interactions from an existing manual testing process.

Below is a list of parameters which makes a manual test a good candidate for automation: The test must be repeated often. The test s workflow and its validation evolve and change slowly over time.

The test validates a business process or workflow, rather than look and feel, color, table layout, etc. The test produces results for a regulatory body that demands that those results be electronically recorded and archived as formal evidence of compliance. Ad hoc testing where a subject matter expert randomly prowls through a variety of combinatorial workflows. One time testing or testing repeated only a few times.

Testing where look and feel, color, table layout, etc. The Automated Testing Process It is important to understand the various phases involved in the automated testing process in order to develop and effective framework and test cases: Figure Automation Process Selecting the best fit Automation Tool: Before starting to automate testing in any application it is important to pick the best fit tool for the majority of your applications.

The choice should be based on variety of factors such as cost, ease of use, application support capabilities and product support. Proof of Concept POC : This activity involves creating a few sample scripts that validate a few important business workflows in one or two of your most important applications. This helps identify any major issues that might be encountered during future test case development.

A proof of concept should also be used to select the best automation test tool for your applications.

Requirements Analysis existing manual test cases and then defining the scope of the test automation project. Project Estimates: Once the scope of automation is defined, estimates can then be formulated based on various factors like the number of test cases to be automated, their level of complexity, what re-usable Framework Design: This activity involves creating shared object repository s , any reusable components, writing a best practice guideline document and completing any supplementary activities to prepare a base of supporting components that will be utilized to develop automation test scripts.

Debugging: Completed test cases are debugged to make sure they work as designed. Make sure you force the code through all error handling paths during phase. Execution: In this phase test cases are finally put to work through regression testing and validating the application under test.

Result Analysis: Process followed by the results created by each executed test after execution. Maintenance: This phase involves updating scripts to fix any code related to issues found during execution. These issues may include UI or markup changes, changes in flow or functionality or any other inevitable changes made to the application during new builds or releases. A well designed framework and set of tests ensures that maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

Out of the box, it supports a Record and Playback methodology where automation Engineers can record and capture events with the application under test and then replay those actions during the testing phase.

Review: QuickTest Professional Unplugged + One free book + Discount Offer

QTP has two modes in which it is possible to view and edit a test script: Keyword View Expert View The Keyword View displays the script in the form of keywords each object is an icon arranged in a tree-like format that is targeted at Subject Matter Experts SMEs with little or no programming background. A snapshot of the Keyword View is shown below: 21 4 QuickTest Professional Unplugged The Expert View exposes the underlying VBScript code shown as icons in the Keyword view and provides access to substantial capabilities not available in the Keyword view: This book is targeted at automation engineers who want to exploit the power that QTP offers when working in the Expert View.

This book also helps clarify those aspects. It is similar to MS Excel spreadsheets and can be used to run an Action multiple times. Each test case has one global data sheet which is accessible to all actions inside that test case and each action has its own private data table also known as local data table. The name local data table is somewhat misleading because it is in fact possible to access any action s local data table from any other action, but the way of accessing the data becomes a bit different.

Figure shows a sample DataTable with 2 parameters, Username and Password. But there are some differences between a DataTable and an Excel spreadsheet.

In fact a DataTable is wrapped around an Excel spreadsheet which provides access functionality to the values but does not expose the Excel spreadsheet object model. DataTable "Parameter1",dtGlobalSheet 'gives the value of Parameter1 stored in 'the current's action local data table.

Each DataTable has only 1 row enabled even when it is blank and the other rows get enabled when data is entered into a new looks like the parameter as the column titles.

Therefore, when viewed using Excel, the 2nd row starts the 1st row of data in the DataTable. The DataTable shown above has only 2 data rows enabled. Note that QTP makes a data row enabled by marking the borders of the row in the actual spreadsheet. A row with no data but with marked borders is still considered as an enabled row by QTP. To delete an enabled row we must select the row and delete it from the context menu which appears on right clicking the row.

Any changes to this are saved when the script is saved.

Run-time data table The run-time data table contains a copy of the design time data table when a script is executed. It may contain values that are changed during script execution and are presented in the test result summary.