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and documented pyramid research and development. They based their work on Dr. Patrick Flanagan's best selling book,. Pyramid Power, which disclosed to the . seemed to pick up the term “Pyramid Power”, which was the title of my book. What was so wonderful was that the average person could experiment with this. The Pyramid Of Power. By Major C. H. Douglas. AT various well-defined epochs in the history of civilisation there has occurred such a clash of apparently.

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Pyramid Power Building the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt Zoe McQuinn (Royal Ontario Museum, U of T, WLU) Diodorus Siculus Library of History I. Pyramid Power - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Power of pyramid was explained very Best Book to know about. (Download click here) The original pyramid modeled by many - Wolloumbin, Australia. The first place the Sun hits in the land of Mu. Created the Caldera.

The prime reason behind the evolution of this Movement is to provide a spirituo-scientific life-style to the humanity by offering both social and individual upliftment. The core concepts include: 1 meditating sitting under a Pyramid and 2 not expecting any benefits for teaching Meditation to other people. The great teaching from the Gita- karmanyeva adhikaaraste maa phaleshu kadaachana indicates that one should perform one's duty without expecting any gains. We are all empowered with infinite energy! We are Gods! We should always keep in mind the great Vedic statement aham brahmasmi i. I am God.

Building the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt. Zoe McQuinn. These Pyramids, which are situated on the side of Egypt which is towards Libya, by the immensity of their structures and the skill shown in their execution they fill the beholder with wonder and astonishment.

Pdf pyramid power

Who built the Pyramids? Sneferu Meidum Pyramid 65m Valley Temple 2: Causeway 3: Pyramid 6: Herodotus, Histories Book II. Unfinished Pyramid? First Sphinx? Riddles of the Sphinx http: Heit el-Ghourab m long, 10m tall Gate Way: The priest of Hathor will beat twice any one of you who enters this tomb or does harm to it. The gods will confront him because I am honored by his Lord. The gods will not allow anything to happen to me. Related Papers. Mystery of the Pyramids Part 1.

By Ian Onvlee. Documentary response sheet I mean, it's all space, and it's all energy. So, therefore, this collective group.. And, creates a physical construct. Dolores : Then the group mind was more powerful than the individual. It always is, when there is one thought, or one goal, that wants to be achieved. Dolores : Do you think people used sound at a later time because they forgot how to use the minds. People became so involved in their personalities, and their day-to-day living and goings-in and goings-out, that they began to put away from the collective.

Pyramid Power

And so, then they began to find other ways. Dolores : So it was possible at later times they did use sound. Dolores : Were the original group, that used group thought to 44 Wonder power of Pyramids build the pyramids, human beings?

Highly evolved human beings. Dolores : Were these the ones you said were the survivors of Atlantis? Dolores : Can you tell the purpose of the Great Pyramid? The mystery of the Earth, and the creation of the Earth is in the Great Pyramid.

Man has lost the capacity to use his MIND to the fullest. He uses only a small portion of that which is available to him. He needs to open up and accept that there are no limitations.

And, without limitations, you can go beyond time and space. The energies of the pyramids are being reactivated, and new changes will be taking place in that area. Dolores : Is it true that the pyramids are also a energy transmitter to other planets, or even other galaxies? PHIL : That is accurate. The energy streaming on to your planet is focused by this geometric design, far more than the concept of ' perfect ' can even approach!

The pyramids were used as observation points. For the alignment of the stars could be calculated by the proximity of the apex of the triangle to the nearest marker star or mark star. Dolores : What about the strange energy in the pyramids that people say can preserve things? PHIL : The energy is simply an energy which is able to focus though the human body. There are those energies which the human body cannot focus, which would be out of tune with the human experience So, these pyramids do not hold this type of energy as the humans who stored the energy in these pyramids were unable to channel this energy into them.

Thus, these pyramids contain energy which is peculiar to the human experience. The material can be charged by any human who focuses his energies into it, as those who work with crystals know very well. The same principle applies here. The pyramids are full of human energy, more so than any other 46 Wonder power of Pyramids object or device currently on Earth.

When one enters into these pyramids, they enter into this field of concentrated human energy. They are immersed and bathed in the energy that is part of the personalities of those who charged these stones.

The Pyramids in Egypt were constructed by highly competent people. The meaning of Pyramid is that which contains fire. The main reason for constructing the Pyramid is to absorb energy. Its triangular shape attracts the power. While sitting in a Pyramid, you will experience new thoughts which may not be possible outside.

The shape of the Pyramid itself will give you a divine feeling. It provides divine vibrations. Probably the architects of the Pyramids were great visionaries. They have visualized what we could not see. Why were Pyramids Built? The most important feature of them is, it will be dark inside the Pyramid. At the time of construction of these Pyramids 10, , years ago , there was no electric power. They might have used fire batons to go into the Pyramids. However, there are no traces of smoke chars on the walls or roof-bottom of the Pyramids.

The paths inside the Pyramids are very lengthy, curved, twisted and dark. There is 48 Wonder power of Pyramids no provision to provide lamps or supply option for electricity. Had there been any usage of oil or ghee lamps, batons or fireplace, some indications must have been there. In such case, a doubt may arise as to how people wandered inside the Pyramid. If there is no need for anybody to go into the Pyramid, then why were so many paths laid in it? There are many steps, places to sit, windows, doors etc.

Why were all these provided inside the Pyramid, when there is no light at all? That is a mystery. If it is believed that these Pyramids are built for the sake of some enthusiastic Kings, then the purpose of its construction will remain elusive. Many research works have been conducted in this field. The prime questions those people tackled are: i why were Pyramids built, ii what is their purpose iii in a barren land, why were such mega structures built, iv how much expenditure was incurred to build it, v how many workers were employed for its construction vi were they meant merely for preserving the dead people?

If that is the only reason, then all the expenditure of money and manpower is a waste. But the fact is that they were built for a spiritual purpose.

If anybody does a systematic study about their own 'inner-fire', a type of light ray emanates out of their bodies. Only those kinds of people are eligible to enter the Pyramid, as they don't require any help of lamp or electricity. By observing special meditation procedures with reference to the internal fire, they can emanate light from their bodies and therefore qualify to 49 Wonder power of Pyramids enter into the Pyramid.

Scientists are still wondering why there are no stray rocks in the surrounding areas of the Pyramids. They are located miles away from the finished Pyramids.

How were the heavy rocks brought to the site, as there were no cranes in those days? There is no scope for any technical support, as the rocks were arranged by men.

PYRAMID POWER_The Millennium Science- Patrick

Even then, arranging those rocks towards the sky, that too to finally attain the Pyramid shape with accurate angles, leaves an impression that the architects of those Pyramids possessed some extra-ordinary expertise. Hence, the Egyptian Pyramids, their construction, their environs, their peculiar shapes, facial features really have a meaningful purpose.

Pyramids were built by great Masters, who have experienced the internal benefits of these structures. In fact, the mighty rocks used for the construction of Pyramids are heavier than what the present cranes can lift. It is also a fact that they were lifted and placed properly. All the work was done manually. Either there must have been some specific equipment for them or they might have used their fourth-state bodies. Ancient Egyptians must have used some unique powers to lift the mighty stones.

Mysterious Anecdote: In early , while doing a research on Pyramids, one research helper went missing. They searched for him with the help of lamps. They could not find him for the next 24 hours. After some pause, he narrated his horrible experiences in the Pyramid.

Pyramid Power by Patrick Flanagan

He said that, while searching for the way-out in the dark, he had found a door on the wall and had entered through it. Just as he had crossed the door and turned his back , the door automatically closed. He said, I turned back and could not find any door in the wall.

I remembered that a stone had slid down from the top and the door was closed. I screamed for help, but no one responded. As there was no way back, I wandered in the dark. It is very difficult to explain my exact experiences. It is a fact that the assistant went missing in the dark Pyramid for 24 hours. But the explanation he was narrating was unbelievable. The entire group searched for the door that was being described by the assistant, but nothing was found.

He could not show how he entered inside and came out. So everyone thought that he might have fallen unconscious or had fallen asleep and had a dream. However, they documented all his narrations. After some days, when they were doing more research, the group found another manuscript, that had details resembling the narrations made by their assistant. Now, the mystery deepened. Then they decided that these must have been stored in an invisible room, which can be opened to a person affected by some non-physical energy.

It may be a sudden event or a gradual event. Their assistant might have been caught unaware and had been influenced by that particular 51 Wonder power of Pyramids non-physical energy. For this reason, though he was able to narrate it but he could not prove it.

There was a remote chance for such a door to open. Construction of Pyramid Interiors for Special Experiences: For example, all the rooms and halls are so arranged in the Pyramid that there is every chance for activation of some consciousness. Every shape in the Pyramid is believed to create specific experiences. If you enter a room with a low ceiling, though it is not touching your head, you will experience that something is pressing you down and create an impression that you are shrinking.

In fact, nothing is pressing you down physically but still you will experience that something is pushing you down. In the same way, if you enter a room with a high roof, you will experience that something is expanding in you. We can construct a room with these limitations, suitable for doing meditation. As an outcome of several research works, it is now clear what type of room is suitable for doing meditation.

We can accordingly build a room either to create a compressive or expansive feeling. We can also choose suitable colors for interiors, room odor, acoustics, etc. This is a great mystery; if you want to go much deeper in meditation, it is quite easy in a Pyramid.

Due to this, you will require less food and less water.

Power pdf pyramid

You can also remain for a longer period of time without taking any food. Compared to outside of the Pyramid, you will consume less energy inside the Pyramid. Even if the soul leaves the body, it can be stored in 52 Wonder power of Pyramids the Pyramid. Something interesting used to happen in Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's life.

He used to go into deep meditative samadhi state continuously for about six days. At that time, his body used to shrink and his disciples used to massage his body and protect it. Without that he had to strive hard to come back to normalcy. Only because of the massage, his body could sustain some heat and the blood flow was active. Had he been doing the same samadhi practice in a Pyramid, the massage might not have been required.

They are dead bodies of human beings. Yet, they are preserved in a systematic way; they appear as if they died recently. What preservative liquids were used in that processes is still a mystery. The peculiar shape of the Pyramid itself may be a prime reason for the long and fresh preservation. Not only the bodies, but any item that is kept in the Pyramid appears afresh for a longer time. As the Pyramid transforms the Sun rays, many wondrous things happen.

At one instance, when a researcher was doing his research work in the Giza Pyramid, a dog entered into the Pyramid. Later, without observing the dog's entry, he closed the entrance of the Pyramid.

He went on leave for about three weeks. On his return, he found the body of the dog. Although it had converted into a mummy, no foul smell was coming from 53 Wonder power of Pyramids the body!

The shape of the Pyramid is believed to provide preserving capacity. One Czechoslovakian scientist Karl Drbal, thought about how things are preserved by the shape of a Pyramid.

He felt that may be the pressure inside the Pyramid is also a reason. Then, he did some experiments with his razor blades. He constructed a small Pyramid with a card board and placed some used razor blades in it. Astonishingl, the used blades became sharp within hours and were found to be useful again.

He even got a patent for this. In this way we can use only one razor blade for an entire life time! If a Pyramid is able to sharpen a blade, then why can it not sharpen your consciousness? Yes, it is possible! Modern Pyramids: At present, small plastic or glass Pyramids are available in the market.

People, who are health conscious, should try to sit in a Pyramid. It helps a lot. There is no strict rule about its shape- it can be rigid or flexible.

You should be able to carry it where ever you are going. You can make it into a roof or a tent. You will find the positive difference. If Pyramids are used regularly, we can increase our life span. If it is made a part of every house, school and college or in daily life there is a possibility of extending the life span even up to years! It is sufficient if we do meditation for an hour every day in a Pyramid, this will protect our life.

He left a successful journalist's career to live among yogis, mystics, and holy men, and studied a wide variety of Eastern and Western esoteric teachings.

Power pdf pyramid

He has globally spread the message of Ramana Maharshi. He had stayed in the kings' chamber of the Great Pyramid for an entire night and described his experiences in this book. He had, in fact, described how a Pyramid has remained as a centre of energy and why a Pyramid structure is aptly suitable to be a divine center for doing meditation.

Some of his experiences are briefed in this extract: Invisible energy in the King's Chamber: I entered the important place.. King's Chamber. Here I decided to spend the rest of the night and with folded legs I took a resting position. After some minutes I had a feeling that there is some invisible energy and I still remain calm just waiting for any thing to happen. I kept my mind blank and blocked all my thoughts. There is no sound in the Pyramid, but still the idea of some invisible energy is haunting me.

Usually, people with extraordinary senses can immediately grasp the existence of invisible energy in ancient houses. The same feeling was felt by me.

I still had a sense that some soul is around me and nothing is clear. With pliant soul, I waited and wondered. There was something throbbing and alive in my vicinity, although I could still see absolute nothing. I regained all my energies and started concentrating on the invisible energies surrounding me.

I got an ill feeling that some bad energy is filled in that area. I learnt how to visualize these kinds of energies and tried to push them out of my view. Again and again they reappeared and now I could view some shades moving in the dark. Slowly these shades started coming close to my face and indicating that some evil things are going to happen.

Some ancient uncivilized souls from near by cemeteries have also crept in. Now, the King's Chamber is full of many shades and shapes and my heart beat is increasing. Fear, anxiety and trembling started in my mind and body.