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Metodo Palmer de Caligrafia Comercial, A.N. Palmer Company, Donated by Mauricio Aguilar. Please visit his website www. Metodo-Palmer-de-Caligrafia-Comercial. Oscar Cardona. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by . Metodo Palmer De Caligrafia Comercial. metodo cover. Read below full screen. Internet Archive BookReader. Metodo Palmer De Caligrafia Comercial.

You may hint at buck-wheat cake, or you may even go so far as to insinuate oat-meal porridge, but if bread and butter be your real meaning, be cautious, my dear Miss Psyche, not on any account to say bread and butter! Edgar Allan Poe ikperecvel by-the-by, Miss Zenobia, which I cannot sufficiently recommend to your attention. This I know to be a fact. And then, said somebody else, then there was Petit Gaillard, who thought himself a pinch of snuff, and was truly distressed because he could not take himself between his own finger impeercvel thumb. I am quite ashamed to confess, I replied, that I have never even heard the names of either gentleman before. This will be sure and cut him to the heart. The opinion of Bob, the devil who kept dark about his having X-ed the paragrabdid not meet with so much attention as I think it deserved, although it was very openly and very fearlessly expressed.

This will be sure and cut him to the heart. The opinion of Bob, the devil who kept dark about his having X-ed the paragrabdid not meet with so much attention as I think it deserved, although it was very openly and very fearlessly expressed.

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He seemed quite willing to speak of his position as superintendent of a Maison de Sante; and, indeed, the topic of lunacy ,ivro, much to my surprise, a favorite one with all present. Swami Vivekananda Luz Sobre Kriya Yoga Possa o DEUS transcendental, que permeia o universo inteiro corri sua onipresena que a fonte eterna da paz e perfeio, fortalecer-me com sabedoria e verdade.

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Blue Nile Noite de So Bartolomeu: Logo a seguir Chitra perguntou: She is a little fat old lady, with blue eyes and a red face, and wears a huge cap like a sugar-loaf, ornamented with purple and yellow ribbons. Both British Boards of Inquiry considered the possibility that Hood was destroyed by a projectile which fell slightly short of the target, and, after travelling some distance underwater, penetrated the hull and then detonated well below the waterline.

This hypothesis is often associated with a similar underwater hit suffered by Prince of Wales in the same action.

Metodo Palmer De Caligrafia Comercial

This damage was not discovered until the ship was drydocked some time after the action, and therefore the exact time and range at which the hit was scored is uncertain, although because the projectile apparently entered the hull from about 45 relative, it seems most probable that the hit occurred shortly after Hood was destroyed. Prior to that time, Prince of Wales was not under mm fire, and shortly after that time she turned away and presented her stern to the enemy.

The hit, caused by a mm projectile from Bismarck, first contacted Prince of Wales about 8. After piercing the skin, it penetrated four additional internal light bulkheads before ending up nose forward just outboard of the ship's main torpedo bulkhead alongside the main engineering spaces. This hit certainly had the potential to destroy the ship had it exploded, and had it struck adjacent to the magazines.

Especially because it appears that the Germans made no specific effort to enhance the underwater capabilities of their projectiles, this represents a truly remarkable performance.

Although the detailed underwater trajectory of any individual projectile remains difficult to predict with any precision, the general principles governing the underwater trajectories of most standard projectile types are relatively well understood. The usual tendency of an ogival headed projectile impacting the water at an angle of fall of about fourteen degrees would be to travel about eighty calibers submerged in an upwardly curving path, and to re-emerge once again with its velocity greatly diminished.

The projectile would normally penetrate to a depth of about six calibers during its underwater run, corresponding to a depth of about 2. Provided the windscreen remained attached, which would be atypical, a mathematical treatment59 yields a trajectory radius of about meters for Bismarck's shells, with a maximum depth of the trajectory of approximately 2. For a projectile of this type, therefore, penetration to a depth of 8. Only the Japanese "suichu dan" projectiles, which were designed specifically to maximize their underwater performance, would be expected to approach this capability - in technical terms their practical lift coefficient seems to have been only about 0.

Such a projectile striking at an angle of fall of 12 would typically be expected to penetrate to a depth of about calibers 6.

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At that point it would be expected to have retained about half of its original striking velocity. In order to achieve this performance, the suichu dan projectile was designed with a specially weakened windshield and armor-piercing cap which broke away upon impact with the water and which presented the flat nose which is typical of projectiles designed for effective underwater penetration.

Although the German projectiles used by Bismarck did not have the special breakaway windscreen and cap characteristic of the Japanese diving projectiles, they were equipped with a rather brittle aluminum windscreen and a fairly flat faced 'knob and ring" armor-piercing cap design.

It is therefore quite possible that if the windscreen were removed by water impact, the comparatively flat armor-piercing cap may have accidentally approximated the effects of the suichu dan design. The fuze delay of the standard German projectiles of the time was approximately 0.

Because of the additional retarding force, the equivalent distance under water would be much less - certainly less than 17 meters, and probably closer to 13 or At the angles of fall which concern us here, this corresponds to a depth at detonation of something less than 3.

Assuming a fuze delay of 0. If the trajectory were relatively straight, this corresponds to a depth of from about 4 to 7 meters. The second board of inquiry obviously considered a penetrating underwater hit a distinct and dangerous possibility, and prepared a special drawing of Hood showing the wave profile along the side at a speed of 28 knots.

At least in the stern of the vessel, this drawing shows that the effective "draft" of the ship at any point along the side might range between The drawing also shows that the main armor belt, with its lower edge located about 7.

This was obviously a point of great vulnerability. The investigators who examined the fuze of the dud projectile which had struck Prince of Wales found that it had been actuated, probably upon water impact, but that shortly thereafter the powder train ".

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It is in fact possible though improbable that the projectile which struck Prince of Wales penetrated the water normally, rotated nearly shortly after impact, and stabilized base first for the remainder of its journey. Such violent rotation would almost certainly have rendered the fuze inoperative, though after it was completed the flat base might have acted like a suichi dan nose. The fact that the projectile was recovered nose forward in the bilges tends to support this somewhat unusual hypothesis.

Provided the fuze operated correctly, however, an underwater hit represents one of the most plausible explanations for the loss of the ship. Projected upon the ship's cross sections, a projectile with an angle of fall of On the not unreasonable assumption that unarmored ship's structure along the path would have approximately the same retarding characteristics as water, the nominal fuze delay range of from 0.

The views below show the areas of vulnerability on Hood at the beginning and end of the turn. A computer-generated plot of the internal arrangements of Hood corresponding to an angle of fall of 12 and a target angle of This shows a "shell's-eye" view of Hood as she probably appeared at the beginning of her final turn.

The 12 angle of fall corresponds to an average value that would occur over the range of probable conditions.

Loss of HMS Hood Part 3.pdf

Click on this image for a larger view. This shows a "shell's-eye" view of Hood as she probably appeared at the end of her final turn, if it was completed. The boards of inquiry located, and most accounts since then have also mentioned, a band of potential weakness about mm wide located slightly above the probable waterline, and stretching from frame to frame , i. In this area, they considered it possible that a projectile could reach the area of the magazines by passing just over the top of the mm belt, penetrating the mm belt, and sneaking in just under the flat protective main deck by striking the portion of the deck that sloped down to meet the side.

Assuming that the angle of fall of Bismarck's shells was somewhere between Searching the cross sections from the ship's plans at this angle of fall instead of the 20 resolved angle of fall assumed in the Board's investigations indicates that such an event, though not impossible, would have been rather improbable.

As noted above, it is also possible that the fatal projectile may have reached the magazines by passing over the belt, rather than under it. An attractive byproduct of this hypothesis is that it also lends itself to an easy explanation of the observation of witnesses that the fatal explosion seemed to originate in the vicinity of the mainmast rather than amongst the after magazines.

Metodo Palmer De Caligrafia Comercial

As the orthographic diagrams above show, one plausible route for a projectile heading toward the after magazines and passing over the belt takes it in the immediate vicinity of the starboard torpedo tube nest. Because of the mantlet armor, a projectile traveling this path would not have been capable of detonating a torpedo, but it still might have done collateral damage along the way.

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There was an obvious fire on the boat deck, and perhaps one under the boat deck as well, in the vicinity of the torpedo tubes. If the shell or collateral fragments from the hull had perforated a charged torpedo air flask, for example, the result - especially in an area where an extensive fire was in progress - could have been a spectacular burst of flame around the mainmast, followed a split second later by the detonation of the after magazines.

This is, in fact, exactly what many witnesses observed. The angle of fall of the incoming shells was only from Graphs of German armor penetration for the mm shell see previous page stop at an obliquity of 20 and must be extrapolated to obtain any figure at all for an obliquity greater than this.

Further, the best estimates obtained by such extrapolation seem to yield a total penetration capability of only about 65mm.

The total thickness of deck armor protecting the magazines in this area, admittedly distributed amongst several layers, amount to approximately mm.

On average, penetration via this route, especially by a damaged projectile, is therefore considered unlikely. It has however been suggested that a projectile striking over the engineering spaces could reach the forward bulkhead of the magazine group by penetrating both the The orthographic diagrams above reveal this to be an attractive alternative hypothesis.