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David Blaine again used this impressive trick where he pushed a cigarette through a This coin is available through good magic suppliers such as http:// www. Science and engineering represent great opportunities for magic. In this book you will find some amazing and easy-to-do magic tricks based on. We have selected superb magic tricks, most of which can be performed .. Hold the spine of the book in your left hand and ruffle the pages with the right.

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PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today Bobo's Coin Magic - Learn Free Magic Tricks - The Hottest BIG BOOK OF MAGIC Easy-to-Do. Magic Tricks For The Beginning Magician. CIGAM FTP PDF version by TARKO the GREAT. Trick #1. The Self-Tying Handkerchief. A knot instantly ties. Your child's birthday should be memorable and special. Since Brett has children of his own, and he has spent several years teaching, he has a unique way of.

Using a small packet of cards, you start spelling out cards in the usual manner, however every time you hand the cards to a spectator to try - he gets the Joker! Each time he does, you immediately take the cards back and successfully spell to the card. The effect and comedy build as the spectator fails over and over - until he is finally left holding just the Joker. Step-by-step handling complete with comedy patter. Price: FREE! To save file, just right click on download button above and choose "Save link as Balls appear and disappear, multiply, followed by the magical appearance of SIX large balls, onions, or potatoes.

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It was there that he announced himself as a wonder-worker, capable of duplicating the alchemists' art of transmuting base metals to gold and of knowing the ingredients of an Egyptian wine that would prolong life. He took an interest in rituals associated with Masonic lodges, and though bitterly repudiated by British members of the fraternity, Cagliostro attracted thousands of eager followers.

Claiming the gift of miraculous cures, the ability to conjure gold from worthless metals, and the power to see the future, he was an instant celebrity. In her Memoirs the Baroness d'Oberkirch wrote: No one can ever form the faintest idea of the fervor with which everybody pursued Cagliostro. He was surrounded, besieged; everyone trying to win a glance or a word. A dozen ladies of rank and two actresses had followed him in order to continue their treatments.

Cagliostro's greatest fame and the beginning of his ultimate downfall came with his appearance in Paris in He was greeted as the latest sensation and no story of his prowess seemed too impossible to believe. The guest of royalty, he nevertheless proclaimed himself the chief of the Rosicrucians and thus a being elevated above the rest of mankind, nobles included.

He gave a spirit seance at which the ghosts of six dead men were made to appear. At the height of his fame he was arrested and thrown into the Bastille on a charge of complicity in the theft of a diamond necklace. After a long incarceration in the Bastille without trial, he was ultimately acquitted.

The public's outrage at the practices of French royalty was but a hint of the revolutionary fervor that was to grow stronger and spread, culminating in the bloody thunder of the French Revolution.

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The Freemasons repudiated him, and he soon became the object of continued and widespread ridicule. Deeply in debt, unable to attract an audience of the gullible, threatened with lawsuits, he fled to Rome. It was a fatal choice. In he was arrested and jailed in the fortress of San Angelo on the charge of attempting to practice Freemasonry. Tried before tIle cowled inquisitors of the Holy Inquisition, he was found guilty and sentenced to a dungeon at the Castle of San Angelo.

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An attempted escape failed. He was never seen nor heard from again. It is said that Cagliostro died in August, , but officially the exact date of his death is a blank - an ignoble end to a once notoriously powerful figure.

A contemporary of Cagliostro's, the chevalier Pinetti, represents an interesting contrast in style. Pinetti was born in in Tuscany. The general public, awakened to the enchantment of inexplicable mysteries as performed by Cagliostro and Mesmer, were quick to proclaim Pinetti's magical abilities. A ring, borrowed from a lady in the audience, was made to vanish at the shot of a gun.

The ring was later found when Pinetti opened a small box to reveal a dove, which held the borrowed ring in its beak. Ina single quick movement, Pinetti then removed the shirt from the man's body. Although a confederate was sLlspected, surprisingly enough there was no confederate.

Impossible as it seems, the shirt was removed from an innocent spectator chosen at random who had no more idea how the trick was done than anyone else in the audience. Pinetti exposed the shirt trick in a book published in the summer of This was in part a response to the Decremps expose mentioned earlier. The Decremps revelations led Pinetti to change his act.

Pinetti's fame survived the many exposes of his act, but in time a rival, Torrini, overtook him in fame and popularity.

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Mortified that he was playing to near-empty houses while Torrini played to packed theatres, Pinetti closed his theatre and journeyed to Russia. Penniless and broken in spirit, he died at the turn of the century at age fifty. It is well to observe that while some of Pinetti's work smacked of mysticism and the occult, generally he presented tricks that avoided the intimidating overtones of Black Magic.

His influence on magic was widespread, and many aspiring conjurors tried to imitate his stage manner and presentation. Though his performing career spanned little more than a decade, he was to have a profound effect on magicians who followed him.

Napoleon had just fought the battle of Austerlitz and was at the zenith of power as emperor of the French Empire. The book, describing a large number of scientific curios and magical effects, wrought a great change in Houdin. He was bedazzled by the cleverness concealed in the workings of magical tricks, and saw immediately that he had a natural talent toward magic. He was to remain a watchmaker until , when the count de l'Escalopier visited his shop. The count's eye was attracted to mechanical toys in the window, but he was particularly taken with a clear crystal clock that ran apparently without watchworks.

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The performances were to become quite popular. One of his greatest tricks was "The Light and Heavy Chest. At the snap of the fingers, the box would become light again. This time it was the spectator, an Arab summoned from the audience, who was hypnotized and robbed of the power to lift the box.

This sounds rather pat in print, but no threads or wires were used to bring about the illusion. Another of his inventions was the "Aerial Suspension," still in use and very popular with present-day illusionists.

The king thought carefully, then declared that the handkerchiefs should appear near an orange tree outside the castle. As soon as he gave his decision, the king told several of his guards to run to the orange tree in question and surround it to preven t fra ud. The handkerchiefs were gathered and caused to vanish. Then Robert-Houdin directed the king's men to dig at the base of the tree until they found a metal chest that had been buried near the base of the tree sixty years before the performance.

The chest was uncovered and taken to the king. The chest was locked and rusted shut. I can prove to your satisfaction the further fact that the box and its contents was deposited under the orange tree sixty years ago. The king found therein an old parchment, dated June, , written by Joseph Balsamo, which stated in part: "This iron box, containing six handkerchiefs, was placed among the roots of an orange tree by me to serve in performing an act of magic which will be executed sixty years hence.

He did away with the heavily draped ta bles of his predecessors, and discarded their habit of appearing in long, flowing robes in favor of ordinary evening clothes. He was granted awards for the ingenious construction of his automata and received a gold medal for his application of electricity to clocks.

He devised an electric light years before Edison and was widely recognized on the European continent for his insight and creative abilities. He died in , leaving behind a rich legacy for succeeding generations of magicians. World War I saw America emerge from an isolationist position to one of world involvement.

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It was a time when Freud's theories were beginning to be felt, when Einstein's self-fulfilling prophesies, buried in obscure, barbed equations, were talked about but not yet fully understood.

Some heroes were corrupt, some had feet of clay, some seemed more imagined than real. If Charlie Chaplin was a hero because he could make people laugh and cry and see themselves in the Little Tramp's unending tragedies, Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth were heroes because they demonstrated how the kid from the slums could make good.

We strive to produce the very best quailty in these faithful scans of the original books, and guarantee your satisfaction. A great thing about these vintage magic books is discovering magic tricks and routines from the past that have been forgotten or overlooked by modern performers.

A real treasure trove of information. Our CD's do not necessarily have the cover shown in the listing.

However, each CD is labeled with its contents. Shipping is free in USA. Slight extra charge for first class USPS international shipping.

I also reserve the right to change shipping methods or carriers from what the listing indicates. As most of the cost in magic tricks and illusions are in the working knowledge or secret.

No refunds can be given for magic items. Magic items will only be replaced for loss or damage during shipping. If payment is not received by the end of 2 days your auction may be revoked and considered non-paid.

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