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The politico-economic philosophy that Will Clayton developed as cotton merchant to the world provided the basis for his distinguished service as Assistant Secretary of State and as Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs and influenced the course of international events far more than is generally realized. Dalgleish's opinion is supported by documentary evidence and the statements of others whose views are given in this short biography. The principal events in Will Clayton's background that shaped his character and developed his personal philosophy are here portrayed by one who had a unique opportunity to view her subject at close range during the main periods of his careers in government and business. In this brief bio- graphy, his eldest daughter, Ellen Clayton Garwood, intimately but objectively traces the evolution of Clayton's realistic internationalism. The effectiveness of his governmental service in a fast-shrinking world had its roots in his early struggles in international cotton marketing. His marked ability to gain the support of Congress for government proposals—extension of the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act, the British Loan, the Marshall Plan—is foreshadowed in his triumphant defense of his own business before a Senate investigating committee in the early twentieth century, and by his championship of Southern delivery on futures contracts on the New York Cotton Exchange. But the story is not all one of success.

It must be an action.

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Our book talks about the perpetual fight between "The bad" and "The good". Pope John Paul II said about "The bad" that "the devil is still alive and at works around the world".

It will always change it's form and shape and will always test our strength, pretending that it is just a myth.

Twenty years ago, "The bad" showed its power: it added together people, means and expertise and created an international crime know-how organization that budded in the same time in several East European countries. But it was "The good" who won finally the battle. It was a difficult victory because, at the beginning, "The good" was not as strong as "The bad".

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A few brave heroes fought against international crime in their own ways: some by using lab work and scientific intelligence; others by defending society at the price of their own lives. Their dedication, restless work and personal sacrifice helped justice to remain "the foundation of the throne".

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Sir Winston Churchill once said that " Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few And looking back at years after the Cold War, we may say the old man was right again. The measures are to the point. The text is to let the bullied know that they are not alone.

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Millions of others experience the abuse of a bully, and the victims struggle with what to do about the pain and embarrassment. I hope that the suggestions offered provide the targeted options and countermeasures to deal with their seemingly impossible challenges to overcome their tormentor.

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A word about the action steps, there is no guarantee of the effectiveness of any steps listed to counteract all kinds of bullying, but the actions are proven through experience and research to work in most bullying encounters. Some bullying extends beyond what can be termed typical bullying. Bullies who are very violent or who simply cannot be controlled regardless of the methods used to bring the abuse to a satisfactory end may require intervention.

If this is the circumstance, it would be best to seek the help of professionals such as mental health counselors or law enforcement. To be clear, a bully is an abuser. The deed has all of the characteristics of abuse, yet some maintain a reluctance to call it so. Their resistance may be due to the label and the connotation of the word.

Throughout this book, bully and abuser are interchangeable. Also, the bullied are often referred to as targets and not victims. Likewise, the term target and victim are interchangeable as well.

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