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Kidney Disease Solution PDF Free Download kidney-disease-solution-pdf-free-download/ Kidney Disease. Kidney Disease Solution: The Easy Way to a Kidney Disease-Free Life - Kindle edition by Adam Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Health, Fitness & Dieting. Kidney Disease Solution: Kidney Function: Proactive Ways To Avoid Kidney Disease: Avoid Dialysis - Kindle edition by Jcs Sanchez. Download it once and read.

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Download this free pages of Duncan Capicchiano's The Kidney Disease Solution . The Kidney Disease Solution is an page eBook written. Download Here➤➤ http://bookcom/z/kidneydiseasesolution Kidney Disease Solution Kidney Disease Solution Pdf Kidney Disease. Kidney Disease Solution eBook can help you doesn't matter if you want to learn about the kidney function or the cause behind your kidney disease. This eBook.

Privacy Policy Kidney disease can be a considerable disorder which is going to decline an individual s health and wellbeing gradually. The slow onset of the disorder generally begins with patients complaining of fatigue together with pain in the kidney area. For the reason that kidneys are classified as the body s filter for waste and toxins, the decrease in function gradually slowly toxins the entire body with the extra harmful toxins. More signs and symptoms of kidney disorder include headaches, nausea or vomiting, high blood pressure levels along with cholestrerol levels, and itching. Many people are having troubles with their kidneys. People experiencing Dialysis are growing year after year. And a Lot of them is seeking for kidney disease solution to help with their kidney disorder.

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Mikael Malibiran. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Page 2 The Kidney Disease Solution While every attempt has been made to provide information that is both accurate and proven effective, the author and, by extension, this guide, make no guarantees that the remedies presented herein will help everyone in every situation. As the symptoms and conditions for each person are unique to individual histories, physical conditioning, body type, and the specifics of the actual kidney disease presentation, successes will vary.

If you are taking any medications, you should consult with your physician, health care professional or health care provider before making any changes in your health maintenance program or profile. All links are for information purposes only and are not warranted for content, accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, edited, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic, digital, mechanical, including photocopying, recorded or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.

Cure sometimes, treat often, prevent always. Page 3 Contents Contents Examples include: Examples include Page 4 2. Is your kidney disease caused by diabetes? If so, treat accordingly If so, treat accordingly. Is your kidney disease caused by physical trauma? Is your kidney disease caused by heavy metal overload? Is your kidney disease caused by antibiotic use? Is your kidney disease caused by an infection? Is your kidney disease caused by loss of blood flow and oxygen to the kidneys?

Is your kidney disease caused by high blood pressure? Has an autoimmune disease e. Lupus SLE caused your kidney disease?

Is your kidney disease caused by polycystic kidney disease? Is your kidney disease caused by Pyelonephritis? Do you have blood in your urine hematuria? Do you have kidney inflammation? Do you have uremia urea, azotemia? Do you have high creatinine? Are you fatigued? Do you have a lowered immune system?

Page 5 7. Are you on dialysis? Do you have anemia? Do you have high homocysteine levels in your blood? Page 6 Meditation Exercises Page 7 Introduction — Welcome! I commend you on taking action in joining many others and me on this healing journey.

I also want to congratulate you on being one of the top three percent of people suffering from this condition who are seeking answers. Seriously, only three percent of the population dares to take this type of opportunity. Why, I am not sure. I can only imagine that a fear within them stops them taking a chance to create a better life. You can use this guide in a number of ways. It is my belief that those with a better understanding of why and how things happen progress more easily and rapidly to their desired outcomes because they can see why they need to complete the necessary treatments.

The power to change your life is essentially up to you. I cannot help you any more than you can help yourself. I cannot take the supplements for you, walk for you, or eat for you.

Ebook kidney disease solution

However, this is the beauty of this type of healing and self-application format: In addition, the sense of success and completion that you will experience after you have healed your kidney disease will be entirely to your credit! I am simply an observer of your health success.

No one can give that to you, nor can anyone take it away from you once you have achieved it. I wish you the most incredible healing journey. Yours in great health, Duncan Capicchiano 8. The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that are situated towards the back of the abdominal cavity, just above your waist.

A trick to find them is to place your hands on your hips. Your kidneys are just below where your thumbs are located. Kidneys are bigger than most people realize. They are the size of your fists. On the other hand, for computer freaks, they are about the size of a conventional computer mouse. Of course, this size varies between individuals, so the range is 10 to 13 cm 4 to 5 inches long and about 5 to 7. A kidney weighs approximately grams 5.

The key role of the kidneys is to filter the blood by recognising through special sensors imbalances within the blood and determining what stays and what does not. The kidneys are absolutely crucial for our survival and overall health, yet they are probably our most ignored organ.

Kidneys provide the following functions and benefits for our body. They act as a filter to remove harmful substances such as metabolic by-products, hormones, drugs, toxins, and water from the body via the blood. Once filtered, the resulting urine is taken via the ureters thin tubes and collected in the bladder, ready for urination. Regulate - Regulation is the way the body keeps itself in balance. With all the external and internal changes e.

One of the ways in which the kidneys do this is by regulating the natural balance of chemicals e. Page 10 components within the blood to cope with the varying demands and stressors.

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The kidneys separate what is necessary and what is not necessary to best aid the body. If this intricate balance is disturbed in any way — if the body is unable to self-adjust and regulate the changes — a disease process will initiate. The body is very particular about its blood composition; there it is not a large window for fluctuation. The body analyses and detects its status with mind- blowing accuracy.

If anything is even just a smidgen out, the body will get the kidneys to clear it out, kind of like a bouncer at a dance club. The bouncer allows a certain number of people in, and a certain type of people in. If the body bouncer is not happy with someone in the dance club… you guessed it… they get booted out.

Regulation occurs on many levels: Well, they do. One such hormone is erythropoietin aka EPO , which stimulates the bone marrow to make oxygen- carrying red blood cells. Vitamin D, which is involved in the absorption of calcium in the intestines, is also produced in its most active form, Calcitriol.

You will also find anti-diuretic hormone, Renin and Aldosterone, being produced by the kidneys. As mentioned previously, there are two types of kidney disease: Each has its own causes. Causes of Kidney Disease Source: United States Renal Data System. Page 12 Chronic Kidney Disease Diabetes As you can see from the image above, diabetes is the number one cause of kidney disease, present in a staggering This is something that needs urgent attention, and scarily the number of people developing diabetes each year is only growing The way diabetes causes kidney disease is threefold.

Damaged Blood Vessels — High sugar levels within the blood of diabetics causes the tiny blood vessels within the kidneys to become narrow and clogged, essentially cutting off the blood supply to the kidneys and causing death of tissue.

Damaged Nerve Supply - In this instance, high blood sugar levels cause the nerve supply to but not limited to the bladder to become weakened and incommunicative with the rest of the body. This creates a back-up of pressure in the bladder, which in turn places added stress on the kidneys. Urinary Tract - High blood sugar causes an increased likelihood of urinary tract infections, as sugar is the favourite food of bacteria.

Urine with a high concentration of sugar in it becomes a breeding ground for infections. This can later develop into infections to the kidneys.

High Blood Pressure Not too far behind diabetes is high blood pressure as a cause of kidney disease. The mechanism by which high blood pressure causes kidney disease is simple.

The kidneys work by filtering blood via tiny vessels. Page 13 need to filter the blood increases, in most cases making the kidneys work harder because they are filtering too much blood. The blood is literally forced upon the kidneys to be filtered. Glomerulonephritis A fancy name to describe inflammation of the kidneys is Glomerulonephritis aka glomerular nephritis. More specifically, Glomerulonephritis is inflammation of the glomeruli, the filtration units of the kidney.

The most common cause of Glomerulonephritis is a condition called IgA nephropathy Berger's disease. IgA nephropathy is distinguished by deposits of the IgA antibody in the glomerulus essentially blocking up the filtration system.

Other lesser causal factors include but are not limited to: Kidney disease can be broken down into five different stages, each with a reference to an acronym known as GFR. GFR stands for Glomerular filtration rate, and describes the flow rate of filtered fluid through the kidney. For further details, please refer to the table below.

Unfortunately, kidney disease and kidney failure can sneak up on people, a silent killer. In the early stages of development, kidney disease is asymptomatic without symptoms. Eventually a day of critical mass occurs when enough of the slowly progressing disease initiates bodily signs and symptoms. Your body has tried to cope for some time, but now it is all too much and it begins to show physical signs and symptoms such as: Not only does this cause breathing difficulties, but can also lead to congestive heart failure.

This will change oxygen and enzyme metabolism, leading to organ failure. More than the absence of disease, health is the state of physical, mental and social wellbeing, a state in which a person feels at every moment of living a joy and zest for life, a sense of fulfilment, and an awareness of harmony with the universe around them. The series of tests and exams one can undergo to assess, track and diagnose kidney disease are endless.

The list below concentrates on the key tests that your doctor may use to monitor your health. As mentioned earlier, kidney disease could already have fallen upon you largely before you even develop symptoms. Sad, but true. Therefore, anyone over the age of 50 or 60 should have a routine health check-up each year to assess their overall health, including kidney analysis. Naturally, those with increased risk of kidney disease due to genetics, lifestyle, medications, etc.

Please note that all tests have their limitations. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a number of tests performed to assess kidney health. What one test may miss, another will detect. Page 18 Tests may be divided up into 4 different categories: As kidney disease advances, GFR falls below 90 and continues to fall. GFR is measured by intravenously injecting special markers that, once excreted, tell a story of the health of the kidney being tested. Patients can be placed into five separate categories depending on the results of this test, as mentioned previously on page Urinalysis uses a dipstick that has a number of little reagent patches.

Once in contact with a urine sample, they immediately begin to change colour to indicate the result of glucose, albumin, pH, ketones, leucocytes, blood, specific gravity, nitrate, bilirubin and urobilinogen. However convenient this test maybe, it still has only a small place in the assessment of kidney disease. Elevated markers such as albumin, blood, glucose and pH all point to kidney dysfunction. Twenty-four-hour urine tests: This test calls for urine to be collected continuously for 24 hours.

The Kidney Disease Solution Review

This test is a lot more accurate than urinalysis. The following key points are analysed to assess the degree of kidney disease, urea, nitrogen and, creatinine. These naturally occurring chemicals are by-products of the daily processes of the body. High levels of all of these chemicals indicate an under-functioning kidney.

Electrolyte levels - Because the kidney can no longer perform its normal function of keeping what the body needs and removing what it does not, abnormal levels of electrolytes begin to develop. The main electrolytes that become a problem in kidney disease are potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. High potassium hyperkalemia is of most concern.

Blood cell counts — These are important not only from a diagnosis perspective but also as a general health check. It is important to make sure that when kidney disease develops, anemia does not set in.

The kidneys produce the hormone erythropoietin a blood-building hormone and this declines as the progression of disease begins to take hold. As this declines, you will find that so too do your haemoglobin levels. Scans Ultrasound is best utilised to scan for any urinary obstruction, such as kidney stones. Tissue Biopsy — This test involves taking a small sample of the kidney via a needle and then having it analysed. It is used to find the cause of the kidney disease and to see if the cause is reversible from a Western medical viewpoint.

Early Stages of Kidney Disease — Treatment Diuretics - Taking diuretics eases the pressure from the kidneys by taking a load off. However, this medication may be the cause of your kidney disease — as a result of taking too many diuretics in the past. If this is you, please avoid this treatment. Always ask your doctor before taking any medication.

Diabetes medication — As discussed earlier, diabetes is the most common cause of kidney disease. Doctors will therefore make sure your blood sugar is in a healthy normal range through drugs and insulin. Blood pressure medication — Medication is sometimes necessary to reduce your hypertension quickly and can slow down the rate at which kidney disease progresses.

Always check with your doctor as to which is the most suitable medication for you, as they may complicate your condition even more. Page 21 Erythropoietin — This replaces the hormone that the kidneys once produced so easily. Erythropoietin helps production of red blood cells in the bone marrow and prevents anemia. Alfacalcidol or Calcitriol — These are forms of Vitamin D, which need replenishment in kidney disease, as the kidney is no longer able to produce its own.

Phosphate binders — These provide benefits by inhibiting the absorption of too much phosphate by the gut. When phosphate absorption in high compared to calcium, as is often the case in kidney disease, bone abnormalities occur.

Bicarbonate tablets — Acidosis acidity in the blood is a normal state when one has kidney disease. Taking bicarbonate tablets will help alkalise the blood. This is not to say this state of affairs is ideal, as the goal in mind is to prevent this type of treatment entirely. However, for those of you who are currently receiving this type of treatment, you can surely attest to its importance and absolute necessity in the treatment of kidney failure.

There are two types of dialysis a Hemodialysis and b Peritoneal dialysis. The machine also cleverly normalises the pH level and balances the concentrations of electrolytes such as potassium and sodium before returning the blood back to the body. Hemodialysis is required for hours a day, three days a week, and for a fortunate few takes place at home under the care of a professional or family member.

Ingenious, I say! A catheter placed into the abdominal wall is operated manually or by a machine.

The benefit of this procedure is the freedom it brings with the possibility of treatment taking place entirely at home.

However, as with any treatment, there are always pros and cons, so it is best to speak to your doctor or specialist about your own needs, abilities and circumstances before making any medical decisions. I hope this book is in your hands before you reach this stage. For those of you who are reading this book now and are currently receiving treatment via a dialysis machine, fear not. This book will also benefit you, allowing a greater response and quality of life even if dialysis is a necessity in your life.

Transplantation For those experiencing kidney failure Stage 5 , kidney transplantation will offer you the best result possible, quite possibly a quality of life that is similar to what you experienced before any of this ever happened. Unfortunately, not everyone is a suitable candidate for a transplant. Having said that, a large number of people receive kidney transplants every day with great success.

Those with diabetes would also do well to receive a pancreas transplant at the same time. Page 23 Chapter 3 — The Natural Way Natural medicine is, I believe, crucial, not only for the prevention of kidney disease, but also for its ability to offer a better quality of life for those who have reached a level where dialysis or transplantation is required. Natural medicine is a complete holistic strategy to bring the body back into harmony with itself and its surroundings.

I gravitated towards embracing Natural Medicine the study of the healing powers of nature and becoming a Naturopath through the realisation that we are more than a collection of parts; we are a living breathing, fully integrated being with a body, mind and soul.

I hope you too can appreciate the gifts given to us. For every conceivable disease, there is always an answer waiting for us in nature. In an effort to simplify matters, I have systematised this treatment program to match the style of how I would treat my clients in a clinical environment — as if you were right here in front of me.

For example, if diabetes was the root cause of your kidney disease, then it follows that your diabetes needs to be addressed as well. Let us start our journey Stress - The kidneys are very susceptible to all forms of stress.

When we experience stress, the kidneys are literally in the thick of things and exposed to the harmful effects of stress. The kidneys have a close working relationship with the adrenal glands; in fact, the adrenal glands literally sit on top of the kidneys. The adrenal glands are our stress glands, which is to say that when stressed they go to work producing hormones to help combat the imminent danger that the mind perceives.

Though not a sabre-toothed tiger anymore, the danger recognised in that stressful relationship, that uninspiring job, that overactive mind, can turn any daily chore into a nightmare. When stress triggers your adrenal glands to release adrenalin and cortisol throughout your entire body, the process stimulates a cascade of events: Your pancreas stimulates your body to release glucose into the blood stream so that you have an active energy source to burn.

Your heart begins to pump more blood around your body. Your body directs the blood away from your digestive system and sends it to your muscles so you can run or fight. Your liver releases cholesterol as another source of energy. Your brain switches off its logical thought processes and memory storage to allow more blood and energy to your muscles.

Now that you have this physiological response, you can run or fight I suggest running in response to a sabre-toothed tiger! When the stress is gone, the body turns off production of large amounts of Now think again what happens when we are constantly in a state of stress: Elevated levels of blood glucose in our blood stream. Interestingly, this is what happens in Type 2 diabetes. There is too much glucose in our blood and insulin levels cannot keep up.

What is the number one cause of kidney disease again? Elevated blood pressure. This increases the pressure directly on our kidneys, literally forcing blood onto them, causing them to work harder. Worse still, the pressure forces larger particles of matter through the filtration system than it was designed to fit — tearing holes as they go through. High blood pressure is a factor in heart disease, which is one of the leading causes of death in our modern world!

Are you suffering from high blood pressure or know someone who is? Do you remember what the second most common cause of kidney disease is? Blood is directed away from our digestive system. Irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, food intolerances, bloating, gas, reflux, and hernias are all results of stress and the body being in a chronic state of stress.

Cholesterol levels rise to provide an energy source. How many of you have high cholesterol? This is another major cause of heart disease in our modern world and a leading cause of death. Your brain ceases memory function. This causes you to suffer from short or long-term memory loss, foggy brain and more. Long-term stress has other devastating effects on our bodies, including suppression of the immune system, insomnia, decreased sex drive, chronic fatigue syndrome, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, irritability, depression, lowered immune function, susceptibility to infections, exaggeration of allergies, greater muscle tension, and back problems.

In addition, it can lead to cancer, poor digestion, poor absorption of nutrients leading to nutritional deficiencies, skin disorders, the Page 26 formation of extra free-radicals that can damage body tissues, making us age faster, and changes in the composition of the blood, making it more prone to clotting.

Oxidation - The dangers of oxidative damage are well known. We are now told that we need plenty of anti-oxidants daily to minimize the effects. Liver Function - An organ that probably does not jump to mind when exploring the causes of kidney disease is the liver.

The liver is responsible for the filtration and breakdown of many unwanted molecules in the body. In addition, as mentioned earlier, if there is a problem with hepatic liver blood flow, this can cause kidney disease.

The kidneys and the liver work closely together to neutralise and excrete toxins from the body. The liver first takes a toxin, puts it through a process called Cytochrome P and oxidises it. Now this may sound funny, because all we know that oxidants are not good for the body, but oxidation is a necessary step that allows the body to make the toxin water-soluble so that the kidneys can excrete it.

This is done in stage two of the Cytochrome P pathway. Malnourished — All biochemical processes in the body require certain vitamins and minerals in order to carry out their functions. You cannot make a chocolate cake without chocolate. However, you also cannot make it without flour, butter, milk, and sugar, now can you? You need all the ingredients to get the best results. Next is a list of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that heal, protect, aid or enhance kidney function, either directly or indirectly.

The unfortunate thing is that it is easy to encounter these types of heavy metals. Sources include canned foods, various paints, hair dyes, vaccines, tyres, car fumes, solder, cigarettes, synthetic baby formulas, batteries, tooth fillings amalgam , cosmetics, plastics, fluorescent lights, confectionery, cola drinks and margarine. Other Causes of Kidney Disease Include: It is quite logical when you think about it.

If we take a step back and assess what we really are, we will realise that we are essentially a trillion cell neatly packed together.

Amazing so far, right? What do you see? A cell is essentially made up of fat, protein, water, carbohydrates, cholesterol yes, cholesterol is good for us too and sprinklings of vitamins and minerals. No alien metals, no kryptonic elements here sorry to disappoint. It is good old-fashioned nutrition. Therefore, it is necessary to consume a vast, broad and diversified diet rich in natural organic compounds i.

No one vitamin or mineral has the answer. For the reason that kidneys are classified as the body s filter for waste and toxins, the decrease in function gradually slowly toxins the entire body with the extra harmful toxins. More signs and symptoms of kidney disorder include headaches, nausea or vomiting, high blood pressure levels along with cholestrerol levels, and itching.

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Many people are having troubles with their kidneys. People experiencing Dialysis are growing year after year. And a Lot of them is seeking for kidney disease solution to help with their kidney disorder. One of the best powerful programs on the market can be The Kidney Disease Solution. And here s the beat kidney disease reviews for you, we will uncover vital things like what exactly is this program, where to download free copy of duncan capicchiano beat kidney disease And so forth.

The Kidney Disease Solution program can be described as a comprehensive and complete guideline of kidney disorder lifestyle and diet adjustments which can simply be utilized in day-to-day living. The program offers individuals with step-by-step directions regarding how to lower creatinine levels, the way to enhance kidney function, and approaches to protect their kidneys from further harm.

Furthermore, during this program, individuals will learn the way to invert their impaired kidney function by natural means, the way to recover their kidney disorder, and approaches to enhance their standard of living even though they are on dialysis.

You will also learn about fundamental basic of kidney like what is acute and chronic kidney disease, chronic kidney disorder, how long to live with kidney failure, how long can a person live with kidney failure and much more. Moreover, the program helps individuals regain their health without having to use prescription drugs, steer clear of kidney surgery, steer clear of dialysis, and lower their doctor visits. In addition, this program includes a comprehensive eating plan that describes the proper foods individuals can eat to help their kidneys cure while increasing their kidney function.