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1 og 2, Author: Cappelen Damm, Name: Connect 9 Student's Book kap. og tilgjengeliggjøring bare tillatt i den utstrekning det er hjemlet i lov while you continue perfecting your skills online in CONNECT 8—10 Workspace. Publication Design by Charlotte Heal Cover Photography by Jessie Scott Using a Kinfolk Online Pass, you will be able to access stories from our backissue archive and new stories from our current .. S ER IES O F TIPS. by AMAG magazine and books. Published 20 days ago Cover of "AMAG media kit BOOKS" Cover of "AMAG 13 online sample PREVIEW". AMAG

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Amazing look and feel across all platforms, devices and Issuu apps. .. Whether just launching your first publication, or you've been at it for years, no other. CONNECT 8 Teacher's Book er en utvidet versjon av elevboka. I tillegg . I e- mail my cousins in San Francisco, and sometimes we chat online. Cappelen Damm AS Materialet i denne publikasjonen er omfattet av Being able to access videos online, international newspapers and.

Download issuu mobile Issuu Mobile: Android and iPhone. Best free Issuu alternative? Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. The Museum of Natural history is quite Issuu is a digital publishing platform that. A lighter version is available for mobile devices here 16 M. Misrepresentation of age in Washington, DC is a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum of a 0 fine and a day suspension of your driving privileges if convicted. G: With issuu for Android, youll get access to more than 30 million publications in an incredible, immersive reading experience for FREE.

Fox is blushing like a sunset. I decide to put Sandra and Ben out of their agony.

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She looks at the red Ben Fox. I look at each kid in the class very carefully. Ben Fox has blue eyes. I was sure that she loved him. They are all looking at me. I can feel my face turning red now. I wish I could sink through the floor but I get on with my last question. Sandra is very embarrassed.

What is the title of the story? Who are the main characters? Where is the story set? What is the time span of the story? What is the conflict? Give examples from the text and write them down. Work with a partner and explain them in English to each other. Seeing the words in context can help you understand the meaning of the words better.

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You can also try to explain the meaning of the words first in Norwegian. Act out this scene with David, Sandra and Boffin in groups of three. Write down your lines. Practise with your group and perform the scene.

If you need to revise how to conjugate adjectives, go to page Write a short explanation for how you conjugate regular adjectives. Write your explanation in English. My house is small. Your house is smaller than mine. The book is interesting.

It is more interesting than your book. It is the most interesting book I have ever read. If you think this is too difficult, try to explain in Norwegian first. If you study the examples on page 54, it might help you with your explanation. Include one adjective in each sentence. Two of the adjectives must be in the comparative, and two adjectives must be in the superlative. He is the creator of the comic book The Urban Legend. Yohannes writes the stories and the illustrator, New Tasty, brings the characters to life.

The comic book has been translated into eight languages. What do you know about their worlds and their homes? Why do you think people like to read comics or watch films about superheroes? Seeing how poverty affects children, he came up with the idea to create a strong superhero who could help those who have nothing. Someone who could be a role model, who could motivate others to reach their goals and fulfil their dreams. If you were to create a superhero, what would your superhero be like?

Having the ability to provoke others to create is an art within itself. It is a power not many realize they have. Once triggered, an idea can cause many stages of developing something into its final art form.

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A process that brings highs and lows along the way, with the thrill. After digging deeper into the four obvious acts of what typically sets our heartbeats a blaze, another answer has formed. Even if we feel the rise in our heart beats from the sweetness of a fruit, the touch of a woman, strum of a chord or the composition of the canvas, it is all of the specific moments, objects, acts, viewed as individuals from the overlying whole of life.

The ignited pulse is something we all share as a species, everyone gets to experience it no matter what the situation is.

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Our minds go through the motions day to day without notice, sometimes a little awareness can remind us of the ignition of the pulse. T he S p ontane ous Menu Nothing is more boring than using the same ingredients for a meal eaten on the regular. Switch up the typical recipes for your go-to meals and expose your palate to something new. These recipes are sure to bring some new ideas from how you may typically prepare your day to day meals.

Break the old habits and bring some excitement to your dishes. Being the extra person that. I am, I just had to take it a step further. Place bacon on a lined baking sheet or mount on a wire rack. Stick inside the oven and set the temperature to degrees, putting the bacon in as the oven heats up.

Cook for minutes. While the bacon is cooking, chop your onions so that they make nice arches. Heat up a skillet with oil or butter and caramelize the onions until they are nice and tender. To prepare for the sandwich, spread a layer of dijon mustard on the bottom piece of the bread. Begin to layer the sandwich with cheese, bacon and onion, add another slice of cheese and top with bread.

Spread butter on the top and bottom outside pieces of the sandwich then sprinkle with parsley.

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Toast sandwich in the oven at degrees until bread is golden brown and the cheese is melted, roughly minutes each side. You may need to press the sandwich down as the cheese melts. Be sure to flip the sandwich over to ensure even toasting on each side. Time to jazz up that store bought tomato soup.

Bring the can of tomato soup to a simmer, add sriracha to the tomato soup to your level of spice tolerance. Top with a drizzle of sour cream and scallions.


I hate brussels. I love all things chocolate so adding it to a poultry dish certainly sparked a challenge to make something delicious. Especially considering spices are the key to making food light a bomb in your mouth. I think this recipe will certainly explode your taste buds. Place chicken breasts in brine for 15 minutes.

For the Chicken: After brining the chicken for 15 minutes, rinse chicken with cold water. Place chicken in a dish and rub it down with olive oil and the spices. Cook chicken in the oven on degrees for 18 minutes, flipping the chicken over halfway through allowing each side to brown. Let the chicken rest for minutes before cutting. After allowing the meat to rest, cut the chicken breasts and top with tomatillo salsa if you desire. For the vegetables: Dice vegetables and toss in olive oil, salt, pepper, and herbs.

Roast vegetables in oven at degrees for minutes. Periodically toss the vegetables around in the pan to ensure even cooking. For the glaze: Mix balsamic glaze and maple syrup together and drizzle over the vegetables, I love the glaze with the vegetables but feel free to eat them as you wish.

All the items are store bought and super easy to assemble. Unroll dough and fill with a tablespoon of the apple pie mixture. Seal the dough by rolling it in a diagonal pattern. Whisk up the egg and brush the top of the pastries. Cook in the oven at degrees for minutes.

Sprinkle rolls with the mixture of powdered sugar and cinnamon. Drizzle with caramel and top with pecans if you desire. Serve the dessert warm and add some whipped cream or ice cream for extra indulgence.

You are able to see where we have been and where we are. For years, Walter Keane was known as one of the most commercially successful artists of the s. F a c t Walter played by Christoph Waltz in the movie claimed he was inspired by the starving, orphaned children he saw in his supposed travels after World War II. The profile goes on to say: But hers are not so big and belong as unvaryingly to nubile girls as his belong to what appear to be war waifs.

Margaret, who was more shy than Walter, would paint at home while he sold her works in the club. Walter and Banducci did indeed fight: The two sued each other in , though it is unclear whether they reached an implicit agreement to do so for publicity as the movie suggests.

It is true that Walter could not paint—but not for lack of effort. After Margaret first confronted him about peddling the big eye paintings as his own, he said that it would be confusing to correct his lie and that people would sue him. He asked Margaret to teach him how to paint the big eyes, but he was unable to mimic her style. It was only later that Margaret discovered he had also stolen the Parisian street scenes that he had been peddling as his own when the two met at an art fair.

F a c t According to Margaret, Walter not only had many affairs but was abusive to her. We had a chihuahua and because I loved that little dog so much, he kicked it, and so finally I had to give the dog away.

He was very jealous and domineering. And all along he said: However, there are no reports of Walter trying to attack Canaday with a fork as he did in the movie.

Margaret revealed to a UPI reporter that she was the real artist behind the big eyes in October of 6 years after they had separated. F a c t A Hawaiian judge really did ask Margaret and Walter to each paint a big eyes picture in the courtroom in front of a crowd to determine who was telling the truth. Visit www. Write to us at distribution kinfolk.

Kinfolk Magazine: The Impulse Issue. See More. The Kinfolk Online Pass is free with a print subscription or available separately.

For more information, visit www. Not 26 enough money given here, the call of jobs all being on the coast there, or the irritating family pushing one to great lengths for escape. Molecular dissection networks the urge with the reason why I love horror movies so much, frightening and exciting me. I used to draw with 49 deep detail and color, but I love the fluidity and minimalism that line work can give so my style has become detailed only on the parts of the form I want to accentuate.

Eat dessert before dinner. Hidden love notes never go out of style. Take the back roads, the scenic route is better anyway. Feed the dog cat food, just kidding. Take a picture, it lasts longer. Take this moment and reflect on the amazing things that have happened in the past 24 hours.

download a house plant, they are typically easier than pets. Food can be enticing, mysterious, bizarre or plainly delicious but it is all of these aspects connected with food that make our heart beats rise and keep 56 coming back for more.

A process that brings highs and lows along the way, with the thrill people will react, or how they wont. Being the extra person that I am, I just had to take it a step further. Putting bacon in the oven as it warms up to the appropriate temperature ensures that the bacon crisps up evenly while cooking. Fill a bowl with enough water to submerge chicken completely. Add 3 tablespoons of garlic salt to warm water until it dissolves. Each unique structure is filled and expression.

Architects spend countless with details from the past that tell the story of hours not only ensuring that the building its history. As different families, businesses looks beautiful but functions at its highest or the weeds take over, the building is potential and standard. Not one slip up altered and the different pieces must meld can be made and the pressure is definitely together to create an ongoing story.

But always on. But, when these painstakingly this creates the personality we know and planned structures are placed side by side, love in the historic homes around each of something even more stunning is created. A our neighborhoods. When a new building city is built that is filled with character and sits alone, it seems modern, cold, forward spontaneity. Alone, an old building could be thinking and clean.

The technological 88 advances are apparent and reflected as a going. A change in zeitgeist. A spontaneity fuss but built to wow. Like the old building, unlike any other.

When the old and the new the new building is a true reflection of the sit together, a city is given life and interest. These structures are seem so rigid anymore. This small dose of what keep us moving forward but have the spontaneity in architectural juxtaposition power to stand the test of time.

Compare maps and add to your map anything you missed that your partner has thought of. If you live with other caregivers, think about where they come from. Our parents make choices that not only affect their lives but, in turn, influence what our lives will be like.

Meet three teenagers whose parents have left their mother countries to find work, to seek safety or because they fell in love.

Janet My parents came to Australia to find work. I was born in Melbourne and have only been to China once. It is strange to think that my parents have lived a life very different from the life we lead here in Australia. They grew up in a small village as children of farmers, but I am growing up in a city of more than four million people. In China, children are expected to take care of their parents when they grow old.

My grandparents live with my uncle, but my father is expected to help with money.

My parents decided it was easier for them to earn a living in Australia, so they packed up and left. I know that was a difficult choice to make. Now, they send money home every month. My mum misses her Chinese village a lot and insists on speaking Mandarin at home, although her English is fine. At school, I feel Australian. At home, where my parents speak a different language and cook different food, I feel more Chinese.

Hassan Coming to England was not really a choice for my family. We had to leave our home in Afghanistan, as it became dangerous to stay. We lost everything: our home, our belongings, our family and friends.

I am happy I managed to stay with my family, though. Many of the other Afghanis I know had to flee alone. Life for me here is bitter sweet. I like Manchester. I like going to school, learning new things and making new friends. I like not having to be afraid. But, I miss the rest of my family; most of them live in a refugee camp in Pakistan.

There are things I do not understand here yet. It takes time to learn the language and understand the way of life. I look forward to settling in more, but to be honest, I really hope to go back to Afghanistan one day. He was about to go back to India when they fell in love and he decided to stay. My dad tries hard to compensate for not living in India. He celebrates Diwali harder than any Indian I know! Good for me, though.

I get to enjoy both the American and the Indian celebrations. I wish my dad had spoken Hindi to me when I was growing up. I think it could have made me feel more connected to India. My dad has a glorified view of his homeland, but when we go there, he finds it chaotic.

I guess he is too used to life in the US now. My uncles keep teasing me about arranging a marriage for me with an Indian girl, although arranged marriage is not a tradition in my family. It is strange to think about what my life would have been like if my parents had settled in India instead.

Extend lies from the circle and write keywords about Janet. Re-read the text to see if you have missed any important information. Each student should choose one of the three people: Janet, Hassan or Arun.

Write four questions about the person based on the text. Then, close the textbook. Student A asks a question. The person who answers the question correctly gets a point.

Continue asking each other questions. The person with most points after all three have finished asking their questions wins the quiz. Answer the following questions. Write a list of the reasons you come up with.

Tell your partner the story. First, freewrite for a couple of minutes. Then, share your thoughts with your partner. If you or your family have moved to Norway from another country, you can freewrite about your own experience. In your everyday life, you are surrounded by different cultures.

Example: I often eat the Indian dish Tikka Masala. My favourite artist is Canadian. I celebrate Halloween as they do in the USA. I love Japanese animation. What food would you eat? What music would you listen to? If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you move? If you want to stay where you are, explain why. Write a paragraph of at least six sentences. Remember to give reasons for your answer. If you like, you can use some of these sentence starters: I would love to move to … I would like to stay here in … One reason for this is … Another reason is … 9 Write a letter What do you think would be challenging and strange for people moving to Norway?

What do you think would be positive? Imagine you have just moved to Norway from another country.

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Write a letter home to describe your experience. What makes you you? You are of course your physical self, your brain and body. But what about your stories? How do the things we experience shape us as human beings?

Before reading What do you believe makes you who you are? Freewrite for a couple of minutes. These genes determine many of your physical traits, such as the colour of your eyes. They can also determine some of your mannerisms, such as your laughter or the way you raise your eyebrows.

Genes are in every single cell of your body and play an important part in making you unique. Even identical twins are unique; although they share the same DNA, their genes are not the same. Your upbringing and the people who surround you play an important role in shaping you as a person.

In fact, there is an ongoing debate about the impact our surroundings have on us as human beings. For certain aspects of your personality, it is harder to say if they are a result of your genes or your upbringing. When you are small, adults often pair you with suitable playmates.

As you grow older, your world expands and you choose you own friends. People who have similar interests often become friends. Some researchers have found that two friends have more genes in common than two strangers do.