Livros IEEE 80 2013 PDF

IEEE 80 2013 PDF

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IEEE Std 80 - (Guide for Safety of AC Substation Grounding). Annex B. Sample Calculation: B1. Set variables: ̗ i. ƠƠƠ. ˕1. ̗. j i. ̗. MVA MW. Ieee 80 Ieee For Safety In Ac Substation a method to apply ieee std. 80 safe touch and step - page 1 of 13 a method to apply ieee std. download IEEE GUIDE FOR SAFETY IN AC SUBSTATION GROUNDING from SAI Global.

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PDF: ISBN X SS No part of this publication may be reproduced in any Downloaded on May 28, at UTC from IEEE Xplore. PDF: ISBN .. This introduction is not part of IEEE Std 80™- , IEEE Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding. (Incorporates IEEE Std P/Cor ). Scope: This guide is primarily concerned with outdoor ac substations, either conventional or.

No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form, in an electronic retrieval system or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Volunteers are not necessarily members of the Institute and participate without compensation from IEEE. While IEEE administers the process and establishes rules to promote fairness in the consensus development process, IEEE does not independently evaluate, test, or verify the accuracy of any of the information or the soundness of any judgments contained in its standards. IEEE does not warrant or represent the accuracy or content of the material contained in its standards, and expressly disclaims all warranties express, implied and statutory not included in this or any other document relating to the standard, including, but not limited to, the warranties of: merchantability; fitness for a particular purpose; non-infringement; and quality, accuracy, effectiveness, currency, or completeness of material. In addition, IEEE disclaims any and all conditions relating to: results; and workmanlike effort.

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Pdf ieee 80 2013

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IEEE 80 Ground System Design

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IEEE Std 80-2013 Rev 2015.pdf - IEEE Guide for Safety in AC...

Furthermore, the viewpoint expressed at the time a standard is approved and issued is subject to change brought about through developments in the state of the art and comments received from users of the standard. In publishing and making its standards available, IEEE is not suggesting or rendering professional or other services for, or on behalf of, any person or entity nor is IEEE undertaking to perform any duty owed by any other person or entity to another.

Any person utilizing any IEEE Standards document, should rely upon his or her own independent judgment in the exercise of reasonable care in any given circumstances or, as appropriate, seek the advice of a competent professional in determining the appropriateness of a given IEEE standard. At lectures, symposia, seminars, or educational courses, an individual presenting information on IEEE standards shall make it clear that his or her views should be considered the personal views of that individual rather than the formal position of IEEE.

Substation earthing guide

Suggestions for changes in documents should be in the form of a proposed change of text, together with appropriate supporting comments.

Since IEEE standards represent a consensus of concerned interests, it is important that any responses to comments and questions also receive the concurrence of a balance of interests.

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For this reason, IEEE and the members of its societies and Standards Coordinating Committees are not able to provide an instant response to comments or questions except in those cases where the matter has previously been addressed. For the same reason, IEEE does not respond to interpretation requests. Compliance with the provisions of any IEEE Standards document does not imply compliance to any applicable regulatory requirements.

Implementers of the standard are responsible for observing or referring to the applicable regulatory requirements. IEEE does not, by the publication of its standards, intend to urge action that is not in compliance with applicable laws, and these documents may not be construed as doing so. They are made available by IEEE and are adopted for a wide variety of both public and private uses. These include both use, by reference, in laws and regulations, and use in private self-regulation, standardization, and the promotion of engineering practices and methods.

Pdf ieee 80 2013

By making these documents available for use and adoption by public authorities and private users, IEEE does not waive any rights in copyright to the documents.

Photocopies Subject to payment of the appropriate fee, IEEE will grant users a limited, non-exclusive license to photocopy portions of any individual standard for company or organizational internal use or individual, non-commercial use only.

Permission to photocopy portions of any individual standard for educational classroom use can also be obtained through the Copyright Clearance Center. Updating of IEEE Standards documents Users of IEEE Standards documents should be aware that these documents may be superseded at any time by the issuance of new editions or may be amended from time to time through the issuance of amendments, corrigenda, or errata. An official IEEE document at any point in time consists of the current edition of the document together with any amendments, corrigenda, or errata then in effect.

Every IEEE standard is subjected to review at least every ten years. When a document is more than ten years old and has not undergone a revision process, it is reasonable to conclude that its contents, although still of some value, do not wholly reflect the present state of the art. Users are cautioned to check to determine that they have the latest edition of any IEEE standard. In order to determine whether a given document is the current edition and whether it has been amended through the issuance of amendments, corrigenda, or errata, visit the IEEE-SA Website at or contact IEEE at the address listed previously.

Users are encouraged to check this URL for errata periodically. Patents Attention is called to the possibility that implementation of this standard may require use of subject matter covered by patent rights.

By publication of this standard, no position is taken by the IEEE with respect to the existence or validity of any patent rights in connection therewith. Letters of Assurance may indicate whether the Submitter is willing or unwilling to grant licenses under patent rights without compensation or under reasonable rates, with reasonable terms and conditions that are demonstrably free of any unfair discrimination to applicants desiring to obtain such licenses. Essential Patent Claims may exist for which a Letter of Assurance has not been received.

The IEEE is not responsible for identifying Essential Patent Claims for which a license may be required, for conducting inquiries into the legal validity or scope of Patents Claims, or determining whether any licensing terms or conditions provided in connection with submission of a Letter of Assurance, if any, or in any licensing agreements are reasonable or non-discriminatory.