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Mizuki Kawashita's best-known series is the volume Ichigo o/o ( Strawberry o/o), Loot Anime: Exclusive anime and manga collectibles and gears. Download Komik Ichigo Indo atau Download Manga Ichigo % Bahasa Indonesia format PDF. Strawberry % (Japanese: いちご%, Hepburn: Ichigo %) is a Japanese manga series .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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Junpei Manaka sneaks up to the roof to see the sunset. She panics and runs away, but not before Junpei has caught sight of her adorable strawberry print panties With that vision forever burned into his memory, Junpei embarks on a quest to find the girl and the panties of his. Ichigo %» 19 issues edits to this page. Proper Japanese Title: いちご% (Ichigo Hyaku Pāsento) Translated into English as Strawberry % by Viz. does anyone know where I can get downloads of ICHIGO % manga the FINAL CHAPTERS(volume 19/ chapter onwards) from. direct.

At the start of the series, he encounters a mysterious and beautiful girl on the roof of his middle school, but does not remember anything about her other than that she wears strawberry-print panties. She leaves before he can talk to her, but he finds a notebook nearby, belonging to Aya Toujou , an ordinary-looking glasses-wearing girl who is a gifted writer. The two become friends with the common ambition of turning great stories into movies. Thinking that Tsukasa Nishino , the most popular girl in his school, might be the mystery girl, he asks her out in a bold confession at the chin-up bar , and is surprised when she accepts. He later realizes Tsukasa is not the mystery girl but chooses to continue their relationship anyway. He places into Izumizaka High, but learns that Aya has given up an offer to the prestigious Oumi Academy to attend Izumizaka with him and that she is the mystery girl. At Izumizaka, Junpei encounters a feisty girl named Satsuki Kitaoji.

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She gets rescued from all the attention by Junpei and the two further their friendship. Junpei finds out he's been waitlisted for Izumizaka while Tsukasa announces that she plans to go a different high school instead, leaving him to wonder where his relationship with the girls will lead to. Over break Junpei is excited after getting news that he's been moved from the waitlist to acceptance at Izumizaka as well as getting a brand new camcorder to start filming.

While filming at the park he has a bad encounter with a girl that results in his camera getting destroyed. Again Junpei meets the girl - Satsuki Kitaoji- this time at the first day of classes.

Sparks fly but they end up mending their differences and soon become good friends. He also makes a new friend in Sotomura, a classmate obsessed with taking pictures of cute girls, who also helps in restarting the Film Club. Junpei's relationship with Aya strains as the two find themselves in some compromising situations around school. His furthering friendship with Satsuki does not make things easier when she accidentally confesses to him.

Tsukasa comes by Izumizaka with the intention of breaking up but can't bring herself to do it. The Film Club decides to make a movie for the upcoming School Festival and start preparing. Aya and Manaka finish a movie script which casts Satsuki and Komiyama as the leads. Over one of their breaks the Club goes on a trip to the seaside to start filming.

The trip proves to be more focused on complicating things for Junpei, Satsuki, and Aya than actual filming. Satsuki takes matters into her own hands and tries to push herself onto Junpei but does not get the results she wanted.

Meanwhile, Aya encounters some unexpected emotional troubles and Nishino starts to feel lonely with her birthday coming up soon. Indecisive and unsure of what to do about the girls, Junpei asks his friend Okusa for some advice: The day of the Cultural Festival arrives and the Film Club's movie becomes a big hit, most in part due to Satsuki's popularity. While the rest of the club attends to the viewers, Junpei spends time with Tsukasa. Wanting to take the lead to be Junpei's girlfriend after hearing about his unexpected close up with Aya, Satsuki takes action.

Junpei starts being conscious of her, even more so when he gets a part-time job at a fast-food restaurant and finding out that she works there also. His life takes a couple of unexpected turns with Tsukasa deciding to break up with him and the introduction of another girl into his life, and home - childhood friend Yui Minamito.

Ichigo 100%

Manaka and the rest of the Film Club spend their last days with Yui before she returns home. With classes restarting Junpei looks forward to more time with Aya and the Film Club. In his way, however, is the new transfer student gets - Amachi - who takes no time in outwardly confessing to Aya after having met her earlier on a fated encounter.

Determined not to lose Aya to his advances, Junpei asks her out on a date but a number of events and accidents prevents him from showing up on time. Satsuki, equally determined to break their relationship apart, takes action which backfires and leads to a falling out between her and Junpei.

The arrival of Valentine's Day and a mistaken exchange of chocolate gifts restores their friendship. With everything back on track Satsuki takes drastic measures to ensure that she becomes Junpei's one and only. Aya asks Junpei to go on a date with her over Spring Break. His joy is cut short with the return of Yui at his house and the announcement that she will be staying with them all through her starting high school career, the same all-girl's academy as Tsukasa.

The two go and pick up chocolates for White Day where they cross paths with Tsukasa. The identities of the mixed up chocolate from Valentine's Day is revealed causing Junpei to panic. The day of his date with Aya arrives and everything goes well enough. The start of school brings a new challenge to the Film Club as Sotomura introduces a new member, his younger sister - Misuzu, a girl with no tolerance for their antics.

Tsukasa helps Junpei escape from her high school after he gets trapped inside when trying to help Yui by returning a notebook for her. Their time together makes Junpei think about Tsukasa even more but with Satsuki's birthday approaching he has to refocus his attention elsewhere. Junpei's birthday arrives and he receives a gift from Satsuki but turns it down after making the decision that it would be unfair to her if he kept accepting her kindness.

Though still unsure of what to do about her, Junpei focuses on the Club's second film after Aya finalizes the script. After meeting Tsukasa and finding out that she works at a cake shop nearby his new work at a cinema, Misuzu and Junpei make the decision that she will be heroine for their new film. The Film Club go out-of-town to Amachi's rural residence to start filming.

Junpei and Aya get trapped alone in a shed by a passing storm and spend some time together. Tsukasa becomes more aware of Aya and Junpei getting closer which she starts to bring up with him during the "Test of Courage", a late night activity devised by Sotomura.

The Film Club returns home but Junpei has little time to think about the girls or the movie when he receives a letter from Yui asking for help. A fight between Yui and her father about her living situation ends up with Junpei and Yui running away. The two stay at a hotel for the night where they get a chance to talk. The family makes up afterwards with Yui deciding to live on her own.

Junpei and Tsukasa start spending time together, but the famous grandson of the cake shop's owner causes him to doubt his compatibility with her. He meets Aya by chance who cheers him up and makes him feel more drawn to her. Wanting to dismiss any misconceptions between her and the grandson Tsukasa shows Junpei that she still cares for him. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter abdulahi Start date Mar 29, You can check this web site http: PPP a lot of questions: P and plz let ass discuss about this manga.

Ok, now I'm a bit sad. But I can't seem to find the rest. I really want to read it all to the end. Don't hate me now The volumes I'm looking for is to the last volume. Thanks beforehand. I've searched here for other topics about the same material, but couldn't find anyone which helped me to get the volumes, all UL seemed to been erased.

Beside by chapter 15 or so things started to sort themselves out. As for AneDoki it has Oneechan moe factor and the art going for it and got pretty decent review on forums to begin with.

But both got canceled incredibly quick. Kobayashi's has the Z series and Natsu no Arashi! But for mangaka's specializes in shonen romance there were tons of successful mangaka that lasts more than just one work.

Mitsuru Adachi is the pinnacle of this with hit after hit after hit. Hiroyuki Tamakoshi with 3 seasons 32,20,6 volumes for Boys Be.. Interesting note on Mitsuru Adachi, his least popular romance comedy works happens to be the one that he tried to break the genre norm. But unlike Kawashita, his hit manga just keeps coming, although to fair, his subsequent work Katsu did suffer a bit of popularity hit as well.

All I can say is that Shonen MangaAudience hates when the mold being broken. BTW, when i read Fujishima's name i can't forget his own love's tale with Takeuchi and Togashi :heh: Undertaker , Hahaha I mean they have writer Agi Tadashi among their various pen names That has written TONS of hit series for artists half the talent compares to Kawashita.

One the other hand, even if Scool Rumble also kind of had a weird ending, as I noted, Kobayashi is actually not bad even though Natsu no Arashi kind of flew under the radar, it was still popular enough to get adapted into anime for 2 season and had started his new serialization recently. My guess on that was while School Rumble is a Romance Comedy, it was more of a slap-stick comedy as well.

They are not confusing. Though they have lots of short stories most of those short stories are completed straight away rather than continuing. There are a few plotlines that are longer but only a few. In Hatsukoi almost every story continues. Besides Hatsukoi had only a few stories that were straightforward romance like Kappa gyu and tsundere , most were the confusing love triangles and other crappy geometrical figures. Also male characters are very hard to differ from each other in Hatsukoi.

Their looks and personalities are very similar. Yeah there were a few prominent guys like Kappa or the ugly older brother but in most cases the male characters were very hard to distinguish from each other.

Strawberry 100%

Boys Be and Salad Days were light romance stories Hatsukoi was just jumble mumble of something that you cannot put a finger to. Too much going on, too much characters to remember who looked very similar. In other words Boys Be and Salad Days were a good romance reads, Hatsukoi was a romance crap and wasnt crazy enough to be funny. His Q and Q sucks quite a bit though. So he does produce plenty of sucky stuff as well.

But differently from Kawashita he manages to still make hits once in a while. But frankly sometimes Kawashita tries too hard. I mean one of her latest stories was some fanservice yuri nonsense Look at Romance novels not light novels but the actual english books and you will see the same thing.

Most successful are not the ones who break the mold but the ones who follow the mold but make it look still good. Those authors are bestsellers while those who break the mold usually get flamed to death and 'enjoy' life of being worst selling authors. There are a few successful mold breakers but they are very rare.

Its a general principle of romance be it manga or books - readers expect you to follow the mold and if you do that well enough you will be selling very well even if critics may poke at you and say - he nothing new, but you know what?

No one cares about those snotty pouty critics as they are the minority anyway, its what mass like that sells. While I agree it is perhaps his weakest work to day sales-wise, is still has ok sales number, which is more than I can say for HatsuKoi and Anedoki and I consider both to be of better read. As for using Salad Day and Boys Be Which is what HatsuKoi was ultimately aiming for, individual love stories that happened in a set setting.

As for it's characters, I agree they lack some personality, but IMO, it not the guys side, but rather the girls. All I can remember for girls were the hot neighbor, the tsundere ojosama, and bro-con loli. I can actually remember the guys pretty well. If I have to really pick on one thing was that she really did introduced WAY too many characters in a short period of time all the while trys to give everyone equal screen time.

But like I said somewhere between chapter it started to stabilize and was actually getting interesting. The fact that is was adapted to anime showed that the series was popular enough to justify it.

Yet, strangely the JUMP poll failed to reflect that. As for your view on mold breakers and mold followers, I completely agrees with you there.

I'll even go as far that the same applies to LN as well, especially for the harem romance comedy. While I enjoy mold breakers, Most of time I rather read mold followers.

Manga pdf 100 ichigo

BTW, I can't help but laugh out loud every time when some self-claimed FF veteran keep saying FF needs should go back to old school and criticizing the new system.

That's the RPG series that had little revamp over the years. Yeah, you're correct about Tenma Though I was hoping for a Haruma harem with both Eri and Yakumo.

Pdf manga ichigo 100

And if Ichijo would join as well, that would makes it perfect. BTW, when i read Fujishima's name i can't forget his own love's tale with Takeuchi and Togashi :heh: i reread it though, just felt like it :P i should the only manga that actually made me shed tears at the end - Watashi no Messiah-sama Exmortis , I hate how people always bring up how the ending was based on polls when they only say this based on their biased emotions When authors write stories, they make their own worlds Their are times when the author doesn't even need to think about how their characters will act in certain situations It's as though the characters move on their own so to speak What their characters do will come naturally to them who else but the creator would know how their creations work You have to admit, given all that has happened it's not that shocking of an ending Read the story not thinking about who the lead girl is and just observe the developments..

Now, as to the complaints why Aya didn't get as much development as Nishino did Simple, she had a shy passive character With that kind of character, there was no way she was gonna be able to spend as much time with Manaka like Nishino did She was lucky enough the author gave destiny to her side That way she got her moments with Manaka even though she didn't do much Why didn't Aya change? Make her open up to Manaka more, thus ending his indecisiveness and getting the happy end?

Simple, the author didn't want to Her world doesn't work that way Yes during middle school Manaka only had eyes for Aya Nishino was just some cute girlfriend he scored But as highschool life started and Nishino's character developments, Nishino became someone important to Manaka But Aya still had the upper hand because of her novel and the dream she and Manaka have My proof for saying this?

Manaka was depressed and jealous about how Nishino had a fiance Manaka liked spending time with Nishino after their jobs He prioritized Nishino's birthday over spending quality time with Aya he was getting ready to tell Aya he couldn't come but because of how Aya prepared for it he chickened out There are a lot more hints that Manaka also loved Nishino but the most important clue of all was his indecisiveness He knew Aya liked him though a small part of him kept denying it, if Aya was really the one he loved the most then he should just go all out trying to win her seeing as he already knows she loves him but is too shy to admit it I thought the author said she wanted to end the manga earlier but the manga was a hit and so the author dragged the story longer Therefore, Aya couldn't confess as long as the author wanted to milk more money, but the ironic thing was, when thing approached to the end, everything changed so Aya or more precisely, Aya fans :D didn't get the ending "promised" by the author it was supposed to be Aya's route Well, whatever happens, happens I guess.

None of the author's new works lasted as long as Ichigo's But it does not change the fact that Author deviates from what she had in mind in the beginning. She said as much in the note that she didn't expect the stroy to drag as long as it did which led her to change ending. But in that way it also meant she failed in properly setting up Aya's end and lost control of it. While I fell awkward about the ending, it doesn't mean I don't like Nishino ending.

What I find awkward is that if was obvious that Kawashita was still trying to steer the ending toward Aya side but then she gave up. That was fairly obvious in the last chapters.

100 pdf ichigo manga

You can either blame it on her editor, the JUMP system, or herself. Personally I rather believe this was due to editorial pressure rather than her lack of ability. The problem back was't about Aya fan getting pissed. The main reason for the uproar was caused by the series's end to deviate from the genre norm and was the cause of such a huge outrage.

Obviously Aya fans were in rage. Even Nishino fans were shocked and questioned about the ending as well. This is not just emotion talk. It was that the ending of this series differs from what the vast majority of readers thought it would be and is a deviation in a very formulaic genre that caused the uproar. Now, I personally don't think this takes away from the series.

I've seen manga with worse endings that actually pissed me off and destroyed the work for me Hikaru no Go. But that does not change the fact that if you have to pick one thing for her down spiraling career. Her decision for that ending is it.

That ending pretty much ruined her manga career despise her immense talent as an artist. This should be perfect time for her to establish herself as one of the premiere mangaka, but she isn't. Also, compares to what is popular right now, is Hatsukoi and Anedoki both that bad that both can't last 10 month in serialization? Exmortis , No one says that the ending was caused by the poll at least I didn't and I can actually understand why that ending was used.

You can either blame it on her editor, the JUMP system, for herself. Personally I rather believe this was due to editorial pressure than her lack of ability.

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Compares to what is popular right now, is Hatsukoi and Anedoki both that bad that both can't last 10 month in serialization? I didn't bother qouting the posts that said she based the end on polls, and yes, it wasn't you Wow so your saying all stories should be predictable, cliched and have the same pattern?

That way fans will be excited since they know how its gonna end even if they they only read a few chapters! Seriously though, I have no problems with a predictable ending as long the developments and story are well made Yes she deviated from her original plan to make Aya the end girl Aya was the end girl as she planned at the end of middle school As she said she didn't think the story will go on for that long Now as to why the author disappeared She doesn't plan her stories that far ahead, this only works if your a genius writer who can make epic stories without planning everything Everything fell in the right place even though she didn't plan much And please bear in mind that she isn't the only author who was unable to make back to back hits I am just saying she may go back to her most successful work GTO got a second chance, who knows :D even tho it's highly unlikely Undertaker , As much as I hate to say it, but when it comes to shonen, that is exactly what was expected.

Strawberry 100% 4

It's like you don't expect the bad guys to win at the end of Shonen action, or main characters to failed their goals at the end of the series. Hell, even Death Notes have to justify killing Yagami by turning him into a whiny bitch begging for his live in the end.

I mean, didn't anyone serious thought Harry Potter won't defeat Voldemort at the end of the series? It's romance comedy, we are given a male and female lead and expect them to be together in the end, that's what people was looking for and expect.

What was the saying go? It's not the end but the journey that took you there. Definitely, but she is the only one I've seen who failed off the face of the face of earth in as little time as it took from where she was in my 20 years for manga reading.

Sorry, you just don't have that huge of popularity drop in an instant no matter how bad your follow up work was.