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Alodia Goseingfiao FHM July Cover Issue Philippines Edition. This month of July , we managed to get ourselves a copy of FHM. FHM Philippines pdf. Download links are below the previews. FHM Philippines June FHM Philippines July 2, Artists and Illustrators March pdf. 3, 4, 5, Asian Photography pdf.

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Discover ideas about Month Of July. January Cosplay sensation Alodia Gosiengfiao reigns supreme on FHM Philippines' July cover - Yahoo!. Monday, July 22, free FHM PHILIPPINES JULY + SEXIEST WOMEN PHILIPPINES downloads high file type: PDF. FHM Philippines November - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. FHM philippines Max Collins March pdf - bx.

This is a cross-sectional study with secondary anthropometric data collected between and In all, children, aged 2. Ambience was assessed qualitatively by direct observation. Logistic regression verified the probability of different nutritional deviations among schools. The prevalence of nutritional excess was alarming, especially for children under five

For all indicators, z-scores lower than two negative standard deviations SD were considered nutritional deficits. To assess the school environment, a radius of three blocks was stipulated.

By contact via SEMED, in July , three visits were made to each school registered in the database, when a direct observation was made, following a specific roadmap of this study. The concept of ambience adopted by the Brazilian Ministry of Health was applied, which covers the physical, social, professional and interpersonal relationships space Roadmap observations were organized into a list of 20 positive factors, according to the three health promotion strands: incentive, support and protection Chart 1 Incentive measures are those of an educational nature, which aim to inform people on health issues and motivate the adoption of healthy practices.

Support measures aim to facilitate informed and motivated individuals to adhere to healthy practices more easily. Protective measures are generally of a regulatory nature and aim to avoid exposing individuals to situations that favor unhealthy practices. School ambience was evaluated not only in an objective way, according to evidence or lack of positive factors, but mainly in a subjective way, considering that these factors fit into different strands and have different temporalities and weights in the determination of nutritional deviations.

Descriptive statistics were made in R package, version 3. Multivariate logistic regression analysis was performed, with binomial adjustment. Results Of the children evaluated, The prevalence of obesity and nutritional excess were respectively 8. Among the 20 ambience factors, 9 Among these, it is worth noting that the municipality regularly provided public school feeding, including family farming produce foods, and differentiated preparations for children with special needs, such as lactose intolerance and gluten allergy.

Regarding protection, it is worth mentioning the lack of commercial canteens inside the EMEIs, and that none of them allowed students to bring food to school. The EMEIs are located in municipal regions with different socioeconomic conditions.

School-A is located in one of the poorest regions of the municipality, within a community with a disorderly urban growth and social risk due to drug trafficking-related violence. Churches are the only available social facilities. There are diversified shops, snack bars and unhealthy food advertising, especially near the busy highway adjacent to the school.

The most serious aspect is the lack of sanitation added to flooding, which caused the open sewage ditch on the street in front of School-A to overflow. School-B is also located in a region of the socioeconomically deprived municipal suburbs, but not characterized by obvious social risk. This EMEI is located in a residential area, with little trade and food advertising, without snack bars or street vendors.

There are several social facilities nearby, including a social center for the elderly and a UFRJ complex. Students in School-B study full time. The EMEI is not supplied with treated tap water, and this is a serious flaw. The School-C is located in a rich neighborhood, in the municipal coastal area, characterized by diversified commerce, tourism and residential area. It is a region with obvious social inequality, with high-standard residential buildings permeated by substandard housing.

The territory has few social facilities and a massive presence of snack bars and food advertising, including a store with respective advertisement of a global chain of sandwiches. It’s great to be a man, but it’s also hard work

This EMEI was the only one to carry out activities to encourage healthy eating. Unlike other schools, where this theme was only addressed once or twice a year, School-C had a suspended garden, where food and environmental education was addressed with children weekly.

School-D is located in a region of intermediate socioeconomic condition, which gives access to the downtown area and to farther districts.

This EMEI was flooded regularly through the access street, but not inside the school. The lack of a physical education teacher and classes for several months stands out as unfavorable factor. Improvements in different aspects that make up the multi-causality of malnutrition have contributed to this decline. Among these, it should be highlighted the increase of purchasing power of Brazilian families and access to health care It is also worth mentioning the advances of public policies and governmental food and nutrition programs in Brazil, regarding coping with hunger and food insecurity, promotion of healthy food and realization of the Human Right to Adequate Food The regularity and quality of public school feeding in the four EMEIs evaluated are one of the most important ambience factors against malnutrition.

In addition, the presence of ESF in the EMEI surroundings favors access to primary health care services and the development of actions provided for in the PSE, in conformity with the prevention or reversal of nutritional deviations It should be noted that important sanitation items were lacking in one or more schools, which is a very serious failure due to the possibility of contact of the open sewage with the schools and homes, which favors the emergence of infectious-parasitic diseases However, this severity was not expressed in the nutritional results, possibly due to the long-term presence of important protective factors.

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Anthropometric nutritional status takes time to change, especially in relation to height deficits in children Thus, continuous municipal actions are paramount because they allow ambience aspects some time to interfere in the determination of nutritional deviations. It is worth mentioning that this causal temporality attenuates the possible limitation of this study about the difference in the collection period of anthropometric and ambience data.

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Prevalence of overweight preschool children in public day care centers: a cross-sectional study. Sao Paulo Med J ; 4 Distortions in child nutritional diagnosis related to the use of multiple growth charts in a developing country. Rev Paul Pediatr ; 30 4 This prevalence is clearly lower than that of this study. Frequencies of this magnitude are found in countries of North Africa and West Asia, such as Egypt and Syria, where the largest proportions of infant nutritional excess in the world are currently estimated It is worth mentioning that infant nutritional deviations, especially in UNDER5, are influenced by extrinsic factors, implying, therefore, a collective risk Since they share the same obesogenic environment They both cosplayed characters from the romantic anime series Paradise Kiss.

In addition to judging the cosplay competition, Alodia and Ashley also performed two songs on stage: "Lonely in Gorgeous" from Paradise Kiss, and "Real Emotion" from the hit Japanese roleplaying game Final Fantasy X Animax also held "meet and greet" sessions with Alodia in Camp Pong for Singaporean anime and cosplay enthusiasts. The documentary team followed 5 different people from around the world to document what they did at the San Diego Comic Convention in the United States - line up includes an artist, comic book enthusiast, cosplayer , etc.

Part of the team was Stan Lee , the father of Marvel Comics. After this meeting, Gosiengfiao was featured in a very popular US-based website Kotaku. She also won the "Hall Costume Award" as an award given by the Costume Designers Guild to convention members who wear exceptional get-ups inside the venue. Cosplayers from all over Asia gathered to celebrate the event.

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The same event Alodia and Ashley attended as a finalist and representative of the Philippines way back How did you find out you made it? Through Facebook and Twitter.

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None, really. Is this true? Actually there is a difference between nerdy and geeky. I think geeks are really cool right now. So does that mean you go for the geeky guy? Of course! When I see guys who are extremely buff…yeah, they look good but for me geeky guys are cuter, ha ha!

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I just want them to at least respect what I do.