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Cambridge Face2Face first and second Edition Download for free Full set All levels: Upper-Intermediate, Advanced - students book workbook teachers book audio. Face2Face Pre-Intermediate Teacher's book - ISBN: FACE 2 FACE - PRE-INTERMEDIATE-STUDENTS BOOK- CAMBRIDGE - ch. redston, gillie - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text . Face 2 Face Elementary 2nd Edition-students book - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. useful English course for children, very attractive.

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face2face - Student's Edition - View and download the face2face Student's Edition. face2face. Second Edition face2face Pre-intermediate Student's Book. face2face Second edition Pre-intermediate Presentation Plus offers you an exciting new way to use the Student's Book material in class. Whether you've got a. Face2face pre-intermediate student book. Second edition. Student's Book with DVD-ROM ISBN Workbook with Key ISBN.

Subject to statutory exception and to the provisions of relevant collective licensing agreements, no reproduction of any part may take place without the written permission of Cambridge University Press. Information regarding prices, travel timetables and other factual information given in this work is correct at the time of first printing but Cambridge University Press does not guarantee the accuracy of such information thereafter. Based on the communicative approach, it combines the best in current methodology with innovative new features designed to make learning and teaching easier. Each self-contained doublepage lesson is easily teachable off the page with minimal preparation. The face2face Second edition syllabus integrates the learning of new language with skills development and places equal emphasis on vocabulary and grammar. The course uses a guided discovery approach to learning, first allowing students to check what they know, then helping them to work out the rules for themselves through carefully structured examples and concept questions.

Help with Listening Linking 1: Questions about TV -etfand -ing questions Are you a telly addict? Help with Listening Linking 3: Free education Agree or disagree? Sentences with will, won'tor might Retirement Find someone who A lighthouse and a motorhome A lighthouse and a motorhome Questions with How long What would you do i f Risk-taker Attitudes to graffiti Artists or criminals?

Find out two things about each person. Tell the class about two people you spoke to. Vocabulary and Speaking C o m m o n p h ra s e s Work in pairs. Tell other students about yourself. Use the phrases from 1 and your own ideas.

How old are they? Why are they famous? Compare names. Who is the most famous person, do you think? Why is Jamie Oliver famous, do you think? Then match a-e to paragraphs You can watch him on TV in over countries and read his recipe books in 29 languages. Jamie was born in Essex, England, on 27th May When he was only eight he started helping in the kitchen in his parents' pub. After Jamie left college, he worked at the famous River Cafe in London for three years. Jamie quickly became a celebrity and in the same year he cooked lunch for the British Prime Minister.

FACE 2 FACE - PRE-INTERMEDIATE-STUDENTS BOOK- CAMBRIDGE - ch. redston, gillie canningham.pdf.pdf

In Jamie opened a restaurant in London called Fifteen - but it wasn't a typical restaurant. Jamie took 15 young unemployed people and taught them to become chefs. The programme about the restaurant, Jamie's Kitchen, was on TV every week and became a big success. Jamie now has restaurants all over the UKand he is going to open restaurants in Australia and other countries around the world in the next five years. Jamie isalso famous for his 'better food' campaigns.

In he made aTV series called Jamie's School Dinners because he wanted schools to give children healthier meals. In another series, Jamie's Ministry of Food, he helped people to stop eating fast food and taught them to cook meals using fresh ingredients instead. Jamie got married in June and he lives in London and Essexwith his wife, Jools, and their four children.

He loves travelling, playing the drums and riding around London on his scooter. At the moment Jamie is w riting a new book of recipes, and when he's at home he enjoys relaxing with his family - as well as cooking, of course! U a Read the profile again. Find the answers to these questions.

By scooter. Notice how we usually make questions. Then write questions from 5a in the table. Answer these questions. When do we use questions with be going to? Where do you live? Listen again and practise. Ask and answer the questions. Give more information if possible.

Get ready Get it right! Use these ideas or your own. Take turns to ask and answer your questions. Tell your new partner about the person you talked to in 9a.

A sk and answ er questions about fam ily, w ork, free tim e or study and find fo ur things you have in com m on. Vocabulary collocations 1: Q[ a 3 Look at these words from 1. Listen and notice the word stress. Where is the stress on these words?

Pre-intermediate second face2face edition book students

Copy the stress. Think of ways to describe their jobs. Use phrases from 1 or your own ideas. Ask follow-up questions. Who has the most interesting job, do you think? Fill in the gaps with these question words.

Take turns to ask questions in 5a. Answer for you. What is it about?

Pre-intermediate book second edition face2face students

Then answer questions Who worked in Bangkok? Write one reason why Gary, Sarah and Luke live a long way from work. Use the Present Simple. Who leaves home at 6. How does Luke travel to work? Can you answer the questions in 9b? Student A p Student B p Mick had the idea for the programme when he worked for aTVcompany in Bangkok seven years ago. He lived only four kilometres from his office, but it took him over two hours to get to work every day. They even have their meals in their cars! Gary Watson isalawyer for an American multinational and he travels from York and back every day.

And Luke Anderson works for an advertising agency in the centre of London - he commutes all the way from Krakow, in Poland. So maybe your half-hour train journey to work every morning isn't so bad! A sk questions to find out w ho: Vocabulary and Speaking F ree tim e a c tiv itie s d a Look at these free time activities. Then fill in the gaps in sentences with the words in bold. We use We use or health club. Work in the same pairs. Ask questions with Do you ever Find four things that you both do in your free time.

Ask follow-up questions if possible. Do you ever go to art galleries? Yes, sometimes. Guess the correct answers a-r.

Do you think any of the answers are surprising? A new survey on the free time and shopping habits of British people is published this week - and it shows that we still love football, going to pubs, watching TV and eating fish and chips! Here are some of the results from the survey. The British are always happy when they're socialising. Then complete the rules with before or after.

Then choose the correct phrase in the rule. I sometimes go running on Sundays. Use frequency adverbs and expressions from 4a and 4c.

I go to gigs once or twice a month. Take turns to say your sentences. Do you do the same things? Listen and fill in the form. In what ways is he a typical British person? Notice the stress in these sentences. Listen again and follow I the sentence stress. Q a Work in pairs.

Write your own free time survey. Write at least six questions. Take turns to ask your questions. Find out who does the things in your survey most often. IB W ork in pairs. Swap papers. G uess how often your p artner does these activities. Then ask questions w ith Howoften?

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Work in groups. Tell your partner about the last party you went to. Look at photos A-C. Then watch or listen and choose the correct words. Tick the true sentences. Correct the false sentences. Doyou know David? U 11 Watch or listen to the ends of the conversations. Fill in the gaps with the correct names.

J B Youtoo. B Youtoo. B And you. Q B 3 1 2 Listen and practise the questions and responses in 6a. It was very nice to meet you. Use the phrases in bold from 3a and the sentences from 6a. Take turns to role-play your conversations. What do the people have in common? Have conversations with four students. Is the schwa stressed?

Which does not have a schwa? Match the words with a schwa in the final syllable to these endings. Can you think of six more two- or three-syllable words with the endings in 3a? Howdoyou knowMatt? C om pare sentences.

Speaking and Reading 01 Work in groups. Discuss these questions. What food do they sell? What do you usually have to eat and drink? Put these events in order. Then answer these questions.

Book students face2face edition pre-intermediate second

Compare answers. His father died when he was only six. She went to work in a shirt factory and Harland stayed at home to look after his younger brother and sister. That was when he first learned to cook. He left home when he was twelve and worked on a nearby farm. After that he had a lot of different jobs and in he became the manager of a service station in Corbin, Kentucky. He started cooking meals for hungry travellers who stopped at the service station, and soon people came only for the food.

So he decided to move to a seat restaurant across the street where he could serve all his customers. Over the next nine years he developed the secret chicken recipe that made him famous. He travelled , miles every year until he died in , aged There are now K FC restaurants in more than countries round the world and K FC has 12 million customers every day —but the recipe is still a secret!

Which are Past Simple positive forms of ? Which are Past Simple negative forms of ? Is there a rule for irregular verbs?

What are the Past Simple negative forms of be and can? Which are regular? Which are irregular? Fill in the gaps with the Past Simple of the verbs in brackets. In there 5 be about 3, cars in France and people 6 want to travel around the country. But travelling by car in those days7 not be easy. People 8 not have road maps so they9 can not plan their journeys and they 10 not know where they 11 can find service stations or restaurants.

Of course, the Michelin brothers12 want people to travel more because they 13 need to sell more tyres. They 14 write the first Michelin guide in , but the famous star system 15 not start until Michelin now sells over 20 million guide books and maps in more than 70 countries.

There are only 81 three-star restaurants in the world and 26 of them are in France. Make notes on the meal. Use these ideas. Talk about your special meals. Ask questions to find out more information.

My special meal was for my birthday last month. Did anyone not enjoy their meal? Why not? They 2 develop a new tyre for bicycles and then they 3 make and 4 sell tyres for cars. W ork in groups or m ove around the class. A sk questions w ith D id y o u Listening and Speaking Q a Look at the photos. Where are the people, do you think? Then answer the questions. I was travelling back from China and we m et on the plane.

Vocabulary relationships 1 Grammar Past Continuous: Choose the correct verb forms. Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple or Past Continuous. It was Simon. That be 22 years ago! Vocabulary R e la tio n s h ip s 1 iairs. Tick EK p Tick the phrases you know. Then check in m go out with someone get engaged to someone ask someone out get married to someone fall in love with someone meet someone for the first time break up with someone go on a date get divorced b Work in pairs.

Put the phrases in 5a in order.

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There is more than one possible order. Listen and choose the correct answers. Listen again and notice how we say was and were. Are was and were usually strong or weak in: Then fill in the gaps in the rule. Make notes on the couple. Tell other students about the couple you chose. My parents first met at work.

Where were they living at the time? In Madrid. They were working for a A sk w hat your partner w as doing at these tim es yesterday: BIwas drivingtowork.

Do you know any interesting stories about coincidences? If so, tell the class. Many of us experience strange coincidences at some time in our lives. For example, we might meet people we know in the most unexpected places. Infact, this type of coincidence is quite common, but there are some coincidences which are really incredible.

Hereare three of the strangest. Then match coincidences to pictures A-C. Who saved him? Find at least four things. Which coincidence do you think is the most surprising? Vocabulary A d je c tiv e s 1 ma Work in new pairs. Try to match the adjectives in bold in the article to definitions a-e. Test your partner. In awoman called Alice Blaisesaved afour-year-old childfrom drowninginthesea. In , onthe same beach, Rogersaved amanfromdrowning.

On5thDecember , aboat sank near Dover, England. Therewas just onesurvivor - a man called HughWilliams. On5thDecember , another boat sank inthesamearea and the onlysurvivor wasanother mancalled HughWilliams.

On8thAugust , aboat sank onthe RiverThames and therewasonlyonesurvivor - hisnamewasalsoHugh Williams. Thenext extraordinary coincidence inthisstory happenedon 10thJuly Aman and hisunclewerethe onlysurvivors after afishing boat sank out at sea. Theywere both called HughWilliams. TheKingnoticed that heandtheowner ofthe restaurant looked exactly likeeach other. Theybegantalkingand discovered someamazingcoincidences. Theywereboth born inthe sametown onthesameday, 14thMarch , andthey both hadwives called Margherita.

AlsoUmberto becamekingonthesamedaythatthe restaurant owner opened hisrestaurant. However, therewasonelast unfortunate coincidence. On29th July , the restaurant ownerdied inashootingaccident. WhilesomeonewastellingKingUmberto Iabout this, amanshot and killed the king.

Try to put these things in order. Then listen again and check. Then fill in the gaps in the rules with the words in bold. Ho was waiting for his train home while he saw a book on tho scat near him. Choose the correct words. Make notes on these things. Take turns to tell your stories. Which story is the most interesting? Listen again. Notice the sentence stress and weak forms.

Do we stress weak forms? This story happened when my sister and I were kids. One day, while we were playing in the park W hat do you rem em ber a bout these people: Take turns to tell each other about each coincidence.

Use until,while,so, whenand becauseif possible. Q Work in groups. If so, tell the group about them. Are these sentences true or false? F 2 She is definitely looking for a husband. Q a E 3 fr2 2 Jackie has two dates. Look at photo A. Then watch or listen to her date with Damon. Put these things in the order you hear them. About me When I'mnot working, I really enjoy going out and meeting people. But Ialso like staying at home and cooking dinner for myfriends. I lovetennis and Idojudo.

I'mfun-loving and I'mgenerally happy with my life, but Iwould like to share it with someone special. My ideal match He's got an interesting job, but life isn't only about work- he has time to play too.

Second edition pre-intermediate students book face2face

He's between 28 and 38years old. He enjoys eating good food and having fun. He lives in or near Bristol. Which of the things in 3a and 3 b does Jackie have in common with each man? Then answer questions 1 and 2. A I really love cooking. B Nor do I. B Oh, I did. So did I. Nor am I. Oh, Iam. Nor did I. So do I. Oh, I do. So am I.

Nor do I. Oh, I did. Q Write two responses to each sentence. H a Write six sentences about you. Start each sentence with one of these phrases. I went I don't like Take turns to say a sentence. Continue the conversation if possible. The Estimate Delivery Date is when your order is expected to arrive at your chosen delivery location.

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