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world's leading marketer of surgical sutures and is the only U.S. company that offers an ETHICON enjoys a reputation for developing quality products to enhance the lives of boxes. Full details are contained in the catalog. * Trademark of. What factors are taken into account when deciding which category of suture to use? surgical_adv/cas Ethicon. apposition with the epicardium. the teflon square is sewn to the left ventricular apex using polypropylene (prolene) sutures on Mh (ethicon, Inc., Somerville, .

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Product catalog. Sutures. Hernia Solutions. Biosurgicals .. ETHICON developed VICRYL* Plus, MONOCRYL* Plus and PDS* Plus. Antibacterial Sutures in. At Ethicon, we develop meaningful solutions that enhance surgical outcomes and improve the lives of patients. For more than. 80 years, we have listened to the. sutures. Product Name. Sutures and other ETHICON products are designated by trademarked the Needle Section and throughout the catalog to the right of the.

Phone Fax Email: ten. Abstract Suture materials in orthopaedic surgery are used for closure of wounds, repair of fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, and cerclage or tension band of certain fractures. The purpose of this study was to compare the biomechanical properties of eleven commonly used sutures in orthopaedic surgery. In all samples, the failure of the suture material occurred at the knot There was no slippage of the knot in any of the samples tested. This data will assist the orthopaedic surgeon in selection and application of appropriate suture materials and calibers to specific tasks.

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Advances in Suture Material for Obstetric and Gynecologic Surgery

Basic surgical skills from any textbook or the Surgical Skills Manual. Use the table in the Ethicon. Available at: www.

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Accessed January Illustration from the Ethicon Wound Closure Manual. Mar 18, Adapted from Ethicon Wound Closure Manual. Several ribbons are then twisted into strands, dried, ground down, and polished into the correct suture size.

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The resulting untreated product is called plain gut. If the plain gut is then further tanned in a bath of chromium trioxide, it is called chromic gut. The chromium treatment delays the absorption of the chromic gut and thereby extends its tensile strength for longer periods than plain gut.

Also, these same processing requirements make reproducible strength difficult to achieve.

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In the early s, a new age of suture material began with the introduction of synthetic absorbable sutures. Because these materials can be produced under precisely controlled manufacturing conditions with uniform chemical composition, they consistently demonstrate more reliable strength and degradability inside biologic environments than natural products. Further, as nonproteins, these materials generally elicit less intense tissue reactions which, in turn, promote faster wound healing and strength.

Both are synthesized via melt spinning of chips. The fibers are stretched to several hundred percent of their original length and heat-set to improve their dimensional stability and inhibit shrinkage.

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Because of the high density of ester functional groups, both of these materials are too rigid in larger sizes to be of practical use as a suture. Therefore, individual smaller fibers are braided into final multifilament strands of various sizes to allow for a product that has both predictable absorption and strength profiles and acceptable handling characteristics.

The choice of suture material has important implications in tissue repair. Adverse surgical outcomes can be avoided by selection of the suitable suture materials for appropriate indication.

We raised the following four questions: what is 1 the maximum load to failure, 2 the strain, 3 the stiffness, and 4 the location of material failure for each of the selected suture types? Three types of braided non-absorbable and one type of braided absorbable suture material with various calibers were tested.

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Louis, MI. This yielded a total of eleven suture materials for testing. FiberWire is made with a core of several small individual strands of biocompatible polyethylene covered with braided polyester suture material.

Ethibond suture is made from braided polyester and coated with polybutylate for easier tying. TiCron is made of braided polyethylene coated with silicone.