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This dystopia is erased by time-traveler Kitty Pryde , who goes back to the present and prevents the events that would lead to the dystopia. Political and religious upheaval drastically change the balance of power between nations and organized crime, with the two sometimes becoming indistinguishable. Fist of the North Star , also known as Hokuto no Ken, shows a post-nuclear society in which people are threatened by gangs of bikers and violent martial art killers. Judge Dredd is set in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by megacities , like Mega-City One , policed by ruthless lawmen called Judges. Marvel by various authors - The story spans several different books, taking place in a society ruled by a small group of Megacorporations and a corrupt religion known as the Church of Thor. Marshal Law takes place in a post-earthquake San Francisco called San Futuro where rival gangs of "super heroes" terrorize the city and are hunted by a government-sanctioned vigilante.

Art by Jack Kirby. The second Ka-Zar started as a similar character, but reminiscent of both Tarzan and of writer-artist Joe Kubert 's s caveman character, Tor. The character was based on his pulp magazine namesake only to the extent that he used the same name and rough "jungle lord" concept, and Lee has admitted that he had never even read any of the original Ka-Zar stories.

Kevin Plunder refers to himself as the "Lord of the Savage Land," a phrase others have adopted, but this is not a formal title. Ka-Zar's first solo story was published in Marvel Super-Heroes 19 , and the character had features in the black-and-white magazine Savage Tales and the color title Astonishing Tales.

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He has had five self-titled series, the first published in — three issues, mostly reprints , the second, which continued the storyline from Astonishing Tales, in 20 issues, subtitled Lord of the Hidden Jungle by Mike Friedrich , Gerry Conway , and Doug Moench , the third in , Ka-Zar the Savage, 34 issues by Bruce Jones and Mike Carlin , the fourth in 20 issues written by Mark Waid [3] and the fifth in 5 issue miniseries written by Paul Jenkins. After his mother had died and his father was killed by the barbaric Man-Ape natives of the Savage Land, Plunder was found and raised by the sabertooth tiger Zabu , who possesses near-human intelligence thanks to a mutation caused by radioactive mists.

Ka-Zar and Zabu are constant partners. Ka-Zar became an expert hunter, trapper, and fisherman, living off the wild land. In the Savage Land, some territories are populated by several human or humanoid tribes, and while most of them are on friendly terms with Ka-Zar, some of them consider him an outlander and an enemy.

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He acts more like an unofficial general protector, preventing outside commercial exploitation, such as poaching and mining , as well as enforcing peace between tribes and serving as goodwill ambassador to friendly visitors.

Jonah Jameson convinced him that Spider-Man was a menace when the wall-crawler's memory was erased and he was tricked into working with Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man's memory was restored during the fight, with Ka-Zar subsequently apologizing for the mistake and proclaiming Spider-Man as the most valiant opponent he had ever fought.

Ka-Zar has also become romantically involved with female visitors, the first being S. His memory returns and he encounters Kraven The Hunter again, who has been released from prison by an A. The Nuwali use human adrenalin to poison their rivals, and also reveal to Shanna that she is pregnant. The X-Men are recurrent visitors to the Savage Land and Ka-Zar has been a frequent ally, helping the mutant team defeat both inside and outside menaces such as Sauron and Magneto.

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Here is a great new section of the best we can find in Public Domain magazines and newspapers more British Story Papers Originally housed with our pulps, these grew in number so quickly that they had to be given their own section. Cricket and sticky cakes all round more Categories Here we analyzed all the titles on our site and placed them into various genres and categories.

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To make it easy to find the books you want more Virtual Newsstand Jump aboard the Virtual Newsstand and journey back in time to find the hottest titles on the block. A fascinating and different way to explore our site more Fanzines This is an all new and rapidly growing section on our site. Here reside an array of fanzines all of which have been kindly donated to our archive more Compilations Sometimes it is difficult to find all the stories that feature our favorite characters.

Luckily some kind souls have been busy with their scissors and glue more Odds And Ends No matter how hard you work, there are always things that will just not fit into any category.

But normally they are little gems, this section is no exception more If you have come to this site to find pirated or illegal material, you will be disappointed! We only hold comic books and images that are in the Public Domain.

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So we can investigate further. Hot Rods And Racing Cars 37 pages. Hot Rods And Racing Cars 69 pages. Buck Ryan 66 The Strange 31 pages.