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ASURA TALE OF THE VANQUISHED The Story of Ravana and His People Medical Medium. How much truth there is in the book Asura: tale of the vanquished? 2, Views · Where do I find the complete Asura: Tale of the Vanquished book on PDF?. Asura, Tale of the Vanquished. Home · Asura, Tale of the Vanquished Vanquished · Read more The Tale of Despereaux. Read more.

Filled with facts, unknown incidents, and interesting stories, this book is a must-read. The main part of the book revolves around Dawood Ibrahim and describes his story starting from a young age as a boy in Mumbai to the international terrorist he has become today. This book traces the journey of a boy from Dongri to Dubai. Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar was born in to a policeman. The police used to use him against various Pathan gangsters. Zaidi analyses that this alliance was born out of necessity.

This is one such story.


The legend of Ravana, as a communist. A believer in social justice. A man ab A man far ahead of his times. A self made philosopher king, embodiment of scientific temper and principles, Rational thinking and an intelligent mind, and yes All in all. Its a refreshing re-look at the epic of Ram and Ravana.

Don't quite know what to believe, because I am neither a historian nor well versed in scriptures. Frankly it's all a matter of inference.

But the faith in order to be actually worth it - has to face up to the trial of doubt.

This is one such version, which might help one unravel one truth. Fictional or Real. So if anything, he must have been one branch of the Aryan Invasion that spread across India as per that theory 3.

Dark skin is not a characteristic of Non-Aryan, nor is white skin a characteristic of Aryan: - Rama was himself dark-skinned. By that logic, Rama too could have been an Asura prince? What, if any, racial conflict is the Ramayana supposed to portray then?

Book of the full asura vanquished pdf tale

Plenty of Rakshasas were fair skinned and hence cannot be a simplistic racial characterization. Dravidians are not always dark-skinned - stereotypes are for idiots, surely?

Asura: Tale Of The Vanquished by Anand Neelakantan

Recent genetic studies have shown the racial stocks to be hopelessly intermingled throughout India and gives no evidence of any distinct racial divide between North and the South.

Except for the language, not much divides the so called Aryan and Dravidian culturally, genetically, religiously or historically. Even the linguistic divide shows the potential for being bridged as a common ancestor for proto-Tamil and Sanskrit is investigated. One more thing, the book boasts of being 'Ravanayana.

Asura, Tale of the Vanquished

Please do not take it literally. Take it as an inventive, if extremely badly written, exercise in reversing the so called historical bias of victors, and leave it at that. It merits no historical discussion, and is definitely of no political relevance. It does have a call for caste-solidarity, but even that is not a noble call, considering that it is caste and not class that is being called to unite.

For me, the scary thing about this is that such sentiments are already high in many cities. So many North Indian friends of mine complain about the increasing xenophobia towards them in South India, even in metropolitan cities like Bangalore. Speaking in Hindi in Chennai is a sure fire way of being discriminated against. Similarly, the North Indian cities too are treating the South Indians in a derogatory manner and treating them as encroachers.

Vanquished asura book pdf of tale the full

This mutual alienation is very dangerous and could easily be the cause for major riots in our densely packed cities. This sort of fanatical historical narratives only add fuel to this fire and should not be encouraged. Those are the dangerous ones.