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1. 1. 1. 1NA. 1NA. 1NA. 1NA. 1NA. 34 . 1NA. + to + 1NA. 31 . details, visit our website at ronaldweinland.info 1N 5. 1N 6. 1N 7. 1N

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1NA. 5. 4. 1NA. 6. 1NA. 7. 5. 1NA. This is a complete series of 1 Watt Zener diode with limits and excellent operating characteristics that reflect the superior capabilities of silicon-oxide passivated junctions. All this in an axial-lead hermetically sealed glass package that offers protection in all common. Leaded Zener Diode General Purpose. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF GLASS SILICON ZENER DIODES. Voltage regulator diode.


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