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YUMEIRO PATISSIERE COOKBOOK (download translated ver. here) French pastry - the crêpe! Also known as Crepe Cake in English and 日式千层蛋糕 i. items yumeiro patissiere cookbook english recette creme patissiere sans gousse vanille yumeiro patissiere episode 11 part 1; yumeiro patissiere episode I know that I've done the recipe already for the German sweets recipe . I will post the official cookbook recipe after either I or translates it. . http :// Yumeiro Patissiere.

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Hi. I'm LiTing, this is my sub blog for all my recipes as i think it would be easier to have an online recipe book than keeping an actual recipe. YUMEIRO PATISSIERE COOKBOOK (download translated ver. here) Yumeiro Patissiere, Japanese Recipes, Japanese Food, Some Recipe, Copycat. Yumeiro Patissiere Cookbook - PART 2 - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. LIBRO DE PASTELRIA.

Often labeled a Spartan, Vanilla's attitude is quite fiery. She generally fights with Chocolat, though they don't seem to actually hate each other, and in fact work they together in the manga for a Sweets Kingdom test. She is often called pudgy. Ichigo and Vanilla consider each other to be best friends, and are extremely loyal to each other. Vanilla often plays a big part in cheering Ichigo up whenever she feels discouraged.

Ingredients for Vanilla Pastry Creme:. Vanilla Pastry Creme Directions:. Bring the milk to a boil. Turn off the heat and stir in the vanilla extract then set aside for 10 minutes. Fill a large bowl with ice and set aside a small bowl that can hold the finished pastry cream and be placed in this ice bath. In a medium heavy-bottomed pan, whisk together the egg yolks, sugar and cornstarch.

Gradually whisk in the hot milk, then place pan over high heat and bring to a boil, whisking vigorously for 1 to 2 minutes. Press the pastry cream through a fine-meshed sieve into the small bowl. Set the bowl in the ice bath and stir until the temperature reaches degrees on an instant-read thermometer. Stir in the butter. When completely cool, cover and refrigerate. Ingredients for Cake Assembly:. Whip the heavy cream with the tablespoon sugar and the Kirsch.

Fold it into the pastry cream. Lay 1 crepe on a cake plate.

Cover with a crepe and repeat to make a stack of 20, with the best-looking crepe on top. Chill for at least 2 hours. Set out for 30 minutes before serving.

Slice like a cake. Posted by Unknown at Email This BlogThis! Pudding Creme Caramel. Custard Ingredients:. Custard Directions:. Making the Strawberry Cream 8. Add the gelatin sheet to the water, and let it soak, then take it out and wring it.

Then add it to the strawberry puree in a double boiler.

Yumeiro Patissiere

Add the powdered sugar in 2 or 3 goes and mix in well. Make sure the gelatin is melted thoroughly before you add it ne 9. Once you have whisked the cream for the strawberry cream until it forms peaks then add the strawberry puree ingredients and mix well. Rolling the dough. Peel off the oven paper. Put the cake onto another piece of larger oven paper, and spread the strawberry cream on top. Cut up your favourite fruits into bite-sized pieces.

Ichigos Sweets Memo To make the dough and the cream for this roll cake is a little time intensive. If you want to save some time using pre-bought whipped cream and strawberry jam is OK! You can omit the cream and decoration for a simpler version. If you use your favourite fruits then it will be delicious enough! Using strawberry jam and a simple arrangement is OK! However you cut the fruits, line them up evenly. Wind the cake up away from you like this check page 39 The oven paper is like a substitute sushi rolling mat, its the same trick as making maki-zushi.

Finishing Touches. Once you have rolled it, wrap it up in the oven paper you used before. Then wrap it up in some clingfilm and let it rest in the refrigerator for a little while. Mix together the whipping cream, vanilla essence and sugar, until it becomes properly foamy in peaks , Spread it over as much of the roll cake as you can. Once its been completely covered, sprinkly the white chocolate over for decoration. The cream is changed though for Christmas passion!

Try and make it this Christmas! Cream double or whip cream if you live in Japan 70 cc ml Passion fruit puree 70g bought 70g Gelatin sheet 2 g about 2 sheets Confectioners Chocolate Milk g b.

Cream double or whip cream if you live in Japan cc ml Banana Sautee Banana 1 Butter 15g Granulated sugar an appropriate amount. Confectioners chocolate sweet 60g. Whatever kind of decorations you like silver dragee appropriate amount. For basic tool prepartion see pages Cake tin and preparing tools. Sift the flour, cocoa powder, corn starch together. Line the baking tray with oven paper, make sure its a little higher than the tray. Cool the egg whites in the refrigerator.

Refer back to the Angel and Devil Fruits Roll on page 36 for how to make the dough. To make the Passion-Chocolate Cream.

Put the gelatin into water and let it soak well. Take it out and ring out any moisture, and put it into a double boiler. Put the milk chocolate into a bowl, and then half-melt it in the double boiler See Figure A 4. Heat the first lot of cream labeled a in the recipe list and the passion fruit puree separately.

Add them to the chocolate you melted before. When it gets to the right temperature, use a whisk to mix it altogether. Then add the gelatin.

yumeiro patissiere special recipe book

See B 5. With the cream labeled b, put it in a bowl inside another bowl with ice. Add the chocolate mixture from before, and mix it altogether. See C 6. Cut the banana into easily eatable pieces, and sautee them with butter and sugar. See D 7. Spread half of the Passion-Chocolate Cream onto the cocoa cake. Scatter the banana pieces over the cream, and then roll by hand. Wrap it up in the oven paper and then clingfilm, and let it rest in the fridge awhile. Spread the left over cream onto the roll cake.

For decorations put the chocolate into a double-boiler to. Using a pre-bought chocopen is OK too anyone in Japan you can download these at the yen shop [Anna]. Add your own decorations too.

Cooking Point! When using the double boiler you have to be careful of steam getting in. If the temperature gets too high too it will become stiff, about 50 degrees is right.

English recipe book yumeiro patissiere

If you half-melt the chocolate in the double-boiler and then add the fruit puree and cream, they will naturally melt together at the right temperature. Vanillas Sweets Magic You can get passion fruit puree at a confectionary store!

To the chocolate, we just add the passion fruit puree and not all the cream. It now easily mixed together with the whipped cream. Raw bananas are OK too but, if you sautee them they are delicious. They will melt the cream though so make sure they are properly cooled down before you use them. Vanillas Sweets Magic They gain a sweet caramel fragrance! Full of sweetness and heats up your body! Chocola-Chaud Chokora-Sho-. Delightful on cold days, a sweet and rich original hot chocolate. For those who like really sweet things!

When making sweets, this is good for any left over chocolate. Cut the chocolate up finely. See A 2. In a small pan, add the cream, milk and granulated sugar. Add the cut up chocolate and heat.

Use a whisk to mix it together well. See B 3. When the chocolate has melted fully, pour it into a cup See C and D You can really use the milk and cream in proportions you like! To make the chocolate melt easilym cut the chocolate up finely.

Yumeiro Patissiere Cookbook - PART 2

Be careful not to injure yourself. She is mature, cool, and calm. Even though her expression is always serious, she is very friendly and kind to everyone.

English book patissiere yumeiro recipe

The Jerks call her Honey-Pig, much to her disgust. She is very well respected among the sweets spirits, with many of who call her Honey-sama. It is hinted she may be a princess. She tends to be a bit rude and arrogant. Although Marron and Miya are noted to have similar personalities, they deny that fact due to Marron being against Miya at times. Her name means "chestnut" or "brown" in French.

Like Lemon, Mint admires Vanilla, ending her name with senpai. She is said to be the youngest of the new Team Ichigo's Spirits at the age of Mint usually ends her sentence with "deshi".

She is strong-willed enough to have anyone bow down to her. Maize is very polite, but can also be very strict, especially when thinking that someone is being rude. She has enough power to burn people to a crisp. Maize is not very good at Japanese, generally using incorrect Japanese and dropping random English words into her sentences. She only appears in the second series.

After meeting the troublesome trio, The Jerks, she follows Kasshi when spotting him in town. Ichigo gets lost is the mysterious forest and meets Marjoram for the first time. Marjoram helps Ichigo find for way to The Jerk's hide away and gives Ichigo an old spoon that serves a later purpose. While Ichigo is in the Grand Prix, she wants to know her grandmother's special strawberry tart recipe that always made her smile.

When she breaks into the museum to find it, she gets caught and meets Marjoram once again. There, Ichigo finds out that Marjoram is her grandmother's Sweets Spirit and tells her that she wants to see her grandmother's recipe again. His mom runs a farm in which he can use any of her ingredients. Chocolat likes Kashi like a brother.


Marie Academy to raise patissiers. Due to unknown circumstances, he transferred to Paris to teach at the main campus right before Ichigo moved to the Japanese St. Marie campus. He is known as a "master of sweets," and a "master of dance. Henri wants to do the same thing by training Ichigo like his grandfather did to Ichigo's grandmother. During the Grand Prix,he acts like a bad guy on purpose to show Ichigo that she has the power to become a great patissiere and surpass her grandmother.

In season 2 in episode 10, he is cruel to Mari, saying that he should use somebody else to run her shop, but by the end of the episode it is revealed he only said those things to try and encourage her, he wanted to see if she had the courage to continue her shop. Mari is often referred as the "Princess" of St.

She is known as a genius when it comes to pastry. Though she has been given many awards for her excellent work, she has stated that all of her medals and trophies are meaningless compared to the attention she wants from Henri Lucas. Mari constantly works very hard to improve her skills, regardless of her being the St.

Marie Academy's top student. In the anime version of the semi-finals of the Cake Grand Prix, she lost to Team Francois because of the "show" Henri- "sensei" put on to test her. But after that test, she began to start new in SP Professional, she has cut her hair and currently lives in New York to help Henri-sensei's with a shop. Her sweets spirit is Honey, who is well respected like she is. She is very determined to get whatever she desires and as such, whenever she is in a pinch she relies heavily on her family's power and wealth to get what she wants e.

Marie in order to compete in the World Cake Grand Prix.

She has a habit of ordering the highest quality ingredients in order to get an edge on her competition.