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Windows driver (if needed): ronaldweinland.info drivers Download the UC display library and any others you want to use ( e.g. The one I'm using contains a UC driver chip. It requires only 4 pins You can download my library from here (the Download button on this page). A sample . Show content of ucpdf %ucpdf% from thread %[AT8][Bascom] - Transmisja SPI% File uploaded on ronaldweinland.info

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Arduino Library used to drive the UC based Industruino LCD - Industruino/ UC C++. Branch: master. New pull request. Find File. Clone or download . A C library (Linux + Arduino) to control the UC/ST/ST x64 monochrome LCD - bitbank2/uc Clone or download. UC Library for the Industruino x64 LCD. Author: Industruino and others; Maintainer: Industruino; Website: ronaldweinland.info Downloads.

You may need to adjust the potentiometer on breadboard until LCD can display clearly. You can also create picture in binary format and convert to HEX format using online tool. This library supports the parallel and SPI mode but is not maintained anymore. We attached quite a lot examples in this project with this library. This library supports SPI mode only and is not maintained. U8g2 library.

Use relative coordinate set. Create adaptable layouts. Design your owen reuseable GUI functions.

Code Categories

Graphic drawing Graphic line drawing and pixel setting. Graphic Rectangle and Block drawing. Black-on-White, White-on-Black.

Graphic buffer Cut and Paste. Rotation of text and graphic symbols Symbols, Fonts and Text support Soft-font support Free user definition of special symbols.


Character and text string functions. Mono-space and Proportional fonts. Support for extended character set handling. Multibyte character strings, wide-char strings.

Download uc1701

Full UTF-8 string support, incl. Support for anti-aliased fonts Support for transparent text and graphic. Low processor memory consumption Library is designed for use with embedded processors. Small memory footprint. Heap memory not required. Can operate directly on internal video buffer in the display controller chip.

Whenever I buy an Arduino or other module, it comes with more header pins than are needed so you probably already have some. Otherwise, search eBay for "2. Solder 14 of the header pins onto the adapter.

Download uc1701

Don't push them all the way through - it's nicer if the back of the adapter is flat. Put it flat on your bench so the pins can't be pushed too far into the holes. Make sure the pins are on the SOP side of the board i.

Download uc1701

The pads of the tail are in a sort of window. Tin both sides of them with solder. Tin the pads of the adapter.

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Hold the tail of the adapter in place then touch each pad with the soldering iron you'll need a fairly fine tip. Tie some thread through the holes in the adapter to act as strain relief.

I used "transformer wire". If you solder it on the wrong way round, don't try to unsolder the tail.