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Bouncing onto most systems is Jungle Book, Virgin's version of Disney's classic PC compatible; Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows. Disney The Jungle Book DRM-Free - PC Game - Full Download - Gog Games Title: Disney The Jungle Book Genre: Action - Arcade - Platformer Works on. Then you should go ahead and download The Jungle Book: Mowgli's run for PC. It is a game of jungle racing and your major job is to run as.

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You've got to swing your way through the jungle and reach the man-village. in to see reasons why you may or may not like this based on your games, friends. Free Download Jungle Book full game for windows, review and system requirements on Jungle Book for PC. Play it now!. Disney's The Jungle Book - Get it on GamesNostalgia - Disney's The Jungle Book is a platformer created by Virgin Interactive (aka Virgin Games) based on the Disney animated film. Download for PC. DOS version.

Plot[ edit ] The player controls Mowgli , a young boy who has been raised by wolves. Mowgli must leave his home in the jungle and go back to the human village because Shere Khan , a tiger , is now hunting him. Mowgli must fight jungle wildlife and ultimately Shere Khan himself to reach his village. Gameplay[ edit ] The player controls a young Mowgli through various side-scrolling levels in a similar mold of Pitfall! The Mowgli character must shoot or avoid enemies and negotiate platformed levels and enemies by running, jumping, climbing vines and using the various weapons and powerups available during the game. Mowgli starts the game with a banana projectile, but may collect invincibility masks, coconuts, double banana shots, and boomerang bananas during the game. Levels are completed by collecting a sufficient number of gems, then finding a specific character placed in the level, with a boss character being encountered every other level.

Jump past them and keep firing at Kaa's head.

Disney The Jungle Book

Jungle Hook The animation will draw you in, and the game play will keep you going, but the lack of continues or passwords might drive you bananas. With 15 levels, this long game will require long hours. Fortunately, there's enough spirit and imagination here to make you want to "reread" this Book over and over again. Overall rating: 6. Essentially the game developers designed a gaming engine flexible enough to be adapted across some very different systems, resulting in six fairly different versions of basically the same game engine.

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It's a nice platform game both horizontally and vertically scrolling. You get to play as Mowgli of course , to shoot at, err, throw fruit at all kinds of critters, climb trees etc.

Overall rating: 7. The characters, story line, and songs are based on Disney's animated film, and everything comes together for well-crafted fun. As on the NB, Mowgli uses catapults, throws bananas and boomerangs, and has to beat a clock.

Strong controls make the handheld Mowgli the most accurate banana-tosser yet. The graphics and sounds are both above average, but not great. While Mowgli moves smoothly, the backgrounds aren't very detailed, and some dangers the prickly bushes, for instance are hard to spot. The sounds faintly echo the previous games, reprising the familiar "Bare Necessities" song but not many of the atmospheric jungle noises.

Bear Down Aided by unlimited continues, younger gamers in particular will enjoy Mowgli's charming antics. Veteran jungle jumpers might tire of the kid stuff after awhile, but they'll still get some enjoyment out of this tropical treat. ProTips: Jump quickly across the breakaway bridges. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Review: The Jungle Book (PC)

May 29, Hot Games. More info here: Full game without DRM. No serial code needed. You might also like. Previous Disney Aladdin. Next Kingdom: Don't worry, help is on the way. Rely on Baloo to give you items to use against your opponents. To survive in the jungle, you must master many moves that will enable you to handle the jungle's obstacles.

Friendly animals or insects will be there to help you. Master the environment and become the king of the jungle.

Jungle for game the pc book

Look out for the dangerous plants, as well. Here you will have to jump on leaves, platforms, and even parrots to reach the top. Climb up to meet Kaa. Monkeys, birds, and even killer bees will try to stop your progress. Be careful! This stage can get difficult Timing is the key. Flying squirrels are waiting in the trees to attack you. Following the lead of many other Disney movies being translated into video games such as Aladdin , Beauty and the Beast , Fantasia , and The Little Mermaid , Virgin Games joins this group with their latest entry, Jungle Book.

In this Disney classic tale, you take on the role of Mowgli, a child born in the jungle and raised by the animals that live within it. You must journey through the jungle and other terrain taken straight from the movie like Louie's Temple. Playing this game will be as much fun to look at as it is to play.

The graphics will astound you with beautifully drawn backdrops along with Mowgli's incredible animation that enables him to move across the screen fluidly. The music and sound effects are, by far, some of the best.

In the flavor of the great Disney classic, you are a young boy who must learn the ways of the jungle in order to survive. Befriend a number of characters, and learn a few things as you journey forth. A colorful game that lives up to its famous name.

Virgin's bombarding Nintendo and Sega systems with Jungle Book games this summer. Thankfully, one of 'em is a decent eight-bit version, giving you a new reason to pull the ol' NES out of the closet. If you saw the Disney animated flick, you'll be familiar with the characters including Mowgli, Baloo, and Bagheera. You'll also know the story line Mowgli the Man Cub, raised in the Indian jungles by animals, is trying to reach civilization.

Unfortunately, you won't recognize the meandering game play, which plods along at a pace much slower than the rollicking movie. Watch the lengthy demo. The many game-play tips will help you anticipate and solve problem ahead. Unlike the SNES version, the NES game relies more on standard hop-n-bop, run-n-gun action than it does on vine swinging and parrot flying.

Mowgli bounces his way through the 15 levels, fires bananas at the many annoying monkeys and snakes in the jungle, and at times uses catapults to fling himself up to new platforms. An added strategic element is the new clock he has to beat, which is supposed to add some intensity to the action.

It doesn't add much. Still sorely missed is Baloo, whose movie humor could've livened up each level. Considering the few buttons on the NES controller, Mowgli can perform lots of moves.

He jumps, runs, throws bananas, climbs, swings on vines, and even flies through the air. He's not always as accurate as you'd like, but he's versatile enough to make Tarzan jealous. The graphics are good by NES standards.

The sprites are big enough to enjoy watch Mowgli climb those vines , and their moves faintly echo the movie's memorable animations. Bright colors fill the jun-gle, and varied backgrounds define the different levels.

The sounds, however, will drive you nuts after awhile, especially the repetitive "Bare Necessities" song. The minimal sound effects don't add anything to the action. Sure it's slow, but this Book has an easygoing charm and a pretty easy challenge that'll make it appeal to young gamers. Older players will probably give it a read, but it's doubtful they'll give it a prime spot in their library.

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The Jungle Book is a video game developed and published by Virgin Interactive in The story is written after the original Jungle Book k series by Rudyard Kipling. The players control Mowgli, the main character, who is a young boy raised in the jungle by wolves. Because of the fact that he is hunted by Shere Khan, a tiger, he must now get back to the human village, where the animals are afraid to enter.

But in order for him to reach the village, he has to fight the whole jungle and Shere Khan himself in the end. Sure, friends like Bagheera and Baloo, but also some other characters such as the Snake Kaa and King Louie are also going to appear in the game at some point in time during Mowgli's journey.

The player has to drive the young Mowgli through different levels. Mowgli can shoot or avoid enemies. He can run, jump, climb vines and use weapons and powerups during different levels. The player can complete a level by collecting the required number of gems, different for each difficulty setting, then finding a specific character, which is placed somewhere in the setting of the respective level. The player scores points by obtaining gems, but also by collecting fruits and other items.

Though he only starts with a banana projectile in the beginning of the game, Mowgli can collect along the way invincibility masks, coconuts, boomerang bananas and double banana shots. The player has only seven minutes to complete a level.

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The game was received very well at that time, mainly thanks to the success the books had, and still have. Critics were very generous with the game, offering higher feedbacks than 7 out of 10 or 4 out of 5. There are different difficulty levels the player can choose. For the easy mode, the player needs to collect eight gems, or ten for the medium. Mowgli needs twelve gems if the game is played on the hard mode.