Saturday, January 11, 2020 admin Comments(0) Scuba Diving Log Book - Ancient Turtle: Diving Equipment: Sports & Outdoors. Comes in 50 pages in a compact size of 15 cm x 16 cm, and can fit into any small pockets of your dive bag. The Dive Box Diver Log Book requires the diver to fill. A dive log is used by an underwater diver to record the details of their dives. The log may either be in a book, software, or web based. The log serves purposes.

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Let's talk about scuba diving log books. My first logbook was small and simple; just date, location, depth & duration. Like most newbie divers, I got it from the Dive. Easy to use scuba dive log refills, log books, and compact binders. Create your own dive log designs, logbook stamps, slates, and waterproof wet notes. As described. Fits in a normal 3-ring dive binder. Sturdy. Has many different options to tick off, which is good if you want to keep a comprehensive log book.

Like most newbie divers, I got it from the Dive Centre during my OW course not giving much thought to the layout or design. It was pretty much destroyed after 25 dives, due solely to water damage. So I needed a new one.. I asked online for recommendations and most people suggested digital apps. But I love writing in journals, prefer books to kindles and enjoy the ritual of sitting down after a dive, filling in my log book, looking at other peoples, and swapping information and stories.

Skeptical, but excited! When it arrived and I looked at the contents I genuinely felt like this logbook had been tailor made for me.

Diving book scuba log

Of course functionality is the most important feature, but why not write in something you love to look at as well? All essential pages are included; personal information, qualification details, equipment checklist, a bucket list page, a slip-page to put your dive certification cards, and even a map of the world. The almost non-existent blank areas of my last log books meant the covers and borders of pages were covered in scribbles of dive destination and equipment recommendations, but the DiveProof Log books provide spare note pages at the back.

And the map? The information categories are not only comprehensive, but help prepare and prompt you to adjust for further dives.

Sold already? download yours here. The main log page is laid out really well, with more than enough space for extra comments and underwater critters lists.

Book scuba diving log

The small map at the top to mark your location is a cool visual addition, pinpointing exactly where you are at that moment, perhaps reminding you how far, far away from home you are! Is it actually waterproof? And the simple answer?

We review Diveproof's Waterproof Log Book

Yes, yes it is. But how wet were you really? Is it truly waterproof? Wanting to test its limits, and be confident of my review I took it to the beach, and threw it in the water. Fully submerged I let it float around a while, probably making myself look very strange and stupid to the people sunbathing near me. Despite it passing all the tests so far, I was a little apprehensive, but I had no need to be. It came out wet, intact, and un-smudged. I did also pour beer, tea and ketchup on it.

Welcome to DiveLogs!

And guess what? They all wiped off no problem.

Log scuba book diving

Color Rogest Octopus. Water resistant Cordura construction with zipper and reinforced plastic inner sleeve. Feature 4.

Log scuba book diving

Feature 3. Feature 5. Finally, if you ever Black with Dive Flags. Black with dive flag. Wherever you go diving you need to have proof of diving experience. Without it you can be left behind on more experienced dives when you are qualified to make them.

Dive Log Page Sizes

Make sure you log all your dives an Dive Logz Log Book. The log books pages have UV coating for durability and a water-resistant cover. Great Looking Log Book. Eye Catching Log Book.

Why Keeping a Logbook Will Help Make You a Better Diver

Cover Mate Useful Diver Information. Eye Cat See all results. Browse Related.

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